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  1. I wasn't aware of the Mike model color change. They all still look carc to me. I wouldn't mind seeing a mike model in the hook tan. Tim
  2. Look really really good! On a side note, why are the hooks painted with that tan color and not the carc? Tim
  3. How about a new tooled OH-58A/C in 1/35 scale??? Tim
  4. Live Resin sells the miniguns and mounts in 1/48 scale if you can find them. Tim
  5. It doesn't matter what you build, your models look so professionally done! I'm not a vehicle guy at all, but your truck cab looks amazing! Tim
  6. Wernerswings will have it for sale after the Nats I believe. I think the guy who made it is named Shane Benzminger. (Hope I didn't just butcher his last name) lol Tim
  7. Any chance you can do some 1/35 Kitty Hawk UH-60 detail sets??? Tim
  8. Oh wow, here we go again with this guy bombarding the thread with photos!!!!!! Tim
  9. Nothing short of outstanding Oliver! But then again, everything you build is awesome!!! (PS, did you leave LSP?) Tim
  10. Next in line in KH's H-60 production before they closed was the MH-60M. Hopefully they go the same way like they're doing with the UH-1B. Tim
  11. Pretty cool pic! Me personally, I think the flat glass ones look sharp! Tim
  12. I've talked to the crew chief of this bird and yes, it was a camo trial for winter ops. I was told this mission was outside the US and it did have customers on board. Their S2 had a cow when they found out this pic was released. Nuff said!!! Tim
  13. Sounds like you need to get a Kitty Hawk kit and hack at it huh??? Tim
  14. Ditto what Floyd said but also a 1/35 MH-60M 1/35 UH-60M Tim
  15. I have for sale a 1/48 AMK F-14D with the early boxtop art. The kit is still factory sealed and was signed by the owner of AMK, Sio in gold marker. Asking $100 shipping included from 41073. Will only ship to USA addresses. Thanks for looking Tim
  16. I have for sale 3 KH 1/35 H-60 kits. These kits are OOP and getting harder to find. Buyer pays for shipping from 41073. All kits are still factory sealed. All kits are being sold for $130 shipping included. Will only ship to USA addresses. KH50008- MH-60R (Listed on Ebay) KH50010-HH-60H (SOLD) KH50007-SH-60F (SOLD) Thanks for looking Tim
  17. I know they are an aluminum COLOR, but I don't remember what kind of metal they are that withstands high heat. Tim
  18. Huh, well wadda ya know. Aluminium colored firewalls. Who'd a thought! But then again, I did work on hawks for 8 years! Huh Tim
  19. The type A/C shouldn't matter. I could be dead wrong, but all the engine compartments I've worked on were all the aluminum color. So I would think the Navy birds are no different. Tim
  20. Nope, the engine bay walls are an aluminum color. No chromate anywhere. Tim
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