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  1. I'm back! My vision isn't perfect, but I've had some improvement, and am on track to try some new therapies. Here's what I managed to pull off in the meantime- enjoy!
  2. I just tried it turned all the way down and it seems quite slow. Also, laying a finger on the chuck slows it down quite easily, so the plastic's resistance to the bit may well be a factor. I've never melted plastic with it unless I accidentally left it set too high.
  3. I've never been- I've been told the man who ran is either dead or no longer involved. His wife runs it now and doesn't keep up the hobby end. I'll make a point of stopping by.
  4. As ever, fantastic work! What red did you use on the seats? I'm ready to paint my M-B Mk5's for my Mohawk and have pics showing the basic seat pad as a kind of Campell's tomato soup red. My colorblindness makes reds really challenging and could use a metric. Thanks!
  5. No prob, Jonn! I use my old Dremel for mostly household jobs now, and the router and sander live on bench now.
  6. Hey, neighbor! I'm in Coupeville on Whidbey, and we make periodic Trader Joe/Costco runs to B-Ham. I'll have to look up Dark Tower Games- maybe we can meet up?
  7. I can highly recommend these tools:
  8. Many thanks, Carlos!
  9. Brilliant stuff, Carlos! Those flat bottom cutters- would you be so kind as to post a link? They seem invaluable!
  10. Sharpenair makes this for the Micron series- maybe it will fit your airbrush? https://sharpenair.com/collections/frontpage/products/blr-trigger-blair-low-rider™-airbrush-short-trigger
  11. Two pins from the Seattle area- I could have stowed away in their luggage!
  12. Hi, John- here's a neat product from Japan that I us on anything canopy-related. It dries absolutely clear, and any excess can be scrubbed off with a damp Q-tip.
  13. That looks superb, Carlos- cheers!
  14. Those rivets look phenomenal! Too bad the kit is not up to today's standards- I wish Eduard luck in selling these sets.
  15. That is heartbreaking news- to hell with Putin! His artwork was always a delight- I was tempted many times to buy a kit just for his box art. Fair winds, Valeriy, fair winds. I hope this is not inappropriate, But I have a small contribution to this benefit book being published by Chris Meddings of Inside the Armour. You can pre-order it- I have- and every bit of the profits to to our Ukrainian friends in this, their dark hour. Here's Chris: Inside the Armour Publications Maru1ch 121p1 0a6gt 5ns9:orf00 6PlM1 · I am super excited to reveal
  16. I've used it with great success on Mr Surfacer. It brought a thick, gummy mess back to full airbrush-ready primer. Recommended!
  17. Looks great, Carlos- cheers!
  18. That's some meticulous paint work, Carlos- cheers!
  19. Nice, but I will never understand why Aires doesn't offer bulged and flattened wheels.
  20. That's a beaut, Arty- cheers! Those belts look great on the figs.
  21. Glad to hear your health is better, Dave! The posing of the fish in the wreck is superb, and the divers look wonderful. cheers, and happy New Year!
  22. Thanks, Carlos! It did go very well and my left eye vision is better every day. I was even able to add a few details to my Mohawks ejection seats last evening. Colors are brighter, especially blue! Cheers- Chuck
  23. Thanks, crackerjazz! I had my pre-op visit with my eye doc yesterday- the second eye gets MkII status on the 15th, The 3D parts are very finely printed, with barely noticeable steps. I'm glad you like my sketches- I was indeed a penciller for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse etc, with my longest run on Justice League America back in the 90's. After, I worked as a concept and storyboard artist, in-house for Blur Studio for 13 years. O worked on all sorts of game project- Star Wars, Resident Evil, etc, and boarded the intro for the Deadpool movie, and small bits of other film and TV stuff. Here's some c
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