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  1. The Rm P-61 kit can be built in various versions, just do a bit of research on the one(s) you want to build. Also, if you are building the RM P-61 kit, if you haven't already read it, read my pinned article here on ARC on building tips for the RM P-61. If anyone runs into issues during the build, feel free to e-mail me.
  2. The RM P-61 kit can be built as several variant of the '61- - actually too many to list here.
  3. I have a hunch that there will be a number of P-61s in this GB.- - -Not complaining! Can't have too many P-61s!
  4. The Landing took place at Minden, Nevada. Not someplace in California. If I remember right, he developed the gear problem someplace else and decide to take it home where they had what was needed to repair it. That was about the time tha Neptune Aviation aquired the BAE-146s and the P-2 has never been repaired.
  5. Be careful of the TD Props for the B-29, they're a scale foot too short.
  6. The silver F7F is Rod Lewis' "La Patrona"/"Big Boss Man". It's a yearly compeditor at the Reno Air Races.
  7. There are quite a number of C-47s in museums. I don't see why they shouldn't put her back in the air. C-47s(and all other aircraft) were built to fly. Besides, C-47s are not that rare.
  8. Should never have been that close to start with. Also, the Mercy should not have been using her own power at the time.(Unless she has a really, really shallow draft and I don't think she does. Nimitz class carriers do not use their own propulsion to move with in the harbor. The tugs pick them up about half way in the channel. Either the harbor pilot, the tug skippers are probably in deep doo-doo, maybe all of them including the Mercy's skipper are. If not, they should be. No excuse for getting that close to Arizona. Cheers, Terry
  9. If you haven't read it, try the pinned article on building the Rm P-61 kit. It may be of some help. Also, I have built the GWH kit. While it does have it's own issues, the fit of this kit is far better than the RM kit but, way more expensive. The Hobby Boss kit has major shape issues around the turret area that would take a lot of work to correct. IMHO, go with either the Rm or the GWH kits. Cheers, Terry (Certifiable P-61 NUT!!)
  10. Count me in! Don't know yet what I will build. I do have a fair number of vacs in my stash. Hopefully, I'll be able to find the time to actually finish a model in time! Cheers, Terry
  11. Like you, I've built a bunch of RM P-61's(10,8 for myself), one GWH kit completed puls another 4-5 RM kits is various stages of completion. SO, there's not much I can tell you about the RM kit you don't already know. The GWH kit, while much higher in price has outstanding overall fit but has it's own share of errors and quirks. The nose gear strut is way too short(there is a metal replacement set available for it) The control wheel is fully twice the size it should be(I'd replace it with one from an RM kit) and is placed too far forward as is the instrument panel, both are easy fixes, though.
  12. That works for me. I'm in with at least two. Cheers, Terry
  13. No, you would not use that piece. That area is about where the turret(if installed) would be. Hope this helps, Terry (certifiable P-61 NUT!!)
  14. Hey Steve, If you happen to come through Klamath Falls, give me a buzz and I'll meet you somewhere for coffee. PM me and I''l send you my phone numbers. Cheers, Terry
  15. I've seen aircraft we built starting with a lot less. Also, that PT-22 is valuable enough to be worthwhile rebuilding. Cheers Terry
  16. 1st,hope he is ok. Damn shame about that PT-22. I'm betting engine failure as the cause. Idiot reporters should have to do a bit of research before they write their stories. A PT-22 is not even close to being fighter. Cheers, Terry
  17. Count me in. Dunno yet what I'll build for it but, I have a fair stash of vacs.
  18. Koster has a "Shark-tail" conversion in 48th.
  19. Can't give you a specific FS# but the ones I saw over there were a medium gray. Cheers, Terry
  20. I concur, no need to seal Alclad. IMHO, sealing Alclad would diminish the overall effect.
  21. His job was to be a second set of eyes. One of the two 9th AF night fighter units, moved the RO's station forward to the gunners station. This was done by the individual ground crews so equipment placement varied from aircraft to aircraft. On these birds, the aft RO's station was gutted and left that way. I've never seen a photo of these changes so, anyone doing this mod is on your own- - -who's to say you're wrong. Cheers, Terry (certifiable P-61 NUT!!) PS: About the SAC nose gear, I modified a kit nose gear to the proper
  22. You would have to use the control wheel out of the kit as the J model has a different wheel in it. Other than that I think you'd be good to go. Cheers, Terry
  23. From what I've seen from photos of this kit, it's a good one to steer clear of. The crew nacelle has some serious shape issues. Of the 3 48th scale P-61 kits this one is the worst. Just my $.02 worth. Cheers, Terry (certifiable P-61 NUT!!)
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