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  1. You are off to another great start,Greg! The crew and the 'pit are looking great......I'm looking forwards to seeing how you tackle the mighty Hasecat! -Dave
  2. This is really an excellent article,Aaron. Well done! -Dave
  3. Awesome job on that Valkyrie! I like the gray tone you used. I guess I can forgive you using my favorite pilot's name on the wrong plane! :blink: -( Just kidding,but there's a reason my online name is "Maxtype"! ) Nicely done all around.You owe it to yourself to pick up the original Macross and watch it-still a true classic of mecha anime!
  4. Joel,I have the Softtop Diamond T I bought a couple years ago through Great Models.Beautiful kit,but the 2nd most I've ever spent! Very Expensive!
  5. Guys,you have GOT to check the reviews of Voyager and Enterprise on SF Debris .Laugh out loud,make you cry funny skewering of the shortcomings of both programs.Some adult language here. -Dave
  6. You are doing your usual bang-up job,Jon. I'd of voted for this scheme myself. -Dave
  7. The thing I'm worried about is I heard Caprica is going to be "The OC in the BSG universe". Lawyers and love affairs junk. Vipers! I want Vipers! :) -Dave
  8. Roger that. I'm going to call her an F-16H. Thanks! -Dave
  9. Awesome job on both,Greg! The Tiger and Kubelwagon have a very 'lived-in' vibe, and the Hanomag dio is quite action packed. Lets see some more! -Dave
  10. Yes! That sounds like just what I need. Now if we can get them to do a 1/350 Reliant........
  11. Your kids are adorable! And please congratulate your daughter,she did a great job! -Dave
  12. Call it a tie between Classic Trek,the Classic Star Wars Trilogy,and the anime Super Dimensional Fortress Macross! I also love Aliens,BSG,Babylon 5, and Space:Above and Beyond.
  13. Classic Cake-welcome to modeling and to ARC! I agree about starting with Tamiya 1/48 prop-planes. I would recommend the 1/48 F4U-1D.The beautiful Corsair.Very nice kit,easy paint scheme. I also recommend ordering it from Sprue Brothers. Good luck! -Dave
  14. She is lookin' incredible,Greg! Glad to see you got past the warpasaurus issues. As always,I'm very impressed with the effects you achieve with your pre-shading. Cheers -Dave
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