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  1. You MUST see this. I've been helping a former F-105 Wild Weasel "Bear" put audio and transcripts of several combat missions on WikiSource. Two missions are up, there may be a total of about half a dozen of these. Really incredible and I feel very priveleged to have had an opportunity to help preserve these relics. http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Wild_Weasel_mission_transcript http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Wild_Weasel_...anscript_part_2 New ones will appear in this category: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Category:Vietnam_War Needless to say, I have no choice but to shelf all other projects a
  2. Dynavector kits were in the $50+ USD range last time I checked. Pretty dear for a vac, even if it's a good one.
  3. Use the book money to buy some cheap kits. You will learn more from experimenting on half a dozen kits than from all the books in the world.
  4. Sharpies and PollyScale acrylics DO NOT mix well. Something in the acrylics makes the colors separate and the purple will bleed through. Purple panel lines do not look good.
  5. Hopefully, Airfix will go the Revell way (e.g. F-101B, I wish the Deuce and the Six would get the same treatment) and scale their 1/48 kits down to 1/72. EE Lightning was well worth the wait. We all have stashes to last us decades, it's not like your paint jars are drying out from disuse. The Airfix Canberra may be bad news for CA -- I suspect the price difference will be humongous.
  6. http://www.aircraftenginedesign.com/pictur...%20wAB%20on.jpg
  7. 25x38 cm if I did my math right.
  8. Bingo! Thank you so much!!! Pretty close tail number on the first pic -- my Voodoo is 80271. How do you like the Century Aircraft book? I've been eyeing it for a while. Again, thanks so much!
  9. I've had the same tube of liquid Loctite superglue for over 2 years now -- no problems so far. The gel stuff I tend to use up quickly but it can be stored for a year or so without problems as well.
  10. Anyone have a photo or a memory of a Tyndall F-101B (4756th, ADWC with red-white striped rudders)? I'm specifically looking for the color of the afterburner tips -- were they bare metal or painted black. Thanks in advance! D
  11. Is this the original Airfix kit from the 60's or the new one? Superb job either way! Not surprised that Hasegawa's price far exceeded the quality yet again.
  12. There was a show about Blue Angels on Military Channel that talked about this at length. They do the breathing manuevers like in the good ol' days. If you watch the pilots' faces in those videos, they don't look particularly happy.
  13. Why is F-117 in the Fighters list? Does anyone else think that Fokker Dr.I has been unfairly riding for years on the Red Baron fame? The airplane was a misguided response to the Sopwith Triplane (which had three wings because they were narrower and allowed better view down and to the sides), and was actually a rather mediocre airplane by all accounts. Same goes for the Bf 109. MiG-21 has not proven to be particularly good in any conflict in spite of its very long service life. Not a bad airplane per se but there are contemporary aircraft with equally long careers which have accomplished much
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