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  1. I agree with you 100%. I have been struggling with that kit for about a year now. I am nearly done but can't get up the drive to finish it. The damn flaps don't want to stay on. I brush them with my hand accidentally and they come lose. Its been enough to make grown man cry.
  2. That's because it was made with stolen alien technology from Area 51. It makes it look super cool man.
  3. I beg your pardon? Why would you say such a thing about Zactoman?
  4. If "Looks like an F-14" was the only requirement, then we'd all be satisfied with the Monogram and Revell kits. But, we have never been "satisfied" with the status quo and the kit manufacturers have known this for a long time. Each company has striven to make their kits more accurate and more detailed. This is one of the things that has fueled competition within the industry and hence, we have new F-14 kits being released. Each company trying to outdo the other in detail and accuracy. Sure, the AMK kit looks like an F-14. I've seen kids toys that "look like an F-14". That's not the point and some of us here on this forum want the kit to be as accurate a representation of the F-14 as possible. Heck, why do we buy aftermarket parts or scratch build other parts. It is to improve accuracy and detail. So, to that end we analyze kits' accuracy because some of us want to most accurate kit (or at least would like to know which is most accurate). I will admit that the AMK is a special case. AMK stated that it would be the most accurate and most detailed F-14 model every made. Big words and we have called them to task on them. In my mind, they have fallen woefully short of the mark. We know the major problems with the kit due to the careful analysis of some very knowledgeable persons here (that does NOT include me). I think that now we are into more of an intellectual exercise to determine exactly where AMK went wrong in the design of their kit. If you are not interested, that's fine. Some of us are interested. Zactoman has hinted that there may be some fixes that may correct some of the AMK kits errors. That may be of interest to anyone who bought the kit but is dissatisfied with the what they bought. So, as others have pointed out, if you are tired of listening to the analysis of this kit, then don't read this thread. Please let those that want to do so in a a civilized manner. Oh, and one more thing... 300 here we come!
  5. Solo, I think that when I responded to your post I missed the part that you had already looked at the KA-Models exhausts. Sorry about that. My bad.
  6. Very nice. I have always liked the look of the Italian WWII fighters.
  7. Same thing happened when I did that. Opposite for me. www.aircraftresourcecenter.com loads correctly, but www.arcair.com, which had worked for years, gives me the popup with the option to run or same the html file. Go figure.
  8. Tried the force refresh but that doesn't work. Since I am getting that popup that wants me to download or run a file, if I run it in Firefox and force a refresh, it just refreshes from the download file. www.arcair.com works fine on my phone. So, since it works using the newer URL, I'm not going to worry about it. I suppose I could delete my cache, but I would rather not right now.
  9. Nope, work area is in the basement and I don't allow either of our furry maniacs down there. No, the catastrophe is all my own making (and damn proud of it I am)
  10. Hi Steve, www.arcair.com still doesn't work for me. I get the same popup I mentioned before. www.aircraftresourcecenter.com works just fine though.
  11. See other thread. Still having the problem. Nevermind, was using old URL. All fixed now. Works fine.
  12. I'm still getting the popup window I posted earlier. If I tell my computer to open the document in that popup with Firefox, I get the ARC homepage but with out any graphic images or pics. If I click on any link and then return I get the joke page (which I had accessed a while earlier using your link above). All very weird. Nevermind, I was using an old URL (arcair.com). Switched it to the one used in Terry's pinned post and all is well again.
  13. I went with the KH kit because it is more detailed and a bit more accurate (as far as I know). I have Cold War Studio's belly correction and nose cone intake splitter part, plus some other aftermarket. I should say that I also have the old KP kit in it Mistercraft boxing with just about every aftermarket part I could find, including Cutting Edge's set with dirty wing replacements. I got all that before the KH kit came out. Not sure if I'll still build it, but with all the extras I got, I would probably turn out OK.
  14. Wasn't really expecting any dates, just glad to know things are proceeding well. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the analysis. I think you have answered all my questions regarding the rear end and what I was seeing. I can't wait to see the "possible remedies". I would think major surgery would be called for. I think the best way to get an accurate but dirty wing F-14D would to buy Tamiya's F-14D kit and use the KASL wing set.
  16. Thanks shion. That's what I thought was going on. Like I said, without understanding the language it is hard sometimes to figure out what's going on.
  17. Very interesting videos. Wish there was subtitles on the audio commentary. Would love to know what is being said. Sure looks like some very complicated assembly and very tight fit on some of those parts. On the first video it appears he is having some difficulty getting parts to fit, despite careful cleaning up of the parts.
  18. When I try to open the ARC site in Firefox, I get this popup...
  19. Thanks Zactoman. I can't remember, its Tamiya blue and AMK red, right? If I have that right, this is a very interesting graphic. Big difference at the rear end. Looks to account for some of the higher sloped dorsal surfaces of the rear of the AMK kit. Looking forward to you further analysis.
  20. Yea, that never made sense to me too. I makes it look toy-like and is a bunch of extra work to get it looking right. What were they thinking?
  21. Yea, time to bring this back on topic. Thanks for friendly smack on the side of the head
  22. I wonder if they are going to take the hit and send out corrected parts to everyone that bought the messed up sets?
  23. I've had some problems with some Begemot decals in the past. I contacted them and they were very responsive and I had a new set of decals (Su-33 set) in a couple of weeks. You might try contacting them and see what they say about your problem. They may have some recommendations.
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