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  1. One of the axioms of any work space. Clutter will expand to fill all available space. This is regardless of how much space you have.
  2. Oh, I agree with you, its an incredible build and the colors are beautiful. Just wondering about the reason for the different colors. Artistic license or something he saw an an actual airframe?
  3. Nice Vark. Too bad about the windscreen. Otherwise real well done.
  4. Beautiful S-3. Amazing detail and painting. I love the scheme you've chosen. Well done Sir!
  5. Looking good. Interesting, your work area looks almost as cluttered as mine. Makes me feel good knowing that I'm not the only one with stuff all over the place.
  6. Well, will wonders never cease? That is really something. I am considering getting one, but after looking, finding one that will fit our old, cheap toilets and is available is turning out to be difficult. Anyway, thanks for the info Steve. I am impressed.
  7. I'm so jealous. I wish we had room in our bathrooms. Unfortunately , we live in a pretty small condo. No room in the bathrooms. Oh well, will just have to use TP like the rest of us under-privileged folk.
  8. Whatever he does that I have a kit or kits of, I'll be buying these. So far, his pricing has been very reasonable, but I think that as soon as he figures out how popular these are going to be, the prices will go up. I'll be getting the Mig-29 set as soon as he releases it.
  9. Works fine for me. Here's a site I find useful for checking if a site is really down or if it is just a problem on my end. https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/#
  10. Agree 100%. What I was trying to say is that it isn't a religious practice, it is a practice of necessity. When you don't have anything to wipe your butt with, you come up with different solutions. As nasty as it may seem, this one has been used throughout the ages. Along with leaves, corn cobs, sponges, etc.
  11. I used to enjoy my beer. That or a nice Jack and Coke, but with the meds I'm on, no drinking. Haven't had a drink in over ten years. I really miss it now. Could use something to settle the nerves.
  12. Its not a Muslim practice. It has been done by many peoples before the widespread use of TP. The videos posted in one of the other threads here about what British Knights ate indicated they followed the same practice. Eat with the right hand, wipe with the left. I've always imagined that one's left hand would always smell rather nasty.
  13. Yep, that's my state, Wisconsin. Drink enough beer and brandy (our favorite liquor) and you'll be making up ideas just as stupid as this one.
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