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  1. some more F-35A help Please

    This is good to hear. I have one waiting. I wish KASL would do its cockpit and weapons bays for it. The weapons bays they did for the KH F-35B are very nice looking.
  2. Scooby, how do the AKAN and MRP paints compare? Are they close? I've been working on a Su-33 and the MRP light grey color is wrong. It is a warm plain Lt. grey and should be a cool Lt. blue grey (this is for the most recent Su-33 colors). The AKAN colors are much closer to the real thing (IMHO). Just wondering if you can see any problem with the MRP paints?
  3. First of my two arrived today. My other one shipped today. I can echo what other are saying. It looks beautiful. Well done GWH!
  4. Academy 1/48 MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'

    Great job. Silk purse from a sows ear.
  5. F-16C Tamiya 1/48 blue splinter

    Great job. I love the splinter schemes.
  6. Have you looked at the Tarangus/Special Hobby Viggen kits? They are pretty well done, very detailed, but pricey. There are also some inaccuracies that need fixing but Meastro makes a bunch of aftermarket for the kits to correct most of the problems. Now, back to the GWH Su-35 kit. I'm still waiting on mine. You guys are making me jealous!
  7. Aftermarket 1/48 F-4 Phantom Fuel Dump Post?

    Here's an idea for the future. As soon as you get an F-4 kit, cut off the fuel dump mast, put it in a safe place and when nearly done with the build, glue it back on and apply paint.
  8. 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Aggressor

    I like, I like! Beautiful.
  9. F-23A Black Widow II

    I am simply in awe of the level of work you are putting into this. Amazing!
  10. Oh man, the B-70. I think I was about the same age (8 or there abouts). I remember seeing pics and film and just swooning . It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. BillS, you HAVE to do a build thread on both those kits. Plus, I'm sure you could get custom decals or masks done for whatever B-36 you want to do.
  11. My HobbyEasy order is only 2 or 3 days away from me now, based on tracking. I have an order in with Hobbysearch too (just in case). I wrote them and they said it "is scheduled to be released on 23rd February". Looking forward to getting my hands on the kit. Will probably sell one of them.
  12. They are pretty cool eh? I wish I had more money and could afford them and build an addition to the house so I could build and display one or two (or three). Oh and a few years younger so I'd have the energy to tackle one of those giants. ;-)
  13. Kitty Hawk 1:48 Su-34

    Last time Kitty Hawk posted anything on Facebook about the Su-34 was last Nov. They said they were reworking the CAD to correct errors. The last time Kitty Hawk posted anything was Jan 21. Their website remains down and Cybermodeler removed all upcoming releases from Kitty Hawk from their list with the exception of a 1/32 F-5E. I don't know what is going on with them. Has anyone heard anything?
  14. 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E, Russian Air Force, 2014

    It is beautiful!. You make me want to get the Kitty Hawk kit just so I could do a pre-production bird in the eggplant scheme, which I find most attractive. Wish they were using it on the production birds.