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  1. Tamiya X-15 is almost a perfect match. Unfortunately, my family line has never standardized its integument shades, so its usually a mix-my-own situation.
  2. I have turned a very bright green in envy. Have always wanted to have my own racks of paints. Sigh...
  3. Except that the panels on the F-2s are actually a very light grey color.
  4. It simply means that the replies below that line are ones you haven't viewed yet. The forum keeps track of when was the last time you viewed that thread. Any replies added after that date/time are considered new "unread replies".
  5. I never order without tracking. Its not a guarantee that the order will get to you, but it gives you some proof that the order never made it to you and it is then in the sellers court to make it right. Most sellers will either refund or, if possible, send you a new item.
  6. Here in the US, I get this kind of stuff at Model Paint Solutions. All sorts of goodies... https://modelpaintsol.com/model-painting/bottles
  7. This. Did you actually thin the pain IN the bottle, i.e. add thinner INTO the bottle? If so, this could cause your problem. It is essentially the same as returning thinned paint back into the bottle. If this is not what you did, then I have miss construed what you wrote and you can ignore this post.
  8. You didn't by chance add any thinned paint back into the jar? That can often upset the balance of the components necessary to maintain the pigments in suspension, or something like that. Suffice it say it will mess the paint up.
  9. My understanding is that things have improved in the last few months. Back in May I placed an order with Quinta Models and it took almost two months to get to me.
  10. XMM has them in stock. XMM is in Russia, so shipping may take a long time. https://xmold-modeling.com/products-page/scale1-48/f-4efg-phantom-ii-seamless-profiled-intakes-for-hasegawa-kit/
  11. Glues like Tamiya Extra Thin melt the plastic and in essence weld the two pieces together. I makes for a strong bond and I have used markiii's suggestion before too. That said, to be really sure it won't break again, use the metal pin method.
  12. I had seen these in pics before but never knew who built them. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info. Oh well. It is a handsome looking Thud, sigh...
  14. I really like this 105. Does anyone do decals for it in 1/48th?
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