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  1. Yes, we know. Some of us care, some don't.
  2. Sorry Jake, Photobucket killed your post... Time to move your pics elsewhere?
  3. Indeed, decals arrived today. And they look very good now. Thank you!!!
  4. G.W.H F-15C is very good, but not without problems, like flatened windshield and canopy and too thick trailing edges of control surfaces. Hasegawa is better in those areas, but much less detailed overall.
  5. I have four ADF tail bases: PWMP, Italian Kits, Revell and Kinetic. And actually the Revell one is most accurate in shape of the ADF bulge, but needs to be rescribed to match the Hasegawa kit. The bulge on Kinetic part is not bad, but the base itself is too wide (Kinetic made their F-16A tail bases as wide as F-16C base, what is wrong). PWMP and IK both have issues with the shape of the bulge (one is too thin, the other too bulky - I don't remember which is which...).
  6. I don't want to post another photo, but in case anyone wonders about the quality of the decal itself (apart from the color issue) looking at my photo above, I can assure you that it is very good. After a couple of hours the decal has settled very nicely and smooth - all the rough edges visible in the photo have now disappeared, without any need for setting solutions.
  7. At that point in discussion Mark addressed my observations by accusing me of posting "outlandish claims and no proof". Very "gentlemanish" of him. That was just my response to that. Now he changed a tone and so did I.
  8. It's beating a dead horse now, but just to end the discussion and give Mark a chance to solve the issue: A strip of styrene painted with Vallejo FS36170 paint, placed on top of a FS36170 color chip, with a small piece of RAM decal applied on top of it. On the left you can see where the piece came from. I apologize for the poor decal application - it was just a quick job with water only and no setting solutions, as the paint was very fresh. I didn't want to use the whole decal, to preserve the shape outline.
  9. Of course it would be the best test if it was the same product. The 1/72 sheet was produced earlier, for a different kit. It was just a different product. And clearly it was printed in a correct color, as illustrated in Mark's photo. But the 1/48 sheet is different. I know that the color can look different on a decal sheet, but the way I checked it has proven quite clearly that the printed decal is not FS 36231, as it was supposed to be. Printer's mistake probably...
  10. And this is the post you should have begun with.
  11. No proof? ROTFL... Have you actually seen all the photos I posted in the other thread or is it too much effort for you?
  12. I don't care what the 1/72 decal looks like on your model. Please show us the 1/72 decal next to the 1/48 decal, then we will have something to discuss. I'm sure they are printed in a completely different color. And don't blame the blue background - my photos clearly show that it is not a factor in the slightest. And I believe that IT IS YOU who should test the decal on the plastic, not us. You do realize that to "apply them to a correctly painted test strip of plastic" I have to ruin the decal and would not be able to use it on the kit even if you are correct (and I'm sure you are wrong), do
  13. It's neither 36251 nor 26231. It is close to 36118 indeed = MUCH too dark, much darker than the 36170 the rest of the aircraft is painted.
  14. Indeed, it is very close to 36118. Either the printer screwed up or the Wolfpak, but in either case Wolfpak should have caught the mistake and never send the decals to us... And yes, I agree that they are unusable. You would have to paint the model black to have decent contrast with these decals (interesting "what if" idea, by the way...)
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