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  1. Thanks everybody, very happy that you like it :)
  2. some detail photos: I tried to recreate known photos of this plane in B/W:
  3. Here's another of my Yugoslav projects - Spitfire of "B" flight 94th Sqn RAF, flown by cpt. Zivota Boskovic (Bu Amud airfield, Libya, summer 1944): There's Eduard zoom PE in the cockpit, with some scratchbuilding, paintwork (paintbrush, of course :)) is done with Humbrol enamels and some Vallejo acrylics, fading and weathering with pigments... There are some mistakes (both mine and Italeri's ) that don't make this model competitional, but all in all I'm very satisfied with the end result. Scratched red on the spinner is already corrected, if you wonder ;)
  4. Glad you like it :) Yugoslav squadrons later moved to Canne in Italy, and further to the island of Vis, from where they participated in attacks over Yugoslavia in help of partisans. Didn't mask it - actually the whole model was paintbrushed, this part with 10/0 point brush, freehand.
  5. Another Yugoslav project finished... This is Revell's Hurribomber, as it was flying in 351st (Yug) Squadron RAF - Benina, Libya, summer of 1944... Although usually I'm not attaching underwing armament, this time I've prepared 250lb bombs, since this plane was used in ground-support role. Bombs are waiting another layer of dark green, to be done these days... It's yours to comment :)
  6. @RKic: you're somehow right, rigging might be delicate, but it never annoyed me - actually, I enjoy it and every time hardly wait to come to that stage. One more reason - this stage means that I'm closing to the finish of the build... Again, thank you all for nice comments
  7. Thanks for commenting! These are not exaust stains, though, but from Castor oil... And these could be even worse and more dense, according to contemporary pictures...
  8. Your shading of this otherwise dull colour made it look really nice! I have that Revell kit, but Italeri is ages ahead...
  9. Here it is finished, and you could see its progress in the in-progress dept: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=244547 And in comparison to my reference object: It's yours to comment! :)
  10. Approaching the finish line... Rigging is done with elastane, added small bits&pieces, and now I have only to arm it, link the control cables and attach the propeller...
  11. Only recently I managed to mount all the small details which go between the wings and to "put it under the roof":
  12. Second from my pair of Thunderjets (first could be seen at http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=245919) wasn't lucky... While taking pictures of the finished model, the mirror I'm using for light dispersion accidentaly focused onto the right wing, and partially melted it and a landing gear below it in a matter of seconds... It was paintbrushed using different shades of Model Master metalizers, decals are again mix of "Lift Here" and "Balkan Models". Seat belts are made of Tamiya tape and navigation lights of epoxy... Accident to the side, I'm very happy with the
  13. Some of the most interesting camouflages, and you did it quite right!
  14. Hello all, here's my latest model, first finished of dual build - HB's Thunderjet in Yugoslav markings. It was relatively quick build, the only problem were missed Humbrol paint shades (one thing in the FS, the other in the can). Although I've heard about this problem, it happened to me for the first time Anyway, it was paintbrushed and weathered using dry pigments. Decals are combination of "Lift Here" numbers and "Balkan Models" roundels and flags. The only addition to the OOB build are tamiya seat belts and 2-component epoxy for navigation lights. Reservoirs are Model Master aluminiu
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