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  1. Canberra WJ574 restoration page: https://www.facebook.com/WJ574CanberraRestoration
  2. Not all of them, I know a few which are airworthy (if serviced) 1. 161134 - F-14A at Titusville FL 2. 161159 - F-14D at Pensacola FL
  3. Here you go: Walkarounds of TICO bird and Pensacola: http://widowmaker.is-a-geek.com/index.php?cat=11
  4. Dave, do you still need cockpit photo's of an A model, if so let me know and I will make a request to the Public relations officer at Titusville Martin
  5. Sounds good to me :D How about a tribute to VF-31 / VF-213 cruise with their "Double D" patch - This one - http://www.av8rstuff.com/gifs/vf213doubleD.JPG
  6. Looks good to me :), Good to see that the Swordsman are getting some recognition too :) Any possibility on the horizon of some squadron patches being printed onto shirts for sale?
  7. Did someone manage to get some pictures of Tomcat 164604 and how she is painted today?
  8. Out of Interest how long did she take to get to Long Island?
  9. 5 years :( wow doesnt time fly... I shall be doing a pilgrimage to Titusville in December to see an old friend ;)
  10. interesting seeing the connected refuelling flyby, im guessing they weren't actually pumping gas :)
  11. Thanks Geedubelyer, That Beagle was AWESOME! This year I have seen 3 airshow teams I have always wanted to see: 1. Blue Angels 2. Thunderbirds 3. Strike Eagle Demo team I love the sound of freedom, so bring on the burner, I'm probably going to regret it later in life, but I just cannot wear ear defenders :D
  12. From the tank bank end "Taking the Salute" Head on Pearl Harbour Survivor T-28 Trojan / Fennec Head on SAR Sea King Spitfire Pull F-15 Low dirty Pass
  13. interesting, all of the documentation I have read have stated that there was only 1 Tomcat left, and she was in "Celebrity Row" although I cannot remember the BUNO
  14. Shame the russian knights will never fly this jet... http://aerobaticteams.net/news/russian-knights-and-swifts-will-disbanded.html
  15. Here is a list of "Who gets what" Shuttle Enterprise, - NY - Intrepid Shuttle Discovery - The Udvar-Hazy Center Shuttle Endeavour - California Science Center in Los Angeles. Shuttle Atlantis - Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex
  16. Some of you may know that Big Beautiful Doll (G-BBD) crashed in July Viper west are planning a tribute: http://www.airshowbuzz.com/go/view/video/FmZG1wMjpW4gFUz7gJmJZr4W9oGOuNvT#ooid=FmZG1wMjpW4gFUz7gJmJZr4W9oGOuNvT SWEET!
  17. ok... stupid question time! Whats HAVE GLASS?
  18. I would like to see it out of curiosity of I didnt know there was 2 special colored Rafales at Riat this year
  19. Nice images, could you share the Rafale?
  20. How about the F-14a issues with Compressor stalls from the TF-30 engine, causing dozens of Tomcats to be lost?
  21. Right hand tail looks inaccurate: Left hand looks good: Pictures of an F-14A (161134) - Titusville Valiant air command Also the reference didnt come from an YF-14 (Testbed number 5) at Pensacola: Looking in my archive I can see they referenced a Delta instead of an Alpha model F-14D (161159) Pensacola Naval Air Museum
  22. There are ventures to replace the shuttles: Such as: Boeing CST-100 SpaceX Dragon Sierra Nevada Corp Dream Chaser (only one which is shuttle like) Nasa/Lockheed Martin MPCV (Designed to venture as far as the Moon or Mars.) Blue Origin Space Vehicle Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14089297
  23. will be going back in January so I hope it will be less crowded then it was in the middle of June, meaning that I hope to take some more pictures at a slower pace :)
  24. Fantasy Of Flight 1400 Broadway Boulevard Southeast Polk City, FL 33868, United States
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