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  1. The AMK F-4B is unbuildable. Think about it. P.S. I'm back, kinda.
  2. As noted earlier in the thread, Vent-works.com makes metal window insert vents of various sizes for both regular and vertically opening windows - https://vent-works.com/products/6-inch-window-vent. Years ago I made my own out of plywood, but if these had been available I would have snatched one up. My current set up, in my basement, vents to a dryer outlet set in a glass brick. I had the glass bricks installed in the basement window along with the vent. Looks real professional and works just fine.
  3. I purchased one of his F-16 ACES seat back in 2018. Had no problems. The e-mail contained Mike's phone number. Has anyone tried calling him?
  4. Ahhhh, yes. Says 16:9 up at the top but down where the details are listed it states 21:9. I always had a dual monitor set up when I worked at home. Could have used a third one but my video card only supported two (was quite a few years ago). Back to Kindle. I have one of the simple e-reader versions. I didn't think I'd like it, always preferred real books, but boy, was I converted fast. Books are cheaper, easy to read. The reader is easy to carry. I also have a Samsung Android tablet that has the reader installed, but I haven't tried using it. Thought it would be better
  5. Nice! 16:9, great for watching movies too .
  6. That's one L O N G monitor. What size is it?
  7. Considering the amount of fading international containers experience, I think you could get away with starting with a yellow and adding white until it looked right.
  8. New exhausts are pretty much required. The kit ones are terrible. KA Models makes a set that fits GWH F-15s. They're the best as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I would agree. I doubt that is an RLM color. I don't even think the RLM system is used anymore as it was created by Germany during WWII and has been superseded by the RAL system. It is also quite possible that MSC has their own custom color that they use, though large multi-national corporations are more likely to use a system like RAL which is available all over the world.
  10. Tamiya X-15 is almost a perfect match. Unfortunately, my family line has never standardized its integument shades, so its usually a mix-my-own situation.
  11. I have turned a very bright green in envy. Have always wanted to have my own racks of paints. Sigh...
  12. Except that the panels on the F-2s are actually a very light grey color.
  13. It simply means that the replies below that line are ones you haven't viewed yet. The forum keeps track of when was the last time you viewed that thread. Any replies added after that date/time are considered new "unread replies".
  14. I never order without tracking. Its not a guarantee that the order will get to you, but it gives you some proof that the order never made it to you and it is then in the sellers court to make it right. Most sellers will either refund or, if possible, send you a new item.
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