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  1. The Calif. NG retired its last Huey about 1 1/2 years ago......they are done. Sacramento Fire Dept got the 2nd to last one and its been Super Huey`ed since then. The last Calif. NG Huey is reserved for a Museam.
  2. The HUEY 210 program was the was the way to go on the LUH. Its hot-high performance is on par with the UH-60L , if not better for the weight it operates. The 205A+ and A++ in the civil world are spectacular performers. If a base UH-1H can run circles around a UH-72A (in payload and lift) , imagine what a Super Huey can do. The UH-72A doors cannot let more then one person out at a time and they break ! The Cabin size is OK and the Rotor system excellent. That said, in most places east of the rockies the UH-72A has decent performance , but once over 5000ft they are way power limited and payload
  3. NTCs AVCO will operate 6 UH-1Hs till the end of 2011. Their life was extended 6 months as the UH-72s are so power limited ,when they need lift they use the Hueys. They are only used for support and havent flown OPFOR for years now , although some are still painted in Camo. They will part out aricraft to keep the others running. I took pics of one on-base last week.
  4. A couple of my Copyrighted photos....Skip Robinson 1st flight between a LACoFD S-70-33A and a Calif. National Guard UH-60L Firehawk (2007) "Copter 16" flares before hoverfilling more water during the Malibu fire in 2007.
  5. SA-135 Lama.....Corona Airport....drill-bit movements into the hills...very cool helo
  6. Bell 214B Biglifter....Sesnon Fire...LA
  7. Fire 3 and Fire 5......copyright
  8. N247AC prepares for another two hours of firefighting during the Sayre fire in Los Angeles. This was on a US Forest Service contract.
  9. That HH-34 is very cool , never seen that shot.
  10. Some Defenders being test fitted into a C-130....about 1982
  11. Even with a medium load the Bell 412 /CH-146 is power limited on hot days , much less with altitude added....should be a interesting event.
  12. Yea , he does look asleep......with all that noise ?
  13. Fire 1 and the fire...... Tanker 720 CH-54B hoverfills from a lake during the LA Fires. LA County Fire S-64E (ERICKSON contract) hoverfills during the LA Fires.
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