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  1. Sot today I scrachbuilt the FRIES release handle using some leftover PE and some evergreen stock. Pretty cool I think. Tim
  2. Looks like Floyd in the front seat!!! Tim
  3. Another one. It doesn't say anything about Prime Chance. Tim
  4. Here's a new pic of an early TF-160 (pic labeled 1986-87) AH-6. Not sure what model though. I'm sure you guys know. Tim
  5. I'm sure Floyd Werner will love that! He might even want to buy it!!! Lol Tim
  6. I finished up the right side cabin sidewall tonight. Also, I did a little more work on the cabin roof. I like the way it's turned out except for the left cabin light. I'll have to fix that tomorrow night. Tim
  7. Armor-alled tires? Really??? I guess the US doesn't want international customers to have the UES. Tim
  8. Gino, no. Those panels were made for a set "to come out very soon" wink wink. Maybe those earlier panels can work. I have a few sets of those, but never tried to see if they fit. Tim
  9. A little bit of work on the floor armor tonight followed up by laying down some Africa dust where the crew chief's boots would have been while sitting. Tim
  10. How did gluing the crew chief walks to the fuselage sides work out? Did you glue the smaller rear walls to the fuselage too? What size wiring did you use for: M/R? T/R? Landing gear brake lines? Sorry for all the questions. I'm really liking your review build. She is looking great!!! You should post this as an album over on my Kitty Hawk H-60 build page over on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/315858436007414/ It would really help alot. Tim Tim
  11. Huh, they are always coming up with new lumps and bumps! Tim
  12. They oughta paint the adversary aircraft like that. I love the camo over the blue look! Tim
  13. I spray Vallejo air straight with a drop of flow improver around 20ish psi and it works fine for me. Make sure the paint bottle is shaken WELL and is not cold. Tim
  14. Trust me, you'll like it. We did alot of work on it. Tim
  15. A certain aftermarket helicopter company has an update set coming out soon for the interior of hawks, just sayin. Stay tuned!!! Tim
  16. Not much. The fuel tank will be there. I'm gonna have survival kits attached to the sides up high and water jugs below them on both sides. Just like this Tim
  17. Yeah, but not near as good as yours, Oliver! Tim
  18. Nice job so far Gino. What color did you use for the clear tubing? It looks real! Also, what color did you use for the soundproofing? Tim
  19. Good review so far. Also note that the pilot's seat supports are shown reversed on the sheet. Tim
  20. I'm not bored. I'm not even on lockdown. I make bars of soap, so yeah, my job is essential to say the least. And business is booming! (I wonder why???) I get to model late Sunday nights and that's all. Tim
  21. No, it's a standard 144. It's kind of a fuzzy pic the crew chief took of her. Tim
  22. Forget hoarding toilet paper, Oliver likes to hoard Evergreen sheet styrene. That's why we can't get any!!! 😂 Tim
  23. How bout some MH/HH-60 cockpit decals?????? Please!!!!!!! Tim
  24. Great job so far. I seem to recall a pic where the Army had 1 of these setup as a medevac. It was white with a red cross on it. Pretty cool looking actually! Tim
  25. 1/72 is too small for me. Give me a big 1/35 helicopter anyday!!! Tim
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