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  1. Mstor

    Gator Grip Acrylic Glue

    I've bought mine from M&M models. Good stuff. Next time you click on a e-mail link that gives you that message, right-click on the link and select "Copy Email Address". Open your e-mail program or web page and paste the address into a new e-mail address field. People that use web mail only may get the message you got. That link tries to open an e-mail client/program and start a new message. If you don't use an e-mail program (like Thunderbird or Outlook), then you get a message from the operating system (Windows maybe) asking if you want to set one up. I know, more info that you wanted to know. Sorry.
  2. Mstor


    This sounds good Raymond. Hopefully will make things easier to understand. Anything to make the process more transparent to the user. Will look for the changes.
  3. Mstor


    I think this is a very good idea. Transparency in communications will help to alleviate misunderstandings. If any of the items being ordered are at an external warehouse that will require additional time to get to the shipping location (HK) then this needs to be communicated to the buyer up front, ideally before they place the order. I have used Luckymodel frequently and have been a happy customer, but the confusion caused by these changes in the shipping process would probably upset me too. I think Dylan has made some valid observations about the definitions of the various shipping status' used. I believe they do not match the expectations of a great many of your customers. You should consider using different terms to describe the shipping status' or adding some more status' that would clarify exactly where in the process is an order. This may require changes to the ordering system software and I don't know how easy that may or may not be. But, in the end the effort would be worth it. BTW, I think most of us understand the delay caused by weekends or time differences. The later especially if one has ordered from overseas often. So, that's my two cents worth.
  4. Mstor

    JASDF F-4E Sea Camo colours

    If someone wants one of Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4EJ Kai Sea Camouflage kits, there's one on eBay going for the low, low price of $454.88. Free shipping from Japan. What a deal!
  5. Mstor

    Difference between the F-15C&E horizontal stab

    haneto was talking about the windshield/canopy being too wide. Not the nose. Or did I miss something?
  6. Mstor

    JASDF F-4E Sea Camo colours

    Unfortunately, I don't do 1/72. I've got one of Hasegawa's "Sea Camouflage" F-4EJs. Also have DXM's new decal set for the blue scheme. Very nice. But, I still want someone to do either masks or decals for the waco digital scheme.
  7. Mstor

    JASDF F-4E Sea Camo colours

    I have seen a pic of one model of this bird. Here's the pic... I'm not so worried about the colors. Should be able to mix up some matches. It the masking that puts me off this one. I keep hoping someone will do a mask set for this. Or maybe decals. This is something that would be up DXM's alley. Trying to mask it by hand would put me in the loony bin. Here's another pic to tempt you...
  8. Mstor

    Difference between the F-15C&E horizontal stab

    haneto, do you plan on making windshield/canopy sets for both single and two seater F-15s? Realized I should have gotten that clarified first.
  9. Mstor

    UPWiND - new metal landing gear sets

    My dad used to have a set of pewter mugs (beer ). Pretty resilient metal. A lot stiffer than whatever SAC uses.
  10. Mstor

    Difference between the F-15C&E horizontal stab

    Would that apply to the F-15I also? I have that one plus a F-15J kit.
  11. Mstor

    RCAF Mossie markings

    Here's an Aviaeology set available on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aviaeology-Decals-1-72-ROYAL-CANADIAN-AIR-FORCE-MOSQUITOES-IN-FIGHTER-COMMAND-/191111195046 Plus Hannants has an Xtradecal sheet that has a couple RCAF aircraft on it: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72232
  12. Mstor

    Alclad II white primer

    I have often used Tamiya white or Gunze Mr. Surfacer white primers for white on various parts. They go on well and look good to me, so I didn't bother with any other white paint. I agree, if it looks good, why not?
  13. Mstor

    F-89J Scorpion "Pod"

    The words above the number "55" are "North Dakota" (makes sense since it is North Dakota ANG). Could it be a baggage carrier?
  14. Mstor


    No pics