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  1. Nice pic but it is of an early factory fresh seat. Fleet Tomcats didn't have seat cushions like that and the parachute pack was not that color. Reddog
  2. Scout, I did 3 years in A-7E's (VA-82) frpm 84-87, so I may be able to help. 1) Yes, those ductings were on both sides, they are wave guides for the radar and avionics. To my knowledge, there weren't any re-manufuactured E's from A's and B's. All of the E's were staight off the line as E's. 2) The antenna's on the intake were on all E's, the A-7's that look like E's that didn't have then are C's I beleive. All the E's I saw in 84 had them. A A-7C was basically a E with a TF-30 engine. 3) The Chaff buckets where on the bottom side, just aft of the tail hook frm the beginning. Same location
  3. The seat cushions in the Tomcats where dark green, model master dark green is a perfect match. Never saw a brown seat cushion in a Tomcat during my 14 years, well, one time, but that was the pilots fault. :blink:
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