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  1. For scale effect burnt iron or some other off shoot of black would be correct. If you are doing 1/72 scale black would be fine, they only look greenish up close, step back a few yards and they look blackish the more you move away. Reddog
  2. Jim, I wasn't taht versed on the A-7 TACMAN back then so I can't comment on that, I just followed the load plan. I do know that the IFC's that where not incorporated into the book filled another book all it's own, we used the TACMAN as a door stop for the Ready Room. Collin, Not sure what that is, it's not a Mk 80 series bomb, looks like some Air Force thing the A-7's use to carry back in the late 60'searly 70's. Also, IIRC, TALD was only used by VA-46 and 72 during DS, it came out too late for just about everyone else. HTH Reddog
  3. A-7's carried at least one drop tank as a norm but it wasn't for aysmetrical purposes, it was for fuel. The internal fuel for an A-7E was 10.2 K, with a drop tank that gave the pilot 2K more. Reddog
  4. The Skipper was one of the biggest pieces of junk the Navy ever came up with, bigger then the DMLGB and LAU-138 combined. Some idiot thought it would be a great idea to take a GBU-16 and put a Shrike rocket motor on it, too bad they didn't upgrade the guidance section to operate faster due to the faster speed. The only thing you where sure to hit was the ground, everything else was iffy. Think of it this way, put a Tomcat engine on an old commodre 64 computer and that's what the AGM-123 Skipper was, one fast piece of junk. Reddog :)
  5. We never did Maverick. As far as the SAM threat from same speedboats, there isn't a threat, the boats are too small to carry SAM's except for shoulder fired type, HARM are not effective against those type. The best way to take out speedboats was with CBU's, LGB's and 20mm. Reddog
  6. Yes, the A-6's would "lase" for us and those are Mk 82's loaded on that A-7. Also, for an A-6 to have a Winder loaded there had to be something really going on, it would be like putting a nuke on a helo, you'll get the bad guy but then you just have to bend over and kiss rear good-bye. I left A-7's in late 87, when I was there our most common loaded out (besides blue death) was Mk 82's with either con fins or Mk 15's. We also did a lot of Rockeye, APAM and captive carry HARM's with a few Walleye's, Shrikes and LGB's thrown into the mix to keep us on our toes. Once a quarter we would do a M
  7. The FLIR Pod would go on station 6 (right inboard station), that was the only station wired for the pod. A more typcial weapon for SUCCAP (Surface Unit Contact Combat Air Patrol) would be Rockeye. Since Operation Praying Mantis was primarily an snti-surface unit engagment I would load it down with either Rockeye's or GBU-12's, along with AIM-9M's, a FLIR Pod and Drop Tank on station 3. Walleye's wheren't used much against surface targets, mostly against land based ones. The only time we used Walleyes for surface targets was during a SINKEX. As for which pylon the Walleye would go on, usually
  8. I stand corrected. Reddog
  9. I don't know of any Chaff Pod that look like that. To me they look like AERO 1C, 150 gl drop tanks. On the AERO 1 drop danks the fins could be placed in eight different positions. Reddog
  10. That's for USMC, Spanish, and Italian Harriers, not sure about UK Harriers. Reddog :wub:
  11. This one I will defer to the UK experts, I'm not sure if there are any differences. Reddog ;)
  12. Back in the day the plane would taxi from the line with the wings folded and the pilot would unfold them on the way to the hold short. We use to do the same in A-7's for a little while, then we made the aircrew unfold the wings and check them during the troubleshooter walkaround. There has been eight documented incidents of F-8's taking off with their wings folded. Reddog :)
  13. I'm not planning on going anywhere, unless Steve throws me out. But I am getting tired of people taking some book or photo and sticking it in my nose and then saying I'm wrong. I don't respond to questions unless I'm 100% sure I'm giving the right answer, if I don't know the answer then I will say something like "IMHO" or "I believe". I'm not trying to say I'm right 100% of the time, just that I research the answer before I throw it out or know it out hand, I don't shoot from the hip when I answer questions. I don't give NAVAIR wrong answers, why would I post one here. Reddog :)
  14. ALF, Just to let you know, the green you are using for your av-bays is the wrong color. The correct color is testors sinc chromate, just dirty it up. V/R Reddog
  15. Fish, I have the thickest, toughest skin you can imagine but when my knowledge and reputation is being question I take offense. To answer your question, yes, the Mk 84 GP Bomb is still in service and used but lately only for training since the emphasis is on PGM's in country. Yes, the Tomcat did use Mk 83 GP Bombs a lot, we dropped a lot of them and Mk 82's when I was in VF-143. Reddog
  16. Fish, You and I have not seen eye to eye on several issues so it is no suprise to see you jump in here and attack me but comparing me to some Nazi ordnanceman, common on, does that make you feel like a big man? It ain't the holiday stress or anything like that, I'm just getting tired of being called out as being wrong on something that is basic knowledge to me. My credentials have already been estabilshed on this site several times, everyone who has been here for more then three months know them. If you are going to call me out at least learn how to spell ORDNANCE and FUZE, it would giv
  17. Call me what you will but before you call someone out as being wrong you better have all your ducks in a row and your head and A## wire together. I don't speak from my rear like some other do, I've actually handled the things I talk about, not just read it in a book, when was the last time you handled a Mk 82? As far as standing down, my post was a direct response to your post, don't like being called out then don't call out someone who has been there done that as being wrong, and maybe you won't get the reaction you just got. Reddog :D
  18. To answer the question " I was told that the US Navy doesn't use the mk 82's with the balloon type retarding devices anymore. Is that true? " No, the USN/USMC does not, and has not used the "balloon" type retarded fins that the Air Force uses on their Mk 82's. I don't think anyone used snakeyes in country, that would require getting low and in the weeds, I believe everyone was staying up high and hitting targets with PGM's. Reddog
  19. I've seen DCAG's name on CAG jets. For single seater his name would be on the right side of the cockpit, CAG's on the left. For two seaters, CAG on the front, DCAG on the back. Must have been an East Coast thing, we always had CAG and DCAG's name on the CAG jet. Reddog :(
  20. To add to what Collin said, the only time our CAG birds looked good was for some "dog & pony" show, otherwise it was as dirty as the rest of the birds in the squadron. Reddog :lol:
  21. Yes, DCAG is Deputy CAG, i.e. XO of the airwing. Reddog :lol:
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