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  1. Staggering when you consider the manpower and expenditures represented there. We will never see anything like it again.
  2. http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/usa-wwii-aircraft-facts-figures.html Check this out!
  3. dahut

    Monogram P-39 "Z-38"

    I've read the Russians bolted the left door shut for that reason.
  4. dahut

    Monogram P-39 "Z-38"

    " It's always best to cross-reference as many different reference sources as you can. In the case of your P-39, it sounds like you had already done some research, and the Profile provided the confirming info you needed, which is great." That's how Im approaching it. I also learned that most Aleutian P-39's had the left door sealed with tape, the gun ports covered with canvas and nearly any opening in the front likewise treated. Because there was no engine forward with its attendant heat, any draft that trickled back to the cockpit was a cold one.* So a Kodiak 'Cobra could be rendered to depict this - and never are. I have yet to see this in any of the research to date, although in fairness I havent focused on the Aleutian campaign. I suppose there is some benefit after all to reading arcane manuscripts. * because the heaters operated from the fuel system and were thought to thin the mixture and cause engine damage, most Alaskan P-39's also had their heaters disabled. Brrrrr!
  5. dahut

    Monogram P-39 "Z-38"

    I had hoped because they were closer to the period they might be accurate. Am I then to assume they were complete crap, and utterly untrustworthy? I have researched this until I'm blue in the face and have arrived at nothing conclusive. Since one of the main contributors of this Profile also flew the plane in question and contributed photos from his own collection, there was a glimmer of hope that it might be legit. Since no one actually knows, that's better. I'm relegated to drawing my "best guess" conclusions, anyway, so I'll go with Mr. Spoonts' contribution.
  6. dahut

    Monogram P-39 "Z-38"

    The boxing of Monograms Airacobra "Z-38" is pretty well known. But the subject on the box, the only aircraft for which decals are included, is something of a mystery It is agreed it is from a stateside training outfit, the "Z" assigned to Thomasville AFB, west of Valdosta, GA. Period fotos from this group support this. The serial number, 41-7143, is an "F" model P-39 that was assigned to the 488th fighter replacement squadron, of the 59th Fighter Group. The roster from Thomasville records this a/c as lost in an accident in 1943 But no photo record of the bird itself seems to have survived the war, and speculation as to just how Monogram decided on these markings has remained. Well, I got the old Profile Publications Issue 165 today, covering the P-39. Among the color plate images on page 11, is this very aircraft. It is listed as being the mount of Lt. Leslie Spoonts and is a duplicate of the Monogram markings. The Profile series dates to the 1960's, I believe, although this one has no copyright date. Listed among the credits as a key contributor, however, is none other than Leslie Spoonts himself! Additional photos from Mr. Spoonts' personal collection are also included. (Spoonts scored three kills flying the Airacobra in the Aluetians, so I assume this aircraft would be after he rotated from there, and between the time of its loss.) The Profile series has always been highly regarded, it's portrayals meticulously verified and accurate. This leads me to believe Monogram sourced the markings from this publication. I've always liked these markings, but was reluctant to use them because the could not be "authenticated." But If Profile Pubs says it's legit, I can at last breathe easy and go with it.
  7. No no no... I deleted them to clear my message box. It fills up fast and them I get nothing. I've had knee surgery last week and haven't been with it much. But I've got your money and will send it out tomorrow.
  8. One of my fave armor subjects. It just appeals. I wonder - do you have any pic sources for Austrian M41's?
  9. dahut

    P-39N-2/3 info?

    "N" model P-39's were fitted as photo recon birds - about 150 or so. I'm having no luck finding anything about them however. Maybe someone knows of a link or two?
  10. This. ^^^^^^^ And dont paint the eyes. Just let a wash settle there and leave it.
  11. Excellent points, as far as development is concerned.
  12. I completely agree with this philosophy. However, the people at large probably don't think this way. That's my point, I believe. The shift is away from any presence at all, from what I see.
  13. Note: I'm about to "go there." Be warned. There is also a decided push, both socially and politically, to be "nicer." There is a feeling that we are bullies and shouldnt be pushing the world around with our mean old weapons. Money has also become a socio-politic leverage point. We used to be proud of our techno achievements over our enemies. Cost was no object. Today, fewer and fewer people want to pay for grandiose toys. Me, I reckon it's a shift in attitude as much as anything. Talidan Tomcat alludes to this above. The notion is that no real national enemies exist today. We battle with ideology now - most alive today cannot recall empirical warfare between nations. Our supposed enemies are more internal now. Thus, one hears the pacifists cry more and more: "What do we need THAT for??"
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