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  1. Thanks for the the awesome products, I've bought several of the 1:48 F-15, F-16, and F-4 exhaust and they are absolutely gorgeous...would love see sets done for 1:48/1:32 F-105's very often overlooked subject...
  2. Received my set today for the F-15 C/D/E/K P&W (opened)... One word, WOW!!! These are Amazing pieces of art.
  3. This picture represents the EF-105F, it was followed by the F-105G. The Revell-Monogram kit you have is actually an "EF", if you want an "F" you will have to make sure your markings match and correct because the early "F" models were natural mental, no after burner cooling scoops, no triangular antenna behind the radome, no gun camera, or gun gas vents...but then came "Project Lookalike" where the natural metal jet's were painted the with a silver lacquer paint...check your referances though.
  4. Sir, would you consider selling the resin exhaust set separately, for this listed package: Tamiya F-16C/N with Shawn Hull GE F110 exhaust nozzle, Crossdelta stiffener plates and Master static dischargers... I'm interested in the Shawn Hull GE F110 exhaust nozzle
  5. Would like to buy, Tamiya F-16C/J Block 50 with Shull F-16 GE110 Detailed exhaust ...$50, ??? cost of shipping to Sherwood AR, 72120 Le Vander
  6. Interested in your Kinetic F-16F Block 60 $30.00

  7. Upon closer observation of the spru tree call out's, it seems as though Academy has the "E and G" in the works...yumm!!!
  8. Recently I have recieved this kit and upon opening the box I was thrown back by the extremely fine surface detail, it's incredibly awesome. I have the Reveal kit of the F/A-18F kit 04864, and it is truly an outstanding kit with nearly flawless fit and fine surface detail. The difference is that the Academy kit is a "snap fit kit" the Revell is a standard glue kit. Normally with a snap fit kit the plastic is soft, not so with the Academy kit, it's good old styrene and the fit is flawless. The only minors would be the decals being slightly off register and the one piece canopy both easily remedied...its multi-colored plastic but where it should be, gray, black and white. Get this kit or even both and you will be in awe!!! Oh, and if you have the Hasegawa offering, leave for a good practice build... Good times, modelers!!!
  9. http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-105/images/dc_thud_05.jpg
  10. Nets, Hueyhogfan,and Avenger...honest, fast, dependable, with great deals, trade with total confidence!!! Le Vander McGinnis (LZ82)
  11. LZ82


    You know this guy...and as in the past he always delivers, 100% top notch trader!!!
  12. Thumbs up for Lockheed2004, great pricing and shipping, awesome packaging...👍
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