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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. Andy's Hobby Headquarters is a good hobby store. The Hobby Bench on N 19th Ave is pretty good and there's a used book store across the parking lot. Hobby Depot is OK, too. I don't know that I've been to Hobby Destination. Will have to go next year while I'm down there for spring training baseball. enjoy! Tom
  2. Nice all around! I wonder if Minicraft will ever release their RCs? Tom
  3. I sure wish you still had this on a web site! I saved it, through kind of a backdoor means, since Firefox won't. Too good of information to let go! Tom
  4. And ask questions! That's what we're all here for! And welcome. Tom
  5. Last I saw, it descended at 4000 FPM and 184 knots into the ground. My sense is that GA is getting safer. When I got to Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center in 1995 as a meteorologist, we lost a couple dozen GAs a year due to the mountains, weather, etc. Not nearly so bad now.
  6. Carrier Air Wing 17 on the Nimitz.
  7. Got my copy and it's fantastic, like all of your books! Another outstanding job! I work with a former Prowler aircrew member and I told him about it. Will show it to him to back up what I said (which was, must have!). Thanks, Jake! Tom
  8. Waiting for mine to ship. looking forward to it! Tom
  9. It might be 34092, so check that one out, too. At least it's not Brit bombs and Bronze Green (their bombs don't remotely look that color, at least initially). Good luck! Tom
  10. Electrosoldier, Try 34088, not 36088. I don't think there is a 36088 paint. Tom
  11. It makes sense that the whole force would eventually get repainted. It benefits the entire force instead of just a few units.
  12. Yes, as far as I know, AIM-9s, AIM-7s, and AIM-120s are FS36375. I think AGM-88s (HARMs) are FS36622. Tom
  13. You could scan them and save them electronically, while shredding the paper copies. Just a thought. I have a ton of my maternal grandparents' records, including my grandpa's enlistment and discharge papers from WWI. Pretty interesting; not much has changed militarily, as far as paperwork goes, in 100 years or more. Tom
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