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  1. You didnt do LOT...they will be the launch customer,in Europ at least
  2. Im currently finishing the Turkish Airlines version
  3. Hi Man.I dont know what medical problem you had,and it isnt my place to ask,but definetly your health and recovery is more important than work.As a fellow Greek brother "Σου εύχομαι,καλή ανάρρωση.Περαστικά φίλε!"
  4. Wow...can i buy now,without waiting a week for the bidding to end?What are the decal options for the Emb-120?
  5. The sticker on the box wrote 1380....I dont know,maybe i was lucky and it was a special offer.
  6. As you see, the price is 1600 RUR, that makes it 1600 / 45.19 = 35.41 EUR If you bought Tu-134 for 22 EUR than my congratulations - it is a hell of a bargain! Ok...maybe im confused a bit with the exchange rate.The kit i got cost 1380 RUR.So just over 30e.My mistake But i still think that it is excessive to charge double that for it to be sent abroad.
  7. The Il-62 would be worth it...As would be the Yak-42
  8. Yes.In a shop in Moscow i bought a Tu-134 and it cost 22 euro...
  9. They are nice models,especially for those of us who love ex-Soviet-Russian aeroplanes.However i must say that buying them on-line is equal to being robbed.65euro on line,while they are sold in model shops in Moscow for around 15-20 euro
  10. Yes,they are awful...I made a post about it last year.
  11. Put of the Tu-134 as well....In general of all the ex-Soviet ones you have.
  12. I'd like to see his whole collection
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