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  1. I would like to see some kits of the Convair 880 or 990 (1/144 or 1/72) Always liked the looks of those old birds, the shock cones on the trailing edge of the wings were very distinctive on those 4 engine jetliners.
  2. I have found it refreshing to build something else that you don't have a passion in. I have been building model aircraft for 40 years. Every once in a while I'll spontaneously buy a model car or truck, just because it "looks cool". I don't know much about them, I have no reference guides and also because generally it can be pretty cheap. The whole building, painting and weathering mindset is completely different. It allows me to revisit just the joy of building again.
  3. Another aviation icon has slipped the surly bonds
  4. At the time I experimented using Tamiya paints through the airbrush, I was using 91% alcohol as a thinner. I had found alcohol effective as a paintbrush cleaner with these paints so I assumed it would have made a good thinning agent for airbrushing. However, the paint was drying before it left the airbrush nozzle. I recall then trying 70% alcohol instead but also had little success. In addition, I experimented with different pressure settings but couldn't get desired performance. I don't think I went as far as a 50/50 ratio since it was drying almost immediately. What is in the X-20A thi
  5. Thanks all! This is the kind of information I was looking for. I am interested in developing the techniques of airbrushing with acrylics, I have dabbled with Tamiya paints with no luck. It is good to know that there is also enamel options as well. The paint fume issue has been a problem even with a paint hood. If acrylics can reduce the fume problem, that would be a bonus.
  6. For over 30 years, I have used Testors Model Master enamels for airbrushing. Now that some of those colors are being discontinued like camouflage grey, I feel like it is time to look at alternatives. I have heard that Model Master Camouflage grey is still available as a spray and so you can always decant it but I feel I am just putting off the inevitable. So, with a stack of aircraft kits waiting to be built, what non-Testor paints are others using for Southeast Asia colors?
  7. Uh, you forgot about the two Zeros that got "splashed"
  8. I have been building model airplanes for more than 30 years. There was a point when I had a fear of not completing a kit like it would somehow strip me of my ability to complete a kit. While I do have a shelf of doom, none of those kits is more than 5 years old which tells me they will all get done eventually. My bigger problem is that some of the unbuilt/unstarted kits in my stash go back more than 10 years. I must have had a good reason to buy them at the time but still do not have the motivation to build them. My only "permanent" hangar queen is the Modelcraft F-8
  9. Interesting story. I like the photo sequences of the aircraft in flight over modern Japan. The buildings are modern but distinctly Japanese. It is definitely a contrast between the old and new.
  10. An old friend now retired used to say about the Tweet: "The only aircraft in U.S. Air Force inventory where you could pee in the cockpit while standing on the ground."
  11. Wow, I have always loved the Viggen with the splinter camo. One day, I WILL have one! Very nice job on this bird. The weathering is fantastic.
  12. I remember building this kit in the early 80s. As I recall, I did mine as a North Korean bird. Nice Job! and thanks for the memories.
  13. Gorgeous scooter. You have just the right amount of weathering this bird as well.
  14. Why not just keep the box top for the artwork? Paper clip the instructions to the box top. Cut the spare parts off the sprue, put them into a ziplock bag and label it with the original kit's info. You can accumulate the bags in a box. Box tops are flat and storing the parts in bags is more efficient. Just a thought...
  15. If they can't economically repair the pressure bulkhead then they can either supply oxygen masks for the passengers and crew or the aircraft can become the world's largest crop duster.
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