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  1. Should be a 32. Looks a little smaller since it is set back further on that outboard pylon without the BRU55.
  2. Just ordered your GBU-32's to model this jet last week, LOL... Guess I know where to get my BRU55's from now! https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/82/170607-N-FE442-006_(35183312286).jpg/1280px-170607-N-FE442-006_(35183312286).jpg
  3. Not my photo, but from Bill Word on Flickr. I only now realize that the keeper is clutching lightning bolts like the SAC fist, only with wheat stalks instead of olive branches... AWESOME!
  4. Threw this suggestion out a couple years ago, and I'm so excited to see it come to production, thank you, sir!
  5. Excellent, Dave! I'll be looking forward to them. You just haaad to post this a few days after I was lusting over those Blacklions bomb trucks from OIR. -Ryan
  6. These look really nice. You say they will be available in 1/48th as well, any idea how those will be priced? Also, any chance of a MXU-735 nose plug being designed for the kit? Thanks! -Ryan
  7. I think the F-4 Phantom is one of the best looking jets ever, but when you launch it from a carrier with the nose strut extended it looks corny as hell. I'll echo the sentiment about the F-15's spindly landing gear. Great looking jet, but you can't skip leg-day.
  8. This is something I struggled with, too. Eventually through persistence I ended up scoring a very nice 72" wide glass counter-type display case on Craigslist for $250. The counter style is what worked best for my space, but I would often see the vertical styles as well. It's even lighted, and allegedly belonged to another modeler who had it in his home so it was in really good shape. It did take a lot of watching. Lots of tabs were opened over months of time and 90% of them were closed with a definite "nope", but eventually it worked out. Now I just have to fill in all that be
  9. I wish somebody would paint a Typhoon like that. Maybe Germany could bring back a Norm 81 type scheme. I love the lines of the Typhoon, but operational jets are all just... So. Damn. Boring. 😴 -Ryan
  10. How do the engines differ between the A and C models? Could you use aftermarket parts for the C (like the awesome KA Models exhausts) and still pull off an A model? Excellent choice on the 5th FIS Eagle, by the way. They were the best looking of those ADC F-15's in my opinion. -Ryan
  11. Fort Wayne and St. Louis F-4E's in Hill Gray, and/or Euro-1. Selfridge F-4D's with the subdued gray checkerboards would be cool, too. I guess those were probably a Hill Gray scheme. -Ryan
  12. Who chose a cat? You might as well tie-wrap the trigger on a chain-saw and toss it around the cockpit! -Ryan
  13. Cliff, Glad to hear a good initial impression of the set. Have you happened to notice if there is provision for having one nozzle partially closed? -Ryan
  14. I would agree that is mostly true. Our boys seem more than happy to bury themselves in Legos and Hot Wheels from sun-up till sun-down. Those diecast collector models are pretty nice, and you're right, also expensive. That was the beauty of the Ertl versions, rugged, interactive, and priced right. The version that you linked to isn't too bad, small, but at least acceptably realistic and kid-resistant. Thanks! I knew I wasn't the only one! I had the base, too. My parents still have the control tower, but the lighted airfield part is long gone. Most of my friends
  15. When I was a kid back in the late-80's, I guess I was spoiled to have the rugged, reasonably high-fidelity collection of the "Force One" diecast military toys from Ertl. The fighters were all a decent size (probably 1/72-ish scale) with stickers to apply and ordnance to hang from the pylons, flip-up landing gear... not bad for what they were. Having two young sons of my own now, I'm having an exceedingly hard time finding anything similar out there. Many of those Ertl jets can still be found for purchase, though most are listed for collector prices. Are there any modern alternat
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