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  1. Thanks for the warning, i've got one in the pending pile! Antony
  2. Definitely go for the Fujimi kit Antony
  3. Can i join with a Matchbox T-2 Buckeye and Italeri T-45 Goshawk please? Antony
  4. Izzy did a great job dude, its come out really well! The Vigilante looks good finished too
  5. Hi Can i join in with one or possibly several Hawks and Goshawks? Antony
  6. Hi all I know Tim wont mind me doing this, but as Izzy seems to have developed a following, her latest effort is a 1/72 Airfix Tomcat and can be found in the Enterprise Group Build, while Tim has gone slightly mad and is building a full cockpit in a 1/144 scale Vigilante! Antony
  7. Hi all Finally finished my entry, its the Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E kit, totally out of the box, done in the colours of VF-194
  8. They look really good side by side dude (Nice deck!)
  9. Hi all Can i join with a Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E done in VF-194 colours? Cheers Antony
  10. Excellent news I'm in with a Hasegawa 1/48 F-8E and a1/48 A-7E Antony
  11. They all look great, cant wait to see what you do with the Alpha Jet and Izzys F-16!
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