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  1. Trying to find 1/48 IsraCast Sa’ar conversion 48037 for the FM Super Mystere B2. /Tobias
  2. TobHol


    This thread got really funny, I expressed my very personal desperate question at that moment. All I needed was to get it out my brain but it is really funny to read what other think is important. I totally agree about the vaguest subject line although. To stay on topic, Minicraft will release a B-52D that will be a really good base for a bit of scratchbuilding. /Tobias
  3. TobHol


    Last days I have tried to find more info about NB-52 conversions in 1/144. All I wonder now is when will someone do a new proper NB-52 conversion? It´s near impossible to find the Cutting Edge conversion. So here is plea to all manufactures; Please make a new NB-52 conversion in 1/144. Regards Tobias
  4. TobHol

    JAS-39 Griffen

    Here is a Link from Britmodeller with a link to IPMS Stockolm about the different versions. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975655-jas-39-ac-gripen/ Regards Tobias
  5. TobHol

    Pilot Replicas 1/48 Saab J 21 A-3

    Some filler was needed on the underside of wing/fuselage and the booms. The canopy was glued in Place as well, if you take it carefully and dryfit it will go without any problem. I was in a bit of hurry and needed filler in some places. The top canopy does not fit at all if it will be closed, it needs to be reshaped but it only affects the framing and not the glass. Now it is time for a tricky thing, the pitot tube. The kit tube is useless so I made it myself using two different tubes and glued them together. Next thing is on which side to put it on, there are no stright answers it could be right or left. Check your references!! This is how I cut a stright line on the spinner. I clamped a blade in a book. quite easy. Next thing was the painting. I used Xtracolor, X778 Swedish dark green lightened with X108 Blue Angels Yellow, ratio 1 ml green and 8 drops Yellow. The lower side shall have a blue grey paint towards the grey shade, I found X395 Mirage 2000 Light Blue Grey to be exact was I was looking for. There are also a Dark Blue Grey that can be used on Swedish aircrafts before 1948. The blue is X317 Airline WP Thrifty Blue, match the roundel blue very nicely. Decal time! I found a misstake on one of the stencils, I talked to the decal designer and this will probaly be solved in the next batch och models. Decal no 22 is not on the instructions and that is correct, this text is only valid for J21A-1. The nose gear was knocked off some times so I left it to after decaling. It is a weak point so I glued it in Place and then secured it with quite a lot of epoxy glue. Then I glued the gear doors in place, note that the instructions are wrong here. The main landing gear door shall open to to the right on both sides. I did finish the model in time for AIM. I was sitting in the exhibition hall demasking the canopy and glued the propeller. All in all it is a very nice and fun model build, I enjoyed every minute of this build. I will build at least another one then Pilot Replicas release their engine set for the J21. Tobias
  6. About 3 weeks ago Pilot Replicas released their injected mold Saab J21. A inbox review can be found here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F234988181-saab-j-21-a-3-148. I bought it directly and thought this is a really nice model that I could build quite fast. The aim was to have it finished to AIM (Art In Miniatures) in Gothenburg 5-6/9, http://artgot.se/. I started to assamble the main wing. To avoid a step in the joint I glued a plastic strip so that the wing skin would meet eachother. Here I realized that you need to dry fit very carefully, this goes for the whole model. The CAD parts are distributed nicely but the error margin when it is transferred to the moulds are not thought of, therefore the fit is very tight and it is necessary to grind almost every part. I also drilled out some holes, cooling duct on the side of fuselage and the end of the "bumps" on the fuselage side. I thought the ladder was to thick and I therefore decided to have a closed canopy and ladder unfolded. So I glued the fuselage part in place and filled the gap with plasticard. The ejection seat was put together and painted. I used the same as for the interior, an old can of Humbrol 116 lightened with yellow. Here is the only place I used the photo etched parts. The cockpit was painted. The instrument decals is Mike Grants. Also the HUD glass is molded on the HUD so removed that part and glued a replacement instead. The upper part of the bulkhead is left unpainted, that is so because the bulkhead is slightly too wide in the upper corner. This was grind down but there is still a gap in the fuselage/bulkhead joint, finns needed some filler after the fuselage was glued. To avoid a tailsitter I glued 24 grams of lead, the instruction says 20 g but... And then the whole model was glued together! To be able to glue the tail booms I had to remove the inner forward pin. The fabric on the fins are very odd so I grind them down a bit. It looks good on the finished model. The landing gear was glued and the main gear had some extra wire glued. These were put in Place at the same time the whole fuselage was glued. Also note that on one gear the mould was not filled up and I had to glue a rod in place and shape it.
  7. Hi all, As the title says I'm looking for the 1/144 MYK design decal sheet for the 2009 Demo F-16 from the Netherlands. Regards Tobias Located in Sweden
  8. TobHol

