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  1. Ok, good deal then. False alarm everyone, nothing to see, please move along...
  2. Its what shion referred to. Look at the canopy frames. Where the slide mold line intersects, there is a slight misalignment. The top part is shifted to the left (or the bottom to the right). Its especially visible at the front edge frame. Now if "Axial misalignment" is the wrong term I'm going to blame shion (). I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to terminology. I just know what I see
  3. I see now. No step, but axial misalignment. I mistook that for a step. Still going to be a pain to fix.
  4. Looks to be quite a step between the sides on that mold line over on the forward edge. What does it look like in person Terry?
  5. It is. Go to Danny's site... http://www.dacoproducts.com/ In the top frame, click on "Astra Decals", then in the left hand frame scroll down until you see "German F-104G Decals". Click on that and the central frame will display all the various scales and options available. Danny, you've got to get rid of the frame version of your website and update it to something a bit more modern. It makes linking to specific products difficult as you then lose the top and left side frames.
  6. Oh man, I forgot about your set. Problem is, if I buy it, I will have to buy more 104 kits. I need to win the lottery.
  7. +1 on Marineflieger markings. In 1/48 too. There is very little in the way of Tornado markings except for GR.1s and GR.4s.
  8. Thanks for the info. Guess I'll go wander the makeup section at the store, see what I can find. Should be fun
  9. Jannisary, is that a makeup kit you're using to weather parts?
  10. 30% is just too good to pass up. If I had more discretionary funds this month I would have bought more, but got some good stuff from Daco coming. Thanks Danny, and happy 30th!
  11. An early A kit can have any other decals they want, as long as they give me early VF-1 decals. That fit properly.
  12. Here in the US, Victory Models has them for preorder. $69.95 but you get free shipping at that price (anything over $25). Victory Models is a highly respected vendor.
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