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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. Thanks, Kursad, for this sheet and the reprint! Looking forward to these and more. Tom
  2. It's so hard to lose them. I've lost 3 dogs and a couple of cats and it's always tough to let go. You gave him such a good life. He chose wisely :). Tom
  3. Thanks so much for the pictures and info, Mr Vark! You rock! Tom
  4. Contrails Models makes 1/72 scale CFM56/F108 engines in resin (http://contrailsmodels.com/Engines.php). I haven't bought them, so don't know about the quality. They look reasonably good in the pictures. You'll need to scroll about a quarter of the way down the page to them. Best I can do for you, for now. Tom
  5. It appears to be an AN/ALQ-167 pod. I think the F-14 TARPS birds carried this in addition to the TARPS pod. I can't tell if it also has the Expanded Chaff Adapter as well. Tom
  6. Wow! Fantastic build! And I love the shipping container you made for it! That will keep it safe during travels. Tom
  7. Wow, outstanding job all around! The cockpits are amazing. Tom
  8. I think it's part of the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) sensor netting system the Navy's using. I see it's on the E-2D as well. I think they modified the E-2C with this system. Tom
  9. Just for fun, I looked on the Microscale Decals web site, but no joy for 72-327 and 72-376. I didn't expect them there, but worth a try. Tom
  10. Andy's Hobby Headquarters is a good hobby store. The Hobby Bench on N 19th Ave is pretty good and there's a used book store across the parking lot. Hobby Depot is OK, too. I don't know that I've been to Hobby Destination. Will have to go next year while I'm down there for spring training baseball. enjoy! Tom
  11. Nice all around! I wonder if Minicraft will ever release their RCs? Tom
  12. I sure wish you still had this on a web site! I saved it, through kind of a backdoor means, since Firefox won't. Too good of information to let go! Tom
  13. And ask questions! That's what we're all here for! And welcome. Tom
  14. Last I saw, it descended at 4000 FPM and 184 knots into the ground. My sense is that GA is getting safer. When I got to Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center in 1995 as a meteorologist, we lost a couple dozen GAs a year due to the mountains, weather, etc. Not nearly so bad now.
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