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  1. To answer my own question heres the pics I found of the F-22 exhaust and intakes.I really wanted to know how far back the grey paint went into the intakes and the color of the burner cans.Hasagawa recomends the cans be painted a dark metal color and that looks correct.If anyone has better pics please post them.intake.jpgintake2.jpgcan2.jpgcan.jpg

  2. I took the pics while the aircraft was at Wright-Patterson AFB.The A-6 was parked near the F-16s I was working on at the time so I got my camera out and snapped these pics.Thanks for the backround info. Mark

  3. I have posted these before but I found the missing pic of the right side the cockpit in a drawer so I have reposted the whole series.I would love to see decals of this bird. Mark







  4. heretic, I am also building a VMFA-122 hornet.Here are some pics I took of Nickel 01 at Oshkosh in 2004.At the time I was only trying to get detail shots of the GPS dome, lower fuselege and flaps so I did not get a full walkaround :cheers: . But, maybe they will help with your model. HTH MarkF-181.jpg




  5. Petes right.Theres no need to sand.Just brush on the Mr.Surfacer, let it dry and remove it with either Mr.Color thinner or 99% Isopropyl alcohol.The Mr.Color thinner is somewhat "hotter" than the Alcohol so it is easier to do large areas quickly. HTH Mark

  6. I ordered mine today.I agree they are way overpriced but I have wanted an F-4B/N for a long time.My real fear is the Meteor will never produce the burner cans and cockpit.Why not release all the items at the same time?And why no decals? A few accurate sheets for MIG-killers and colorful jets would really jack -up sales.Well I hope Im wrong. Mark



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