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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. wxltcol

    Offutt Naval Base?

    I believe that's more likely maintenance and SP buildings. Since Offutt doesn't have armed aircraft, it's likely not a bomb or missile storage facility, although some weapons are stored for the SPs that could include machine guns and possibly 40 mm grenades. This is historic flooding, due to a combination of heavy snowfall over February, cold temps keeping the snow from melting, rainfall on top of the snow, and warming contributing to a rapid melt that ran onto frozen rivers. Ice jams aren't helping, either. However, the water's receding, at least at Offutt and the NWS office in Valley, NE. I know they're assessing the NWS office building in Valley and have the 88D weather radar back on line. Amazingly, it appears no water got inside, even though it was almost to the eaves. Tom
  2. wxltcol

    A380 end of production

    Wow, Stephen! I didn't realize you'd need three! Well, it does carry a lot of people... Mfezi, it's so majestic in the air! I'm always fascinated to watch a big aircraft seemingly just float slowly along. Sad those days are ending; the 747 always seems to float, too. Tom
  3. wxltcol

    A380 end of production

    But there again, what airport could you fly all 800 to that could accommodate an A380? One landed at Denver one time, but none of the gates or jetways could handle it. And it's not trivial to modify runways and taxiways for such a big aircraft, along with jetways. I think it really needs two jetways to disembark passengers, although I could be wrong on that. And it's ground footprint is pretty big, too. Had not economics got in the way, it would have been a great airplane. It's an technological achievement, regardless. Tom
  4. wxltcol

    USS HORNET located

    And seeing the International Harvester tractor still chained to the hangar deck was amazing!
  5. wxltcol

    Favorite Air Museums?

    I forgot to add Pima. It's excellent. and the boneyard being right there is a bonus. Tom
  6. Go Cubs!  We've been Cubs fans for a long time.  I remember watching them on my grandparents big console black and white TV in their living room in Harwood Heights, IL (western Chicago metro) back in the 60s and 70s.



    1. eraucubsfan


      Hi Tom-

      Nice to meet a fellow Cubs fan out there.  I grew up in the Aurora, Montgomery Oswego area.  Let's hope this year ends better than the last!  



    2. wxltcol


      Nice to meet another one, too!  I grew up in Iowa, but have relatives in Chicago, so visit a lot.  Watched the Cubs on my grandparents big console black and white TV in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s.  Had WGN on our cable systems. Was very sad when they went to WGNAmerica out in the hinterlands.  Oh, well, we'll see the Cubs TV channel in a year or two...


      And yes, hoping this year's better! We'll see the Cubs when they play the Rockies out here (live north of Denver-we're Rockies fans 156 games a year, but Cubs fans all 162 games a year :) ).  My brother-in-law and wife are cubs fans, too, as is our son.  He's off to spring training soon.  We'll maybe go next year.  If not, any and all we can starting in 2021, after I retire...



  7. wxltcol

    We were just hit by a tornado.

    Sorry to hear this and see the damage photos! Glad you're all right. Hope you get back into your house sooner, rather than later. Tom
  8. wxltcol

    Favorite Air Museums?

    Yes, a good one! SAC Museum's good, too. I've pictures from the ones in the Northwest (Washington has several good ones) and they're good, too. Tom
  9. wxltcol


    Saw Paul Simon do an acoustic version on a Later...with Jools Holland that was extremely good, too. Tom
  10. wxltcol

    Phone Calls You Don't Want To Get

    I hope she heals up quickly both physically and emotionally! Had to be a shock! Tom
  11. wxltcol

    Nice Tomcat, Darren

    Congrats, Darren! NIce article and F-14! Tom
  12. wxltcol

    Best 1/72 jet kits by subject?

    As Habu2 mentioned, the Academy and Hasegawa A-10A kits are basically the same. I have both and even the weapons are the same. Hasegawa's seems slightly nicer, IMHO, but not that much. Ah, the ECSI Phantoms and Scooters! Good kits. The 1/72 Hobbyboss A-7 didn't get mentioned, but its intake is off. Nicely molded, though... Tom
  13. wxltcol

    Revell product availability

    Habu2, It is a new kit. See this review: http://www.ptboatforum.com/cgi-bin/MB2/netboardr.cgi?fid=102&cid=101&tid=4372&pg=1&sc=20&x=0 on the PT Boat Forum website. The old kit didn't come with a 37 MM antitank gun like this one and it's molded with a split hull. The old kit had a one piece hull (I built the old one a long time ago). Tom
  14. wxltcol

    &(*&U)(*&) Model

    I've only given up on a few kits, but have plenty waiting for me to get off my duff and finish setting up my stuff in our new house (only been in it for a little over a year now-too many boxes to clean up yet, though). I'd rather leave them lurking and ignore them for a while (years in some cases, just like Don) than bin them (but I have binned a few). Tom
  15. Although I'm part of the government, I still have to work, so no time for me.