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  1. Jim, thanks for all that info and pics. I am a little confused about what I am looking at in the pic of the D-Mold intakes. I see a red mark on the intake trunk, but don't see a dashed line. Am I missing something? I don't suppose you've tried using the D-Mold intakes on a Hobby Boss kit.
  2. But, but, Zactoman is only going back to 2017. How is it going to then get back to 2015? Sleepy, what do you know that you're not telling us? Do you have some side deal with the aforementioned aliens? Fess up!
  3. I think I will probably not even try to fix everything wrong with the HB kit. It would be a bit (far) beyond my skill level. It'll probably be a while before I get to the kit, so maybe someone will do an accurate TP II intake set (I know, I won't get my hopes up). I'll just do the best I can and call it a day.
  4. Has the serial number on the tail been oversprayed? If so, on purpose or?
  5. I think he must be thinking of converting a Hobby Boss D/E to an F and using the F exhausts for the Academy version. Reskit doesn't make an F version exhaust for Hobby Boss kits since Hobby Boss doesn't make an F kit.
  6. I hope you're right and they make the set a "varied" nozzle set like Aires does for the F-14A kits, but I have the sneaky suspicion that they aren't and are just making the open pedal set. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  7. Yea, that is a shame. If I ever do another 104 (I have a Hasegawa G waiting to be done as a Marineflieger bird) it would be one of the colorful JASDF ones.
  8. When I used to use it as a gloss coat before decals and pin washes, yes. Airbrushed it straight out of the bottle. I only use it to dip canopies now and I use other products that I feel perform better for the clear coat. I have heard of people brushing Klear on models for a gloss coat. It is self leveling, so if brush strokes are kept to a minimum it would probably work OK.
  9. Mstor

    New look of F-35?

    This was discussed many months ago, not new news. There are still many F-35s with the old tape. I kinda like it, makes it visually interesting. I have Galaxy's masking set for the Meng kit that I'll use if I ever get around to the kit. It covers most, if not all, the taped areas.
  10. Thanks again. I had forgot about F111.net. Those are good photos, if a little small. Looks like the A/B/C/D/E Nozzles are the ones to get for the FB-111A. Now if they would just make a set with an open and closed nozzle as Aigore pointed out and noted on the F111.net site.
  11. Thanks Solo, that's what I thought but wanted to be sure. I found it hard to find good photos of the FB-111 exhausts, but I could find looks essentially the same as the A through E. So, I plan on getting these exhausts when I have some money (always its the money that's an issue) along with their Jaguar exhaust for the KH kit.
  12. The wheel sets I've gotten from they are very well done. If these are the same quality, they should be quite good. Of course, we won't know until someone gets a set and does a review of sorts.
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