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  1. Hi All, The New Zealand National competition is to be held 3-5 Oct 2014 in Christchurch. The venue is the Woolston Working Mens Club. Models can be entered on Friday night and Saturday morning. A low key dinner will be held at the venue on Saturday night. For more information check out: http://ipmschch.wix.com/ipms-chch#!club-news All welcome. regards Colin
  2. Hi, In Morristown New Jersey for a week. Any hobby stores nearby. Armour orientated would be nice, but anything is good! Thanks, Heff3
  3. A group of chaps have started a model club in Doha. Heres a link to the website: http://www.wix.com/ipmsdoh8/ipms-doha All welcome.
  4. Thanks Mossieramm, Close enough is good enough. Time to start scraping.
  5. Thanks Romulus. I will put a post up if I get one.
  6. Evening all, Ebay is a wonderful place but............... I have bought a 1/48 Revell Bf110 G-4 it # 04508 but its minus the instructions. Anybody know of a site on the web with them? Or if any kind soul could scan and send me a copy! Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, Heff3
  7. The Seafire has suddenly made some progress. After preshading with black I put on the top coats. The slate grey and dark sea grey aren't the most contrasting colours on the palette. However it doesn't look too bad. Now time to get the blue tail and the wing fold areas painted.
  8. Finally back in the game. Preshaded with black and then sprayed the top coats. They have came out not too bad at all. I'll try and get some future on tonight and the decals in a couple of days. Should be able to get this one completed before the end of the GB.
  9. Too much teasing Dave................. more photos!!
  10. No it doesn't. However Paragon sell a ASH thimble nose and a NF XV conversion which has the more pointed nose. All for the tamiya kit.
  11. Well the True details cockpit has finally arrived after much anticipation. Frankly a huge let down! While the actual castings are fine the detail is not. The instrument panel has only holes for the dials, no detail. The radios are no better than the Tamiya ones. The side wall detail is ok. My motivation to get the aftermarket cockpit was for the instruement panel. In its defence it was only US$11.6 so its a cheap kit compared to CMK or Airies at $20+ So I put the TD cockpit back in the packet and proceeded to punch out all the dial decals from the kit sheet and dress up the instrument panel a
  12. I used the resin centre section. I have primed the resin part so thats why it looks like the kit part.
  13. Looks like an exercise in masking patience!
  14. Oops, forgot to take progress photos. The inner wing stubs went on pretty well. However the right wing stub doesn't seem to be quite large enough. So I have a small gap on the lower surface between the resin wing and the centre section. But a bit of thick super glue quickly fixed that. So after a bit of sanding and rescribing I'm now ready to prime. The photo etch stiffing strips went on well. I used a paint brush as a roller to get a gentle curve on the parts to fit the side of the fuselarge.
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