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  1. Same here. I can't stand the Tapatalk forum software. Its archaic, counter-intuitive and just plain ugly. My visits to the HS forums have been tapering off. Now go there once or twice a week, where before it was just about every day.
  2. I amazed that, with all the corrections requiring massive changes, why he didn't just build it from scratch. I don't think there's a part on the kit that he didn't completely redo.
  3. You have to see this guys work. Amazing, in my book. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235055317-c-17a-globemaster-iii-anigrand-172/
  4. Mstor

    Buying Hasegawa parts sprues

    The USPS and I believe Britain's Royal Mail no longer sell International Reply Coupons. USPS stopped in 2013, Royal Mail in 2011.
  5. Mstor

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    I would contact them. Lawrence, the owner and guy that does all the printing, is a stand up guy.
  6. Mstor

    Why do builds stall?

    Mine too, but in a different way. I am done with painting, decaling and washes. I am ready to put on a semi-matt coating, but I am sure I am forgetting something (I ALWAYS forget something). iI'm sure its something that I won't be able to correct once the dull coat is on. So I sit here trying to think my way through all the various sup-assemblies, different steps, small parts that will go on later and try to figure out if I am ready for the dull (semi-matt) coat. But, my brain won't work!! So, the model sits there staring at me with an impatient look, like it is saying "get on with it you twit!" And, I slowing lose my will to continue. I'll eventually get off my duff and just do it, some day, hopefully soon...
  7. I don't know. I seen a lot of insane prices posted eBay. There is one guy, I think from Japan, that posts quite a number of auctions that are all around 200% to 300% of the MSP. How he expects to sell when the same product is available at much cheaper prices right there on eBay. What can one say, eBay is a crazy world
  8. Mstor

    ESCI 1/48 MiG-23S

    Eduard makes a photoetch exhaust nozzle set for the ESCI/Italeri Mig-23. Granted, probably not as nice or convenient as a resin one, but barring being able to use a resin set for the Trumpeter kit, it is an option. Here's some info on the set. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-48546-mig-23-flogger-exhaust--117527 Also, as noted by A.C.Acikgoz, it is included in the BigEd set for the Italeri kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-big4880-mig-23-flogger--115533
  9. Mstor

    Su-33 paint schemes

    Thanks Zactoman! I just noticed that I missed the wing leading edge nubs being flattened on Bort 80. Fortunately, that is something that is easy to fix. Mark
  10. Mstor

    About e-books and our hobby

    Those are valid concerns. I think maybe these ideas are a bit ahead of current technology and software tools, but things like storage density continue to increase and the costs continue to decline. Soon, concerns about storing 200Mb photo files may be a distant memory. I started in computers when the top of the line home computer was an 8 bit processor Atari, Apple or Commodore. My first computer had 16K memory and programs were loaded from a cassette player. My first modem was 300 baud and I had to write an 80 character per line terminal emulator so I could log onto the local university's Unix system and connect to Usenet. Within a few years I was connecting to the Internet at megabit speeds. I think today's restrictions will not last. But, when it comes to computers, I have always tried to imagine the next steps.
  11. Mstor

    Su-33 paint schemes

    That's one I found too. If you want to do Bort 80, this has the photos you need.
  12. Mstor

    Su-33 paint schemes

    Thanks for clarifying that. I had it done already. Plus, part of that "stripe" is bare metal under where the boarding ladder attaches (looks like you got that). As far as the bare metal panel, I went back through my photos and darned if they all showed the bare metal area. It is difficult to see on some photos and maybe that confused me. One thing you missed though. There is a thin grey strip on the leading edges of the canards.
  13. Mstor

    Su-33 paint schemes

    Wow, these are great! I only wish they had been available earlier. I am nearing the end of my build of Bort 80. Yes, I got the bare metal panels on the lower left fuselage . I had to double check a bunch of photos as that feature is not present on all Su-33s. I used Begemot's decals. Though good, the stencil data is not always correct for the Su-33 (remember, it is a set for the Su-27 family). Many of the stencils are oversized. Still, they are the best available. Your pics would have really helped me when doing the masking for the camo. None of the masking sets available came close to Bort 80's scheme, even though a couple of them were supposed to me taken from Bort 80. Question, where is this "thin grey edge stripe" that you say is under the cockpit? I can't figure out what you are referring too. In any case, thanks for these. Others doing the Su-33 will benefit immensely from these illustrations. Mark
  14. Liar! That's a 1/32 scale model. 1/48 at least. Seriously, its just beautiful. It really is hard to believe its 1/72 scale