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    C-40 USN decals a must...
  1. Sorry if this has already been asked but does anyone know of someone makes decades for JetBlues FDNY aircraft? It's dedicated to the Fire Fighters of NY? Thanks Rick
  2. Jennings you made these wing parts. Wow with you were still making them. Rick
  3. ok great thanks, just need wing things Rick
  4. Sir, this looks great... did you make the flap and spoiler kit for 1/200 and 1/144 models? I was also looking for the 737 engines with Reverse thrust on? Do you make them also? Thanks Rick
  5. I am looking for the after market engines in reverse thruse and flaps and slats for my 1-200 and 1-144 models? I thought a while back I had see some, want to make the P-3, my old C-40, and the Wedgetail ( now sitting here at Nellis..). Any idea who still makes them? Thanks Rick Fly Navy...
  6. A Looks like a great kit, I have not seen it in the past. What does it usual cost $...?
  7. Oh that stinks. That has some amazing art and models.
  8. Hi can anyone tell me what happened to the "What If" threads? I am always making up my own what if models. Just did a C-9 for the Blue Angels. But I put What if in search and it has zero coming back. Thanks and Happy New Year Rick
  9. The work you amazing at protist do is the best. I am making What if models, doing a C-9 Blue Angels now, no they never had one. May follow up with a C-40 Blues and a C-40 TBirds. Just have to find the decals from the airliner kits for them. Thanks for putting this up. Rick Fly Navy.
  10. Thank you. I will go look for it right now. Thanks Rick
  11. Hi Everyone, it's Rick from really hot Las Vegas. Does anyone know what happened to the old Topic called What If? I loved that one. I am always making models that are a WHAT IF,. if someone can show me if this is still up and running let me know. Thanks Rick FLY NAVY!
  12. Great thank you and these sites are great. Rick
  13. Hi everyone I am about to start up a P-8 but wondered what "gray" I need to use. I know there are some after market goodies and decals from Draw Decals. Any good places for photos of this new bird? Thanks Rick
  14. Hi everyone I am about to start up a P-8 but wondered what "gray" I need to use. I know there are some after market goodies and decals from Draw Decals.
  15. http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/WrenProductions/media/LVMPDSARHuey1AirRVR2013_zps2c9d5542.jpg.html#/user/WrenProductions/media/LVMPDSARHuey1AirRVR2013_zps2c9d5542.jpg.html?&_suid=136477611865909162823337296464 I have been working with the Las Vegas Metro Police on a new project, so I get to take some great photos. This was one I had taken at the 2012 Baloon Fest, its the SAR Huey they got years ago from the USAF. Nice bird, more photos to follow...
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