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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. Hi Paul, Yes the Misty program was Misty FAC or Forward Air Control. I understand there's a book out about it (Bury Me upside Down?). I think it was a very dangerous program... Tom
  2. Thanks, Chris! It's been too long and when I was up there, SAC was something else, to say the least. I really think that Dutch is right and it was the KC-135As we had that might have had the markings. Thanks, Tom
  3. Oh, sorry, Dutch, I should have said on the 135A! Unfortunately, I don't have any Grand Forks B-52G pictures. Sorry about the confusion! I tend to do that... Tom
  4. Well, it's been since 1983-1985, so my memories are faulty. But, I do remember the sunflake. It was half sun and half snow. Tom
  5. I'll snag a C-17 sheet when it's available! Tom
  6. Wish the Grand Forks sunflake tail stripe was on a sheet, but I don't have pictures of it. It was also on their KC-135As. Tom
  7. Wow, Dutch! I didn't realize straitlaced SAC allowed for a bit of variety! Tom
  8. And the torpedoes were the much maligned (in WWII), but much improved (also in WWII) Mk 13s. Tom
  9. Thanks for this, Kursad! I think a 1/72 sheet is a must for me. Tom
  10. Diego, I sincerely hope all your issues are behind you and you have a happy and healthy 2022! Tom
  11. Happy holidays to everyone on the forums! Gwen, so sorry you're stuck this year. Tom
  12. Thanks, Kursad, for reprinting the A-1E sheet! Tom
  13. Uggh! So sorry to hear this, Steve! Hope the heavy duty hours don't last too long! Tom
  14. Thanks for all of these! I really enjoyed them. The Blues flew at Ft Collins-Loveland airport 16 and 17 October. Didn't go anywhere near there, because I-25 was a nightmare, as were the other roads. I remember seeing both the Blues and the Thunderbirds when they were flying F-4s... Tom
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