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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. The old Italeri 1/72 F-16C/D Night Falcon included the LANTIRN pods, I think. But, that was a long ago kit... Tom
  2. It's the one with the fin and attachment point at the back. I'm pretty sure the attachment point helps swing the tank nose down before the tank releases and thus avoids airframe and tank contact. I think... Just checked on Hobby Search and it's P19 and P20 on the Egyptian 1 scheme. The earlier tank just has a straight and level pylon on the tank (I think it's a Royal tank). Tom
  3. Thanks Gator52 and Quiote74 for the additional info! I don't have either of those books, so I just didn't know. Tom
  4. The 42nd bomb Wing at Loring AFB, ME was Harpoon capable, I believe. I'm not sure another wing was. Yeah, I don't remember seeing many pictures of a B-52 with Harpoons loaded. Tom
  5. Although the G could carry 12 Harpoons, my understanding is that they ended up carrying only 8 most of the time. Not sure why, though. Tom
  6. And I'll bet the new skipper has to watch his head a lot on board...
  7. Bravo Zulu, Commander Grogan!
  8. Best wishes in your new assignment or life change, as the case may be! And yes, thank you for serving, especially in such a demanding role. Tom
  9. Check this page out: https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/tornado.html. The Saudi load outs are down toward the bottom. Tom
  10. How effective is Regeneron versus the vaccines? I'd rather have a two time shot than keep taking meds, personally.
  11. I had my first Pfizer shot Monday and had a sore arm, but was fine Tuesday. I get my second 29 March. Even if I'm down for a day after the second one, not getting sick is well worth it to me.
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