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  1. I stumbled onto this web site concerning the F-104B and it's canopy/ejection system. Screen cap below has the pertinent info, link is to the actual web page. http://yellowairplane.com/museums/f-104_starfighter_ken_marlatt/Page_8_F104_Ejection_Seats.html
  2. Rob, I am not that familiar with the 104's escape system. So, later models used pneumatic lifters to open the canopy enough for the wind blast to blow the canopy away, huh? The 104 would definitely need something pretty strong to get the canopy away at high Mach. I know the fear with the early seats was that the seat would not clear the T-tail at high speeds, thus the downward-ejecting system. I assume those were simple ballistic seats and not rocket seats.
  3. Hmmm. The absence of pneumatic lifters is not necessarily a determinant. I flew the T-38 for 2200+ hours. Its canopy was completely manual for opening and closing, but it was ballistically removed during the ejection sequence. Having said that, the B seats were still probably downward ejecting.
  4. From the same site: There does appear to be a metal "canopy bow" between the front and rear canopies (red arrows) upon which the aft pilot has left his helmet. I have no idea if there was glass (polycarbonate?) there, too. I doubt it would withstand the air pressures at a high Mach upwards ejection. So, I suspect you are correct in your comment about the canopy configuration being tied to the ejection direction (sounds like a medical issue with men.)
  5. Dang! You are correct. That is the first time I have ever seen an image of the B with its canopies open. That actually only complicates building the B if you want the canopies open. I didn't plan on having them (it) open, but I will certainly not have them open now. Step one remains obtaining the different canopy. I may have to look at butchering the kit canopies. I have two TF-104G kit. I'm wanting to build a B from the TENN AIR GUARD in Knoxville...from the last century. Thanks for helping me clarify the issue...I think. 😉 BTW, someone in the forums was as
  6. Hmmm. I have never seen a photo of an open F-104B canopy, but it sure looks like a single piece when closed. That "brace" across the middle doesn't look very substantial if it is indeed a connection between two pieces. I'll keep looking and contact a fellow who flew the C model. He may know. Thanks, Rob.
  7. Does anyone know of an aftermarket 1/72 scale "long canopy" so a modeler can convert an TF-104G or F-104D to an F-104B? The B had a single long canopy covering both cockpits... kind of like an F-100F. -- Joe
  8. Not sure this is the correct forum. An old kit I need to build to complete a collection is missing the clear parts. Does anyone have the canopy parts for the ESCI 1/72 A-4E that I could trade or purchase? Or, does anyone know where I might find that item? Contact direct: hundriver@earthlink.net TIA
  9. That is correct, and only "slow movers" used them. (That included the A-37) They would not hold up to air loads on fast jets.
  10. OUTSTANDING! Thanks so much. That exactly what we need. I told my friend that the warbird guys wouldn't know, but I bet modelers could help. I was right. Thanks again.
  11. I am trying to help some friends restore a Skyraider (1/1 scale) to its Vietnam state. They need markings for the SUU-14 CBU dispensers and the SUU-11 "mini-gun" pod. If someone has the Zoukei-Mura 1/32nd weapons kit, could they possibly send me a scan of the markings for those two items and the associated part of the instructions? Thanks in advance, -- Joe Vincent IPMS*Memphis hundriver@earthlink.net
  12. Yeah, I saw that one, but there's no way to tell what the size is, and therefore how many I'd need.
  13. Seems that Custom Dioramics made one about 3 years ago, but evidently they have gone belly up. Didn't find any on eBay. Anyone know of a source? -- Joe Vincent IPMS*Memphis
  14. Hundriver


    AMEN! I wonder how many models could have been built in the time that was spent reading and discussing this issue on the computer. Perhaps the markings in question were painted vertically and became slanted due to repeated flights at high speeds... ;-)
  15. This might help: http://www.ejectionsite.com/vbar_sg.htm Good luck. -- Joe Vincent IPMS*Memphis
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