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  1. Way to go, Steve! I was gettin' a little twitchy from ARC withdrawal. 😉
  2. You can check out my build threads at my blog: http://chukw.blogspot.com/ I describe my process in detail, with plenty of captioned photos and some amusing artwork. Thanks for looking!
  3. Beautiful paint work, Carlos- cheers!
  4. Thanks, Rich! Gald to be of help. Thanks you, too, Beluga! I inherited this problem, but never thought I''d have to go in for 'the big one'. I'm improving most of the time, and will be all better in another 9 months or so. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, Carlos- much appreciated!
  6. Your best bet is to drill both pieces and insert a bras/metal pin. The CA will hold then, but a butt joint is always going to be weak. Best of luck!
  7. In Russia, models build you! Fantastic work- cheers!
  8. Try a general clear coat- matte or gloss, your choice. Maybe just a small area on the bottom to test. It's a simple solution that's worked for me for various transparent boo-boos. HTH- and cheers!
  9. Wonderful, Fozzy! In case you didn't know, Red Devil brand spackle is perfect for filling the grain and imperfections on balsa wood. Thin it to a paste with water, brush it on and when dry sand it nice and smooth. Paint on some clear water-based varnish for a tough finish. A bonus is that it's so light I could use it on rubber-powered free flight models. Cheers!
  10. Thanks, Spooky! Quarantine has given me lots of bench time. Have you seen my LanceR thread in In-ProgessPics? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/285332-natos-lancer-update-5262020/page/5/#comments Cheers!
  11. Thanks, Steve! Much better- cheers!
  12. I use a Canon PowerShot Elph 340HS- I'm sure there are newer versions, but these little Canon cameras have always done it for me.
  13. I did. I have been writing the posts in Thunderbird emails and saving as drafts- that codes the urls into links. There's the rub! Right-clicking yields an option to copy and paste as plain text. Rich text code removed- problem solved- please share. Thanks, Steve! Sorry for the inconvenience, and huge appreication for all you for modeldom. Cheers!
  14. In this thrilling episode, we take a long, hard look at the ejector seat trolley- read on!
  15. I have their OV-1 engine set and it's perfectly cast. The stowage sets in these builds were a lot of fun to paint!
  16. Nice work, M3! The upper joins of the nacelles are often reported as very tricky- did you have any problems? Yours look pretty darn good- cheers!
  17. ChernayaAkula THANK YOU! I had the wrong url for this most important 🙂 pic:
  18. Wow- I just can't edit this post to make the images work- sorry.
  19. Thanks, guys! Here's an update- enjoy! I have enough material to do another, but I didn't want to flood the system. 😉 http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_120.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_121.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_122.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_123.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_124.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_125.jpg[/img] http://www.chukw.com/Hobby/MiG21/MiG21_126.j
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