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  1. I too use FireFox but use uBlock Origin for ad blocking (used adblock plus before that but my old lady says uBlock is better and she knows her stuff having been a self employed computer tech for years). Not only are ads annoying but they are frequently a vector for all sorts of malware. Some sites will complain, some won't let you use their site unless you disable ad blocking. Unless absolutely necessary, I avoid those sites.
  2. There also appears to be a difference in the size. The ResKit bomb appears to be larger in diameter and maybe in length, though that is difficult to determine as the parts are still attached to their casting blocks and not assembled. Would be interesting to know which is closer to the actual dimensions, and that takes us back full circle to the issue of dimensions and plans of ordnance being hard to find.
  3. If you are using soap and water to clean, make sure you rinse away all remnants of any soap, else it will interfere with paint adhesion. Shurtape is a brand and they make many types of tape, so I'm not sure what you're actually using. I stick to Tamiya's family of tape or some of the other Kabuki types from Gunze and other distributors. It has very low tack making it ideal for masking over painted areas. Mr Surfacer 1000 makes a great primer. Needs to be thinned significantly. Usually more than 50/50. Judge by consistency not ratios. Should be skim milk consistency or even a little thinner. Lays down as smooth as a baby's butt .
  4. Not only too curved, but too small in both height and length.
  5. The pilots looks like "I'm ready, let's get this going!". The back seater looks like, "Coffee, I need coffee, please, some coffee".
  6. According to Lucky Models most recent flyer (color highlighting mine): "The airmail postal services of some countries, such as Japan, Korea, UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand etc. are still suspended. We will keep the parcels in our warehouse and send them out as soon as the services are resumed. Meanwhile, you could select surfacemail, in which the HK Post is improving the transit time of surfacemail. Or, to change to Speedpost or DHL Express (email us to get the best quote)." So to answer your question, I would say no. Still no airmail from HK to the US.
  7. Yes, looks like its in stock. Its interesting, but I think I'll wait for a GWH single seater.
  8. The vertical stabs look just like the early Su-33 moldings from Kinetic. Complete with all the sink marks.
  9. Trying to widen the fuselage is the better route. I have found that trying to close or open the sides of a clear part invariably leads to stress fractures if not outright cracks or deep fractures. Clear plastic is more brittle that most colored plastics. Just reread your OP. Is the fuselage made of resin (you state this is your "first experience with resin")? If so, heating the fuselage with hot water or a hair drier may soften it enough to allow you to spread the sides. If you can get them spread far enough, then insert something to hold it that way till it cools. It may solve your problem. If it is the canopy that is resin, the same procedure may work (hot water being the better choice), but you must be extremely careful, else you will cause fractures or outright breakage.
  10. Sir, you are as reliable as the sun rising in the East. One can always count on you for a smile. I raise my glass to you. Cheers!
  11. What in God's name IS that carcass supposed to be? Ah, a horse, of course. Google is my friend.
  12. Good tools make work easier and I too like the look of a well made tool. Starrett tools look like machinist's tools and feel like them. Like I said, mine is over 30 years old. In fact, now that I think of it, I got it in 1981 or '82. Makes it about 40 years old and it was used when I got it, so God knows how old it really is.
  13. Yours looks much better than mine. Guess I got the bad apple
  14. I ordered one of those new cockpit 3D decals sets for the GWH Mig-29 from Quinta on April 15 (via eBay). The last entry in the tracking info was April 24 and has it waiting at the airport in Sharapovo, Russia. I've spoken to the guy in charge of Quinta a few times. He just recommends waiting, but says he will honor the sale and provide a refund at any time, regardless of the eBay/PayPal policies. So, I wait. If it doesn't move pretty soon, though, I'll ask for a refund. If it shows up after that, I resend him the money. All that to say, International shipping is FUBAR right now. Wait or get your refund. Depends on how much you trust the seller.
  15. Can you make the pic larger? I can't really see what your trying to point out. Its way too small.
  16. You hit it on the nose!
  17. I agree that differences in lighting can effect the color, but the VA-205 A-7 with the browner looking grey is in the same area as the A-7 that has its nose and intake pointed forward. Those two are, IMHO, not painted with the same grey. Not even close. How to account for it, I don't know. Is one an early Lt Gull Grey? Did who ever mixed the paints that day pour a bit too much yellow in one? I have yet to see an paint sample of the early pre-FS, pre-1970s Lt Gull Grey. Is that what we're seeing? I don't know. RIchardL has given us great examples of paint matches to the current glossy lt. grey (FS16440) and FS 36440. I've been hoping someone would post paint matches to the early Lt Gull Greys.
  18. I was wrong, the photo is of A-7s not F-4s. Found it with the help of Spectre711 who has it in his message signature (I knew I had seen it somewhere). Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, Light Gull Grey and/or FS16440/36440 or glossy light grey. I can't figure it out. Note the different colors used for the grey on the upper surfaces of the A-7s. Quite some variation. I think the dark one from VA-205 might be the early version of the color used prior to 1972 (if I remember what RichardL reported in his threads), but I'm not sure. One thing is for sure, that is that no two of the aircraft appear to have the same grey.
  19. I also have this one, though the jaws of the vise do not line up well. I only use the large end for larger drill bits.
  20. Just about all toothpastes have a mild abrasive in them. The better to scrub the gunk off your teeth with
  21. Starrett. I've had one for over 30 years now and it works as good as the day I got it. Deep jaws on the vice so it holds bits steady. Real machine tool quality. Can be had for about $25, depending on the size you select. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00375DEPI/?coliid=I20ZDP9FNDXB3T&colid=2Y6HORPJ2MKWE&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  22. Here is some more info from RichardL with more paint comparisons...
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