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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. Thanks! Wish I knew of some, but I don't. I'm weather guy, not an armament guy. Tom
  2. Apologies for pushing you! If everyone did this to you and you said OK, you wouldn't have a life. Not my intent.. Tom
  3. Hi Johnathan, No one makes Paveway IVs in 1/72, at least. I don't know about 1/48; not my scale. Kits like the Airfix Harrier have a GBU-12 (Paveway II) instead of the Paveway IV. You'd think Airfix could make a good one, since the IV is a British LGB and they and Saudi Arabia are the only users. But no, they don't. I think Olimp used to make one as part of an upgrade kit, but I think Olimp's defunct. Just my two cents. Take it for what it's worth. Thanks, Tom
  4. Thanks so much for the very enlightening lecture, Jim! Well done! Tom
  5. Thanks for all the info you provide!!  I really appreciate it!!



  6. I see Colourcoats and True North paints include FS 36170 now. Wonder how they stack up? Tom
  7. It's 5.5 degrees F/1,000 feet for dry air and 3.5 degrees F/1,000 feet for saturated air. And yes, it's that cold aloft where airliners typically fly. I'm a retired meteorologist and worked my last 25 1/2 years at Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center with the FAA (I was National Weather Service (NWS)). Tom
  8. One of my IPMS chapter members did the Revell box art in the 1960s and still does box art today. He did the latest ZM FW-190A-4 box art. The kit just came out. He also does fantastic models and his wood grain painting is something to behold. Tom
  9. Andrew, I have a bunch of Hasegawa 1/72 A-10s and can get you a baggage pod if War Dog can't. Tom
  10. Sorry I missed you at Nats, Kursad! I was only there Thursday afternoon. i thought about going Friday sometime, but we were busy with friends in Austin. Maybe in Madison next year? Tom
  11. I'm in. Will stage out of southern Austin. Tom
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