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  1. Too late, but I always liked the Eglin ADTC test jets — especially as these sometimes carried groovy test ECM pods etc. Tony
  2. Almost makes me want to suffer a Hobby boss kit. If it makes it to 1/72 that would be great. Tony
  3. Probably just on the upper sides. Tony
  4. Cross Delta do them in 1/32... confusingly they do three styles... http://img.luckymodel.com/default.aspx?item_no=CX-CD32003 And another set are included in the Tamiya 1/32 F-4EJ release, if you go to a site where all the parts are on view. Maybe too subtle to worry about in 1/48 scale. HTH Tony
  5. They were upper only in the 1970s. Around 1983 or so the stabilator centreline rib and attach bulkheads were reworked and under TCTO 1F-4-1348 a stabilator lower reinforcing doupler was added (slightly different shape to the upper ones). Most F-4s had both or lower only from then on. Somebody (can't remember who) makes sticky peel off metal foil reinforcing plates for upper and lower stabs. HTH Tony
  6. An effective tool at picking up stealthy cruise missiles endangering the fleet. Surprised there's nothing to protect it during cats and traps, but maybe it just needs a regular buffing. Tony
  7. Yes it is, but the tail cones could vary Tony
  8. ditto. Cheers for these Kursad
  9. I hope Baris Tansoy recovers fully, soon. The CAD for the 1/32 Su-33 Sea Flanker looked utterly exquisite. And a modern tool 1/48 Buccaneer S.2 is much wanted. I'm in for a brace, Tony
  10. AFAIK they're based on the already accurate but weak ICM kit parts. I asked if wheel locating pins could be added to replace the silly cones on the kit legs, but the parts are otherwise likely to have the same gait as the kit ones. If anyone has an issue with that they ought to drop a line to Aerocraft requesting a heavier loaded look. Tony
  11. Aerocraft have them in the works. Their brass-bronze legs are simply great. The images at the top of this page look suspiciously like SAC cr@p, especially as the link takes you that awful stuff. Tony
  12. Yes, XMM. I bought two sets and they're great. Ali's indicated an interest in releasing these this Spring. You'll need to wait till it comes up on the Aerocraft site. Tony
  13. Totally agree. ICM have revised the RBT moulds with the chunkier single nose Doppler bulge, as introduced on the Revell boxing. The RB boxing has both nose types, the original being transferred to a new little sprue with RB-specific intake and dragchute door parts. The RBF boxing has a revised nose for that variant, and the BM SEAD variant ditto. Specifically for the ICM Foxbats, UMM make scale size inlets and fan fronts (cf the ICM trompe l'oeil undersize fans), ResKit some stonking exhausts (short PD/PDS interceptor and long RB— recce types) and Aerocraft will be releasing bronze legs. But the ICM series is very good OOB. The only improvement I can think of would be a proper interior camera tray with sensors on the RBT (which Kitty Hawk have done on theirs, IIRC) Tony
  14. I've been building kits since 1965 and certain ones stand out as needing metal replacements, of a quality type such as Aeroclub, Aerocraft, Brassin & G-Factor, The Monogram 1/48 F-105 used to do a hula dance every time I came into the room, until it failed — I started buying hard, solid, properly cast gear when I got the 1/32 Trumpeter F-105G seventeen years ago and buy them for all larger scale kits if the U/C is splayed (e.g. Bf109, Spitfire), stalky (F-105, Fw 190) or cantilever (Meteor, F/A-18) or a combination (F-8). But SAC castings, by comparison, are utterly unfit for purpose. Tony
  15. The SAC soft & cr@pp¥ stuff really is awful, and completely useless in 1/32, or 1/48 cantilever or splayed u/c legs. I have bought a lot. I would rate Aerocraft, G-Factor and Brassin as worth buying. How much have I bought? Legs for 3 x Bf 109Gs, one Fw 190, two Meteors, one F-8J, two Spitfires, one I-16, one Eurofighter all in 1/32 and worth every penny. The SAC stuff, by comparison, is pure crap and not even heavy enough to relegate as a nose weight. Don't waste your money. How SAC have survived this long bewilders me. I'm guessing people just buy and stash, and don't realise it's inferior to the kit parts. Tony
  16. Cave: SAC stand for Soft & Cr@pp¥ The ones to use are Aerocraft, Eduard and G-Factor bronze, if they're available. Or Trumpeter steel if they're included in the kit. SAC use some kind of soldering wire mouldings packaged with a bubble so that you can't tell how Soft & Cr@pp¥ they really are. Tony
  17. Realise I need a weapons bay. Tony
  18. So it comes with the recce pallet for an RF-111C then, with camera apertures etc? Can't see those parts myself, just the Pave Tack bay doors part. Quite fancy an early FB-111A from the G kit myself. Loved the pigeon-toed outer drop tanks set for the 26-degree lock-out. Can you get Silver and Rubber bullets anywhere, to replace the Durandals? Tony
  19. No. Sprue <<O>> which comes with the D/F, and includes Pave Tack and the weapons bay door part with the D/F type ECS bumps, isn't included in the E versions of the kit. Tony
  20. Yes. Italeri made a big deal at Nurnberg about it being a flagship kit release this year, after a few years of teasing. Still 331 days to go before we can say it's late, though seeing some test shots this Spring would be nice. The Revell 1/48 Tornado ECR is being repopped this year. Don't know if it'll include the GR-specific sprues as well. Tony
  21. Agree wholeheartedly about Xtracolour. Drying time can be speeded up with a drop of Rustin's Terebene. Gloss is the way to go, and Halford's appliance white for a non-yellowing white. Future is best for dipping clear parts. Frankly, I miss the original formula stinky Microgloss and -flat made in the 1970s-80s. Tony
  22. Yes. Hasegawa should do this and give us some long overdue new tools into the bargain. They could upscale the whole lot. Tony
  23. Thanks, and apologies to the OP for diverting OT to 1/32, but I've got the Revell 1/32 version (with a bunch of Aires stuff) and was wondering if it had the same (albeit fixable) issues as the 1/48 version. I've really been waiting for the 1/32 Italeri GR.4 Tonka, a new tool due this year. Should really be something, even though a little large for many tastes. Thanks, Tony
  24. Great news, as I want it for the recent Hasegawa re-release. Cheers Tony
  25. So, Gentlemen, am I right in thinking the forthcoming Italeri new tool 1/32 GR.4 will be a great kit? The 1990s era 1/32 Revell Tonka isn't at all bad, but lacks intake trunking and modern finesse. I haven't been able to compare it with the quarter inch version, but might look at the nose, tail and wing sweep of the biggie now that issues have been raised in the medium sized edition. Cheers Tony
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