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  1. About the Revell 747-400... I have succesfully built several airliners and when it came to tackle the 744, it was the first one I decided to abandon out of frustration. While the decals and parts certainly are detailed and wonderful to look at, turning plastic into reality brings up two of my most glaring grievances; -Fragile parts, especially the smallest ones. I've built the RoG a340, 380 and 742 and none come close to how easily the parts of the 744 snap, shatter and break. -Poor fit. The top and bottom halves of the wings are worse than minicraft and airfix's worst planes combined. There
  2. very nice so far looking forward to more updates!
  3. that is a beautiful gloss. and an impressive livery on a fantastic plane
  4. thanks for the nice comment David! it really was an ongoing project
  5. Here are the completed photos I really like this livery. I know its a bit inaccurate, as the tail should also be white, but I like this look better - something along the lines of, modern SAS meets retro SAS. In retrospect I should have built it with the gear down, not least because I now have very little confidence in the stand that Revell supplied. I have never come across any other pictures of this completed model anywhere on the internet (except the ubiquitous ones from Revell), so if anyone has links to others, please share. I wonder how it would have looked in the BA colours? In fact I w
  6. almost a year on, i finally completed the sas 747 if anyone is interested in seeing completed photos, i can take some and post them in this thread
  7. re the non-blue blue door in the tail section... closer inspection of the instruction sheets reveals that these doors have to be painted blue... the paint instructions say they need to be painted M6 - which is the code for gloss dark blue. that, and anyone have any advice on how to paint the fuselage with the cockpit windshield already installed? because of the window frames, it needs to be put in before closing the fuselage. thanks
  8. in all seriousness, yes, this kit doesnt fill me with the same sense of confidence that revell's a380 does when you first open the kit. an australian hobby store was kind enough to order in one of these heller kits, so its still nice to have gotten my hands on one in the first place. however, yes the huge wings do seem to be warped senseless. i will have to see how i go with them later down the track. Also that troublesome non-blue door is still there, so ive yet to decide how to handle that. the cockpit frames are also broken in my kit worst of all, my kit only came with 1 and a half of th
  9. ah no problem trojan thunder btw heres a link to the pic of this plane, from airliners United 777 as you can see no star alliance logo, and the registration on the rear is not too certain...
  10. Yeah any record or photos of this aircraft ever having existed are elusive, however I did manage to find one of it when it was in Hong Kong. Bear in mind, this United 777 only ever flew as part of a round-the-world promotion of the 777 and was subsequently repainted for normal service. So yes the livery (and I even believe the reg) did exist in for a brief moment in history. Although one thing to add, the Star Alliance logos are a bit anachronistic considering that (I believe) the Star Alliance setup came into being after the time period this particular plane is situated in.
  11. thanks for the great comments, im only a beginner when it comes to model aircraft so its all very encouraging to hear from you! and yes, unfortunately one of those photos does bring out just how thick minicraft's trailing edges are on the 777...
  12. So while I was in the process of putting together those shots of my PAL A340, I decided to share this model too. It was completed prior to the Revell A340 and, compared to the A340, has had a more problematic history. -The separate cockpit section of the forward fuselage that you have to install yourself, is an intimidating challenge. Expect to do a heap of sanding, and filling, and sanding, and filling before the plane looks like someone hasnt hit the front with a sledge hammer. -Minicraft's engine parts simply do not fit together very nicely. Perhaps the parts were made by 5 different peop
  13. Okay ive put up the new pics, in a new thread in the airliner modelling sub-forum. Coming back to this thread and seeing it unassembled, sure brings me back...
  14. As per a request to share some pics of this plane which, incidentally, was meant to become Revell's famous Wiener Philharmoniker. But I had a change of heart and instead went with a very simple livery to bring out the sleek lines and quality of Revell's kit which, in my opinion, are excellent. Decals are by TwoSix, from Martlesham Models. These decals are pretty fragile, and 'stick' pretty fast. Otherwise all other decals are from Revell. On another note, I think it looks kind of ugly how Airbus went with the 'sloped rear windows' on their A340. Then again, trust Airbus to make something lik
  15. yeah, in the meantime since i started this thread I thought it would work to paint the fuselage halves before assembling, install the interior decks, THEN assemble the fuselage, at which point (hopefully) you only really need to touch up the white on the seams of the fuselage. Of course, I am hoping that the new layers of WHITE paint won't stand out over OLDER layers of the same paint; chiefly, because, in my experience Testor's gray seems to slightly change it's color each and every time you spray it! Thats why, with my United 777, it was impossible to touch up the grey on the fuselage (say
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