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  1. BN7149

    CD48159 - 1/48 Air National Guard F-84F

    I didn't even think I cared about ANG F-84F's. Then, because my curiosity was piqued, I decided to look them up. Thanks. Now I want all of them. -Ryan
  2. BN7149

    Anyone Know of 1/144 KC-46?

    Because AMC Gray wasn't boring enough already.... ­čĄó
  3. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. This should link to my post under the "Planned Builds" thread. -Ryan
  4. Hi all, I'm getting things sorted out for an upcoming Su-17M4 I'm planning to build but running into an issue on the markings. I am looking for one iteration of the Sukhoi archer logo (or whatever it's called) that faces starboard (see photo below). Of note is that this particular version of the marking has a red star on the blue of the archer. Seems like 95% of the logos I can find on other sheets are only for the port side. The sheet from the screenshot below is from the Eduard boxing #1149, but if a similar decal exists from another kit or aftermarket sheet, that would be fine too, provided it is between 3/4" to 1" in length. I will gladly pay any shipping and am willing to toss a couple bucks your way, even if you never planned to use that marking. Thanks! -Ryan
  5. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    We're in full-on disaster mode here at the bench. Miscellaneous parts are coming into shape and the main airframe assembly is basically done. -Ryan
  6. I had a similar issue with a Kitty Hawk kit I had ordered from China. Item shipped to a town 50 miles away from me, was "delivered" and then "returned to sender", at which point it spent several weeks bouncing around the state and eventually looked like it was finding it's way to me, but never arrived, even after some inquiries with USPS. Eventually I opened a case with ebay and requested a refund and it was granted almost instantly after the seller ghosted which I was thankful for. I was able to purchase the kit from another retailer in China and it arrived without issue. Were you given a SpeedPak tracking number? That's what I had on the above mentioned issue. Ebay seller in that case was jingmmm_jak77go, who does not appear to be a seller any longer. To be honest, considering the number of things I order from overseas, I have only ever encountered an issue twice, both times resolved favorably so I'm probably pretty fortunate. -Ryan
  7. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Little behind schedule due to work and weather, but got the seams cleaned up and wings on last night. So far my only gripe with the kit is the fit of the gun ports into the leading edge of the wings. There probably wasn't a better way for them to make it work, but it was a sketchy clean-up. I think I got it good enough. -Ryan
  8. BN7149

    Tamiya X-22

    Same here.
  9. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Thank you! I did notice the behavior of the decals was slightly different between the two kits, despite being identical. They came from different retailers at different times, so who knows what environments they might have been kept in. That seems consistent with the prevailing opinion about Tamiya decals, though. Shame, since everything else about Tamiya kits seems to be the gold standard. Thanks! So I guess my username betrays my origin as a railroad guy! I knew someone was bound to notice. The SD40-2 predates me, so it doesn't seem too strange. What's hard to believe is that all those 6000 hp types from the late 90's are scattered to the wind on lease fleets, rebuilds, or scrap piles... THAT makes me feel old. -Ryan
  10. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Got the cockpit parts finished up and installed. After which, I pressed forward into closing up the fuselage of both jugs. I've also been doing some painting of the gear bays and engine cowling parts to speed assembly down the road, I hope. With any luck, this week I'll have the wings on and well on my way to addressing whatever cleanup needs to be done on the more prominent seams, of which there are few. This kit really lives up to the hype. -Ryan
  11. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Thanks, Ichitoe! Not sure if it'll break some sort of rule for linking to another forum, but my attempt is inspired by the expert work seen here: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/2/t/149327.aspx -Ryan
  12. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Tonight finished getting the IP's in order. I also started getting the engines prepped to add some fine wire once my #80 drill bits arrive this week. The whole engine rigging thing could be a colossal failure... we'll see. Also did a little bit of painting on the engines. I figure they are probably adequate with the silver dry brushing since they were probably grimy with the operational tempo. I'm having fun so far, but eager to move beyond the tedium of cockpits and engines. -Ryan
  13. BN7149

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    Amen! New tooled 1/72 B-47 and RB-47 would be cool... New Frogfoot in 1/48 would also be awesome... And maybe a new tooled 1/144 KC-10. I'd buy all of that. -Ryan
  14. BN7149

    Pair of Jugs

    Squeezed in a little work tonight, primed all of the cockpit parts as well as the engine components. I think I'm going to take a shot at rigging the radials, something I've never tried before. Also applied the kit decals for one of the instrument panels, and was surprised how well they worked. I discovered that the working time on Tamiya decals with Solvaset or Micro Set is minimal, at best, but so far so good.
  15. BN7149

    Possible new topics?

    With the Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N coming, I'd think there could easily be a sheet of great options. Personally, I'd like to see some USAF options for missile field security. Profiles look like one such option from F.E. Warren will be included in the kit. -Ryan