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  1. The issue of Scale aircraft modeling you're looking for is Volume 29, No 6 Tim
  2. Quick question. If you've applied future and want to touch up the paint can you paint over it?
  3. tph

    P-38 picures?

    Tried that, lots of info on the man nothing on the aircraft.
  4. tph

    P-38 picures?

    I just bought the 1/48 academy p-38. I want to do it as Robin Olds, scat III. Anybody know of a decal sheet for this plane? What about any links for pictures? Anything would be helpful. Thanks Tim
  5. When I lived in hamilton I would see the lancaster almost every day. I'm in the Niagara falls area now, don't see it as much but I swear I can still hear it. On the upside there is a guy here that has a spit, hurricane and a 109. With the daimler-benz motor! Tim
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