    MIG-21 UM "stress team"

    The paint used for the model is grey Xtracolor toghether with yellow and light blue Humbrol paint. In the resin conversion you get a master to do your vac canopy, I made one to use as mask over the whole cockpit. Once dried the decals were applied. The JBr decals are very thin but is no problem to use, they fitted the model really good. The most difficult on the model was to install the alfa and beta vanes on the nose boom. Also there are a alfa vane on the side of the fuselage, it´s almost impossible to see it on model with the eyes. After this I sued a semimatt clear coat and installed the canopy and landing gears. And the model was finished. I really enjoyed build, and I can recommend this conversion. It is a bit tricky but very rewarding when done. Thanks Tobias
  9. TobHol

    MIG-21 UM "stress team"

    I have Always had a weak Point for this scheme on the 2-seat Mig-21. In order to build one in 1/144 I used: Eduard Mig-21 RetroKit Mig-21 UM resin conversion Brengun photo etch JBr decals First of all I got a bad copy of the RetroKit resin fuselage and after some conversation and other postage mishaps I got a really nice new fuselage. A really great customer service from RetroKit, you are the ones!! I didn´t like the aft fuselage of the resin copy so I cut that off and used the rear end of the Eduard plastic. The same thing was applied to the nose cone. The fit of the resin and plastic parts between the canopy and fin was very rough. I filled it with plastic card and putty. Also a antenna was installled from a scrap airliner ecth. I thought the Eduard seats were more qrisp and used them with the Brengun etch belts and ejection handle. The paint used for the cockpit was AKAN russian interior paint and the seats is Humbrom grey in different shades. Then some antennas and landing gear doors were applied togehter with the front canopy.
  10. TobHol

    New Revell 72nd Gripen

    I have built the model and for the airbrakes fitted nice in close position. You need to dryfit and trim the brakes a little, then it lookes really good. Tobias
  11. TobHol

    1/144 Scale 8th Air Force Airfield

    Thanks, I will do some search. Regards Tobias
  12. TobHol

    1/144 Scale 8th Air Force Airfield

    I'm really impressed by your work. I need a likewise motor for a Spitfire project as you have for the B-17. Do you have a link to the where you bought yours? Regards Tobias
  13. TobHol

    Viggen droopy bits

    Hoops: You making me uncertain, the first three examples you use are modified a/c at the end of the Viggen era. It is possible that the sequence was changed during these upgrades, I need to investigate further, I will post the answers then I have them. BUT the last parked picture you show all FOD covers are on, this also include closing the RAT. It was very unusual to install all covers, I think I only did it once for practice during my time. LanceB: Yes, that is the one. Please noter that there are different layouts here as well between AJ and JA. /Tobias
  14. TobHol

    Viggen droopy bits

    The RAT was deployed when the landning gear was lowered. It was always deployed until the gear went up the next flight during normal operation. Inside there is the oxygene and nitrogene refill that needed attention between flights. Also during engine starup the fire extinguisher is located behind the RAT. Note that the layout behind the RAT is different between the AJ and JA. If the aircraft is parked the hatch on the right side, under the canard, is open. The main electrical switch is located there, Also much of the fuses are there. As for the flaperons they were always hanging a bit while on ground and the hydraulic systems off. /Tobias, former Viggen mechanic
  15. TobHol

    Boeing 727 drawings?

    Thanks all for the input. I will go with a E-3/707 nose when I found a cheap one. I know there are more mistakes than just the nose, but that is the most obvious in my opinion. Anyway it is a model and models are here to be built, as long as we have fun. Regards Tobias