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  1. Mstor

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  2. Mstor

    Enamel Paint Cleaner

    What kind of enamel are you using that isn't effected by either enamel or lacquer thinners? I have always used lacquer thinners to clean out enamels and lacquers from my airbrush and it has always worked fine. I use the plain old hardware store cheap lacquer. If you are trying to use something like Tamiya or Mr Color lacquer thinners you may have problems as they are much milder versions of lacquer thinner. Hardware store lacquer thinner is hotter and should dissolve just about anything short of dried on epoxy enamels.
  3. Mstor

    How would you rate the 1/48 scale Phantom kits

    One more - if you want to do an F-4EJ Kai then, unless you can find the oop Wolfpack conversion set, Hasegawa is your only choice.
  4. Mstor

    LF Enamel Paint

    Yea, I couldn't find anyplace that had any Model Master Voodoo Grey left. BTW, have you ordered from that Sirrixmarket site before? It looks kinda shady to me. Reminds me of another supposed Canadian based webstore, selling all sorts of stuff, including aftermarket model stuff for dirt cheap prices. They're called Buysend and they are a complete scam. Luckily I got my money back from the credit card company.
  5. Mstor

    LF Enamel Paint

    Truenorth paints makes it. I haven't tried their paints yet. They are enamels, I believe similar to Testors Model Master enamels. I think I will try their Voodoo grey as I will need it too. https://www.truenorthpaints.com/paintshop/gloss-canadian-voodoo-grey Evidently Alclad has Voodoo Grey in their new Mil Spec enamel range too, but I don't know of any US vendors carrying that line.
  6. Mstor

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    For those that know what they are doing, with those sprues one could build a "B" version from an "A" kit or, I guess, convert an "A" to a "D" version, if you have an "A" kit and didn't want to spend the money for the full "D" kit.
  7. Here ya go. All you ever wanted to know about Hasegawa F-4 (and other aircraft) kits but were afraid (yea, not likely) to ask... http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm
  8. That's a mouthful 😲 Thanks!
  9. The resin they are printed with seems to be pretty tough. I wouldn't want to man-handle them, but I think they will stand up to careful handling just fine. Now painting them is another story. since the actuator rods, or whatever they are called, are molded onto the exhausts, it will make painting different areas in different shades a bit of a challenge. Maybe we can get Lawrence (the owner) to explain how he painted the ones he has displayed on his website. They look very nice.
  10. Mstor

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    I just love watching your builds. I feel like I am learning how to make models all over again. Just wonderful. Thanks Gabor!
  11. Mstor

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    My, you are well set. Definitely give MRP a try. I think you'll like it. Shake it well as the pigments tend to settle out and needs a good long shaking to get mixed. Also make sure your surface is smooth and without scratches. The paint is so thin that surface blemishes will show through. The just pour some in your airbrush and lay it down. It dries almost instantly (unless you lay it down wet) so you can lay down multiple coat rapidly. The result is a beautiful semigloss coating that is very thin and as smooth as the surface it is sprayed on. I love it.
  12. Mstor

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    MRP need no thinning. Pour and spray. Clean up with cheap hardware store lacquer thinner. If for some reason you really wanted to thin MRP paints, Mr Color Leveling thinner would work fine.
  13. Those links worked. The only Harrier I can see door/ panel numbers on is the lower one on the last pic posted. If you zoom in you can see them as blurry spots on the various doors and access panels. The airframe above it doesn't appear to have any though.
  14. Mstor

    GWH S4804 F-15C MSIP II Paint Colors

    Got this. MRP 93 and 94 on this page and in stock at Hobbyworld (only US distributor) http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1524&controller=category
  15. Thanks Darren, but I already found a set (Lucky Model) and they are bought and payed for. Perhaps someone else could use them? Hopefully one of the other sets I have will have some matching size numbers to replace those on the front fuselage stripes. 106 had the later gun vents and my kit already has the early vents installed. I'll figure it out