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  1. Back to the serious stuff. Really great examination of the center section of the fuselage Zactoman. I am surprised to see the differences in the thickness of the AMK kit compared to the Tamiya. I am hoping that you have the engine nacelles and the shape issues in the rear on your to do list soon. We've all been expecting a lot from you and I just want you to know I appreciate all the time you're taking to do this analysis.
  2. As I noted previously (here and pic), the encabulator was replaced with the oscillation overthruster on subsequent models. I had completely forgotten about that. Just goes to show that you can't trust drawings from unknown sources. Of course I believe the oscillation overthruster came in to used on D model and the pic is an early A. So the encabulator would still be correct, just not pertinent to our discussion on the AMK F-14. Why anyone would bring up information not pertinent to the current discussion is beyond me. Oh, wait... never mind.
  3. Luckymodel is advertising the GWH 1/72 F-14A kit now and have it for preorder. Has decals for the early VF-1 scheme and includes the early style boat tail. I hope they do the same for the 1/48 version.
  4. I haven't compared the AKAN paints to MRP's. Not sure which MRP paints you are using. I have 296, 297 and 298 for use on the Su-35. AKANs set as noted above by PouK9 is the water-based set for the Russian Navy aircraft. as far as the three colors you would be using from it, they are the same as in the Air Force set, which if you want the lacquer based set is 46366 and the colors needed are 63190, 63191 and 63192. One thing to note is that the AKAN set states it is the camouflage for 2019 forward. I would ask those in the know if that is the camo used by the aircraft while they were in Syria. There is an earlier set of colors used by the Su-35 in set 46332. I think it needs clarification which colors were used in Syria. I believe the MRP colors are supposed to be the earlier colors.
  5. Amazon lists it. Probably a Far East vendor considering the estimated delivery dates... https://www.amazon.com/Gunze-Mr-Hobby-Lacquer-FS15042/dp/B07GWTDNT4 Looks like Super-Hobby has it in stock: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/C365-Gloss-Sea-Blue-FS15042-Flat.html Can also be found on eBay from various far East vendors.
  6. Could be they were obtained via a 5 finger discount off the back of a truck.
  7. I find it just amazing, and shameful, that they left you guys hanging for so long. Certainly a case of having their priorities f***ed up. I'm glad that you are finally getting your kits. On a lighter note - for the one or two following closely the important discussions regarding the Deluxe Turbo Encabulator used in the F-14. GW8345 came through for me. Unfortunately, after assembling his Interocitor, he was kidnapped by Exeter and taken to his planet Metaluna. He managed find the info there and send it to me on my Interocitor. It appears that the only difference between the Deluxe and the standard Turbo Encabulator is that the six gyro-controlled antigravic marzelvanes that are attached to the ambifacient wane shafts to prevent internal precession are chrome plated. GW8345 is on his way back to earth after stealing Exeter's spaceship but unfortunately Exeter has remotely destroyed both our Interocitor devices.
  8. I know that The48ers stocks their stuff. Not sure what set EC145 is or whether it is carried by The48ers. I was going to order a set from Renaissance once but their shipping was outrageous. For a update set for the Heller F1 they wanted over 30 Euros to ship to the US. I canceled the order and decided to wait until The48ers got it back in stock, which they did. Seems The48ers is still getting product from them. Don't know if you've dealt with Aviation Megastore either. Their shipping costs are crazy high too. I've used them, but only when they were the only place that had something I desperately wanted. Edit: I looked at the Renaissance site. Thought that EC145 was a part number, but it appears that is the aircraft designation of the model the detail set it for, and in 1/32 scale, right? A helicopter, Revell kit. In which case, The48ers will be of no help, sorry. Hopefully someone can answer your question about the quality of the clear parts. If you decide you want the set and cannot find it anywhere else, write Renaissance and inquire as to how to order and shipping costs to your address. Like I said, it won't be cheap (unless they've changed something).
  9. The48ers has one left in stock for £14.10. No minimum there.
  10. Don't let it bother you Hubbie. Usually one or the other of the thread comes to dominate the discussion. Pick one and ignore the other, or don't. Its not worth getting worked up about and with the networks we have today, there is no bandwidth wasted. Might have been true back in the days of achingly slow modems. Don't know how old you are, but my first modem was 300 baud. I watched as each letter was drawn as it was received. Even when we finally got 19200 baud, just before DSL kicked in, it still took ages to download pictures. Now I have 200Mb speeds. My, how things have changed.
  11. I have done essentially the same thing. Cut out paper masks. Used rolls of tape to distance them from the model and get soft edges when airbrushed. It would be cool if the guys making masks would come up with some way of doing the same thing but built into the mask. Come one guys, we put a man on the moon, certainly someone can come up with a peel off and place masking system for soft edges.
  12. One thing to remember is that masks, like Jim's and other companies, leave a sharp edge between colors. If you need a soft edge you will need to resort to some sort of method for lifting the edge of the mask off of the surface of the model. I use blu tack for soft edge camo, sometimes with the mask to fill in the covered areas. Most of the time, though, I just use tape with the blu tack.
  13. I think it is fair to say that some of the earlier releases by Kinetic weren't that good. They had accuracy and fit issues. Also some quality issues, such as sink marks. But one thing that can be said is that Kinetic have steadily improved their product over the years. Since taking over the actual kit pressing process, moving it in-house, their quality has jumped. I would say that any of their "Kinetic Gold" standard kits are very good. Some have stated that the quality of the new F-104 kit approaches Tamiya's. I've been working (very slowly) on one of their early pressings of the Su-33. It is a very good kit detail wise and most of it goes together fairly well, but their are some fit and quality issues such as the above mentioned sink marks. Kinetic has recent re-released the kit using their in-house presses and I hear the quality issues have been solved. One thing that has been a constant issue with Kinetic kits is their instructions. In short, they suck. They are aware they have a serious issue there and are working to improve. So, to summarize, the more recent the kit, the better the quality. If there is a specific kit you are interested in, then ask about that one specifically so that people who have built it can let you know where in the Kinetic spectrum it falls. As far as the "best Kinetic kit", that would probably have to be the new F-104 series.
  14. Your paint work on the cockpit side consoles is amazing. Even in my hayday, I couldn't do that well in 1/48 and this is 1/72. Well done Sir!
  15. One thing that I found a concern is that Jim usually has one start painting with the darkest color first. I have always tried to do the lightest color first to make paint coverage easier. I bought his masks for the 1/48 Su-33 which are for Bort red 80, which has a sharp edge camo scheme. I didn't end up using them because they we're very accurate. He told me he used drawings from a Russian modeler for Bort 81. They were close to Bort 80, but very off in some areas. On the other hand, I asked if Jim could create masks for the Japanese F-15J Volcanic scheme. A VERY wild red, dark brown and white scheme that will be a true pain to paint even with masks. He did a bag up job of those. He freely admits it won't be an easy job to paint that camo, but I don't think I would want to try it with out his masks. I will say this, Jim's masks are very high quality. He provides detailed instructions. His is a quality product.
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