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  1. Thanks for that info! I really appreciate it. I wish they'd they would have sold Testors to someone else, too. I really like the MM paints and don't have a good replacement. I may have to try True North or someone similar.
  2. PS What I wrote is what I've heard about the situation and I'm happy to hear more and better information from someone better informed.
  3. So, Rustoleum bought Testors. However, apparently, they couldn't deal with Testors method of making paint, which supposedly was make a batch of a color or colors (55 gallon drum(s) and make more once they ran out. hence, they discontinued Testors. Also, they didn't think it was profitable. Personally, I'd love to buy Rustoleum and force them to make Testors, but... If I could, some head would roll... Tom
  4. I was at Vance AFB, OK, when this raid happened. One of the Student Squadron instructors was an F-111 pilot and knew the crew that was lost. Quite an event, too. Tom
  5. The pod was fielded on the 174th Fighter Wing's F-16s for about a day in Desert Storm, but the strong vibrations and the pylon problems (alignment and stability) meant that accuracy problems prompted its removal the first day. Looking at Desert Storm loadouts (https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/f-16.html), apparently the 174th used a single AGM-65D along with the belly GPU-5, but quickly transitioned to other loads. It does mention that F-16s carried AGM-65s, but I suspect only one, as a three round loadout was very draggy, even for the A-10. Not sure about after Dese
  6. I see a couple I need,in multiples, and then there're the two or three others I need. Time for a package buy...
  7. And USAF Bomb Wing CCs could be really nasty about blown forecasts, too...
  8. Hi Paul, Yes the Misty program was Misty FAC or Forward Air Control. I understand there's a book out about it (Bury Me upside Down?). I think it was a very dangerous program... Tom
  9. Thanks, Chris! It's been too long and when I was up there, SAC was something else, to say the least. I really think that Dutch is right and it was the KC-135As we had that might have had the markings. Thanks, Tom
  10. Oh, sorry, Dutch, I should have said on the 135A! Unfortunately, I don't have any Grand Forks B-52G pictures. Sorry about the confusion! I tend to do that... Tom
  11. Well, it's been since 1983-1985, so my memories are faulty. But, I do remember the sunflake. It was half sun and half snow. Tom
  12. I'll snag a C-17 sheet when it's available! Tom
  13. Wish the Grand Forks sunflake tail stripe was on a sheet, but I don't have pictures of it. It was also on their KC-135As. Tom
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