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  1. Oh, and another thing, it's got those stupid wing bulges over the wheel bays! When are people going to realise that they are a modern 'invention' and were not on wartime spits Obviously, the Spit. they measured, (if they did actually measure one), was a modern refit.
  2. I think it's the angle of the windscreen side panel that's throwing things 'off'. That panel is curved-optically incorrect- and should be flat. That would throw the eye off quite badly.
  3. Aaaahhhh---Laphroaig!!! A wonderfully rich and peaty flavour, well chosen that man!!
  4. To be honest lads, she was very lucky not to be charged with assault and get what the burglar got for a sentence whilst the poor lad was sent to a rehabilitation centre to recover from the shock! The law here is an *** and getting worse. They're now talking about giving criminals inside the vote in elections because--according to the European Court it's against the poor chaps civil rights to deny them said vote. WOT!! Apologies for the thread hijack
  5. I use FF3 with no problems at all---PC is a Dell Inspiron, quad processor, 6GB RAM
  6. Gentlemen, (and others), I should remind you all that the word 'Whisky' Is trade branded here in Sunny Scotland and it HAS to be produced here and it is ILLEGAL to call any cheap nasty, perfidious foreign SHITE, 'WHISKY'. The company in question scurrilously got round this by opening a twopenny-halfpenny office here. Having a wooden box with people in it, here in Scotland, seems to let them think they can call any odorous SHITE-- Whisky---(Beloved of the Gods, what do you think the original 'nectar' was?) Well, they can't! I think that not before too long, this 'product' of some-ones alimentary system will be removed from shelves
  7. If I remember rightly, it's an aerial underneath with a non-metallic cover.
  8. Easy---my 1st son. A moment I will hold in my heart forever.
  9. "Being separated from loved ones at Christmas sucks, but not having anyone to spend it with at all is much worse". Been there. When my marriage collapsed suddenly 15 years ago, I spent my 1st Christmas alone ever. It was hell, I don't think I had a dry eye all day. Missed the kids and the fun we had, missed the warmth and the laughter, missed everthing. Don't think I ever got over that. It was easily the worst time of my life. So--for anyone out there, this year in that position---my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels. Just know this---it will end. If you are really as lucky as I was, after 5 years of this cold and horrible time, I met a wonderful woman. Christmas now is full of warmth, humour and love---I can only pray that you will find the same. Merry Christmas to you all my friends.
  10. A 32" LCD TV and a Blue-Ray player. Followed later on by the Revell 1/32 Arado A very Merry Christmas to one and all!
  11. "I'm impressed also by the 2 big fuselage halves : They are in a separate box, but I could not find trace of the sprue connection. How did they manage that ?" If you look at the internal surfaces you'll probably find indications there of connections. I've seen that on a number of trumpeter parts. Edit to apply quote marks. Gordon------ trying to keep awake cos I'm knackered!
  12. Gordon


    It is not abnormal for the passing on of this type of jewellery amongst the 'upper'classes, (read aristocracy), in this country. Amongst members of that 'class', they are classed as 'heirlooms' and so begins a legend. Think of that extremely large blue diamond named the 'Hope', presently in a certain American museum. Think of the fables wrapped around that--think of the history of it. You are possibly watching the start of a similar fable here. First given to a woman who didn't love and was not loved by her husband---the following tragedy---and here it is again. What next one wonders.
  13. I've been watching this with interest. Was watching SKY news live and the commentator was going on about two things--- 1_ 'The package was found on the UPS cargo jet and it was diverted to Brtish airport---- At the same time---the scrolling 'ticker tape' at the bottom of the screen was saying that the package had been found at the UPS distribution depot!!!!????? 2_ The package apparently contained a laser printer toner cartridge like this one---moving his hand to show the cartridge on his desk---and reports state it had wires and powder coming from it----anybody handled a laser toner cartridge? You know, the kind with the odd wire and powder all over it? WOT!!!!!! There could be some poor bloke in Yemen right now trying to find out where his cartridge is that he sent for repair. The point I'm making lads is that ---A. The media haven't a bloody clue what they're talking about about and ---B. The massive over-reaction with 'suspicious' packages suddenly being found everywhere is somewhat OTT.---C. At the time of writing this, not ONE was been proved to be anything dangerous. Now it's ----' they were a trial run' WOT!! Why have a trial run which lets everyone know what to look for? Just send the real thing, at least one will get through and cause a lot more problems. I don't know about you lot but here in Edinburgh, I pass 'packages' every day simply because some untidy and thoughtless sod couldn't be bothered to find a trash bin! Rather saddened rant over
  14. Tony,--the seats were black--all cushions, padded armrests etc. were green leather. There are many questions asked about the colours of a Lancaster's interior. As far as I'm aware, the cockpit AND the front fuselage interior, (nose to radio op's position), was black. I've seen a number of Lanc. models painted with the black stopping immediately behind the pilots seat in line with the front edge of the upper fuselage, and an equal number as I've outlined. Certain refurbished aircraft have similar differences. You pays your money etc. Gordon
  15. Gordon

    Lancaster pilot seat

    It should be on one side only. The reason is that the armour plate was 'softer' on on side. The intention being to slow any projectile hitting it down enough so that when it reached the 'hard' side, it would be slow enough to prevent penetration. The yellow dot was on the 'hard' side, I.E. the side with a body next to it.
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