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    I like military, mainly aircraft, but also armor and ships. Usually 1/72nd scale, other scales, too.

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  1. You could scan them and save them electronically, while shredding the paper copies. Just a thought. I have a ton of my maternal grandparents' records, including my grandpa's enlistment and discharge papers from WWI. Pretty interesting; not much has changed militarily, as far as paperwork goes, in 100 years or more. Tom
  2. A guy I knew in Omaha had his 2-bay storage facility (garage) filled with an estimated 10,000 kits (he turned to collector). His garage was registered with the Papillion, NE fire department as a toxic hazard due to all the styrene. I have several hundred kits, but I plan on building them all (sure, right...)... And I keep adding more... Tom
  3. So, it this just for chocolate Oreos or can Golden ones play, too? Or other flavors?
  4. Hmm, web site says, "under construction"...
  5. I hope not. I would like some of his A-10C cockpits and some of his BRU-57 smart racks. Tom
  6. Just went to a Hobby Lobby in the town north of me and almost nothing showing as clearance. I don't know if they already sold out of the clearance kits. I didn't see some of the kits that were on clearance in our Hobby Lobby, though. Seems very hit and miss... Tom
  7. The Hobbyboss 1/48th scale M4s are on clearance. I picked up the Academy F-6F3/5 for$3.49. The A-37 is also marked down. Not much else, though. Guess things are slowly rolling through Colorado, finally. Tom
  8. Also got the new 2nd edition Hog Guide and it's a winner as well! Tom
  9. Got this book and it's fabulous as usual, Jake! Tom
  10. Our Hobby Lobby never had anything on clearance. However,a 40% off coupon does help... Tom
  11. I can get in OK. Not sure what's going on. Tom
  12. Hope the reprint of the general characteristics C/KC-135 will be in 1/144th, too! Thanks for the reprint!
  13. I believe that's more likely maintenance and SP buildings. Since Offutt doesn't have armed aircraft, it's likely not a bomb or missile storage facility, although some weapons are stored for the SPs that could include machine guns and possibly 40 mm grenades. This is historic flooding, due to a combination of heavy snowfall over February, cold temps keeping the snow from melting, rainfall on top of the snow, and warming contributing to a rapid melt that ran onto frozen rivers. Ice jams aren't helping, either. However, the water's receding, at least at Offutt and the NWS office in Valley, NE. I know they're assessing the NWS office building in Valley and have the 88D weather radar back on line. Amazingly, it appears no water got inside, even though it was almost to the eaves. Tom
  14. Wow, Stephen! I didn't realize you'd need three! Well, it does carry a lot of people... Mfezi, it's so majestic in the air! I'm always fascinated to watch a big aircraft seemingly just float slowly along. Sad those days are ending; the 747 always seems to float, too. Tom
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