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  1. Have fun Fuji, better start reading up on all those books, you going to need to know a lot more...............................
  2. Yep, I was wrong, LAU-115 and LAU-127's now, missed that change. Reddog
  3. AWESOME Phoenix adapter Guy, you nailed it perfectly. The AIM-54 was retired in Sept 04 so if you are doing a plane after that you would not put a Phoenix adapter on the plane. We use to have half of out jets with Phoenix adapters, the other have would have a Sparrow adapter on station 1B, station 8B would have a LANTRIN Pod and the belly would have two bomb rails. Reddog
  4. It uses the same set up as the dual AMRAAM set does but instead of using LAU-127's you would use two LAU-7's. Reddog
  5. Cleared on all wing stations, been cleared for about 20 years now. Reddog
  6. The glove vanes where computer control and IIRC didn't deploy until around .75 mach so you can have the aircraft inflight and the vanes not deployed. 99.9% of the time the aircrew let the computer operate the glove vanes but they could have been control manually, I just never knew heard of anyone actually doing that though. Also, the Alpha Probe I thought started with block 75 aircraft but I could be wrong. I think the first blocks to hit the fleet where block 60's that had the orginial boat tail. One detail you might want to think about since you are doing a very early Tomcat is to put fins
  7. Jennings, I worked on the thing for over 14 years so I think I know a little bit about the Tomcat, it was an Alpha Probe. But if you want technical stuff, look up the NAVAIR 01-F14AAA-2-1, NAVAIR 01-F14AAA-6.3, NAVAIR 01-F14AAA-1. They all list it as "Alpha Probe". Reddog
  8. The probe on the tip of the radome was called the Alpha Probe, period. It was used to measure airspeed and other data, it was not an AOA probe, that was on the left side of the fuselage. Reddog Edit: I'm not a Tomcat Driver or a PC, I was a Full Systems Quality Assurance Representive.
  9. Roger that, my apologies, if I sounded harsh. Reddog
  10. My mistake, I didn't realize you where doing 1/32 scale, I just looked at the question. Not sure if your reply was sarcasm or if you are actually going to do that, which one was it? Reddog
  11. The A-7E used LAU-7 sidewinder missile launchers, the Hasegawa 1/48 scale kit has a "decent" looking LAU-7. Reddog
  12. The cockpit side walls should be light grey, not green. Reddog Also, there is no gap in the instrument panel.
  13. About an hour with a team of about four or five guys from what I remember. Reddog
  14. Here's the engine bay of an A-7E. Reddog
  15. The look great, like the real thing. Great job!!! Reddog
  16. Looks Great!!! Those CAG-8 birds look kind great, just like the real thing, nice job. Reddog
  17. That thing owes me big time. Thanks for posting, great to see a Slugger bird, brings back memories. Reddog
  18. Hey, that plane looks somewhat familiar, I've seen that plane somewhere before, just can't place where. Oh yea, I remember now, isn't that 202? Reddog
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