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  1. Lucky Model has the Kinetic F-18c and Cf-188 kits for about $40 (which is not a bad price, they're good kits). The shipping is not too bad. I usually get them delivered in about 2 weeks to Milwaukee, WI.
  2. If I may... http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/kits/gwhls4820previewbg_1.htm
  3. 1/32 AS332L2 Super Puma Mk.ll HKGFS B-HRN

    Absolutely beautiful. I admire modelers that do helos. To me they seem to very hard to get right. You sir, have done it right.
  4. F-35A help please....

    KASL makes an resin aftermarket seat and a whole cockpit set. Eduard makes a color photoetch cockpit set. The can be found on eBay and some other retailers.
  5. Not sure exactly what you are asking, but the top photo in your post is a pre-production aircraft. There were six preproduction F-CK-1A airframes, tail numbers 1401 through 1406. I am not sure if those airframes were ever upgraded to the F-CK-1C standard. So, any decal scheme that includes those tail numbers would be a preproduction aircraft which had the side opening canopy. All production single seat aircraft have single piece canopy that hinges from the back. Hope this helps. For more info on individual airframes check here: http://www.taiwanairpower.org/af/idf.html At the bottom of the page there is a list of the A and B model airframes and photos of many of them. I am not sure how many A/Bs have actually been upgraded to C/Ds. Cheers!
  6. Hi Ed, Found and bought a couple on eBay, but thanks anyway (spent WAY too much for them, too bad you didn't get to me sooner)
  7. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    If the SRAMs were in the weapons bay, did they still have the tail end fairing installed?
  8. F-15C Stabilator Question

    For those of us that are among the uninitiated, could you please explain what "Gridlock" is?
  9. Kinetic 1/48 F/a-18C

    Wow, just amazing detail work and painting. I'm throwing in the towel. ;-)
  10. I bought the Hasegawa kit that has the decals for this aircraft but the colors are completely wrong. Nowhere even near the real thing. Hence, I am looking. Thanks! P.S. 11/20/17 Found some
  11. My 1/48 F-7PG

    Thanks! I see them. I have always thought the Pakistani F-7PG looked very fine in their grey camo. Now I can do one justice.
  12. Beautiful! I can't believe it's 1/72.