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  1. I wasn't able to find them in the states but I did order from the OzMods site last December: OzMods-Scaledown Link --Will
  2. Thanks to the Mods for moving the thread to this forum. As you can see, it has been stalled for quite some time but I hope to get going on it again soon. There has been *some* progress over the last year. Here is a more recent picture I've taken of the build: Black Box pit is in, fuselage halves and Hasegawa donor section are assembled. The rest of the pieces are just held on by blu-tack or tape for the mock up photo. Still a long way to go for this build ;) I'll get more updates posted when I have them. --Will
  3. I have never ordered from the website, but after one visit to his hobby shop it is now my default LHS. I recently started going there a few months ago. Yannis is a great person to chat with (no matter what you build) and off the bat you can tell he is very passionate about the hobby. It is by far the best shop I've come across in my area in a long time. It's not the biggest sq. ft. wise by any means, but when you walk in and see a stack of Hasegawa Raptors priced at $56....you know you are in the right place :lol: I only use his site to preview what's new or what he has in stock, but if I
  4. Hey Paul, everything arrived today as advertised. Thanks again! --Will
  5. Hi Kia, Yes, that is the older ATTIC conversion set. With that version you needed to cut the rear fuselage from the Hasegawa donor kit and mate it with the conversion set. As I was building a "What-If" F-16XL flying in Afghanistan to support OEF, I used the Royal Resin F-16 set (which is where the nose came from). Unfortunately I still have yet to complete the build. It pretty much looks like the picture I showed earlier. I have the fuselage completed, with the Black Box cockpit wedged in there. But I still have not attached the wings yet, which will be interesting. They are pretty hea
  6. Super Hornet 88 has one for sale here: link --Will
  7. Haha....Jennings is right. But hey, sometimes that's part of the journey. Mine has been stalled for a while: Anyway, I can't speak for the newer offering. I have a few of their previous versions in the stash. The ones for the Hasegawa kit. I tried to put a Seamless Sucker big mouth intake in there for my build (which is a What-If Block 50 thingy). After some work, the intake fit. But when I went to assemble the fuselage halves I found that the tube for the Seamless Sucker would not fit. The resin on the fuselage halves was too thick and would not fit with the tube in place. I took
  8. One last bump before I add a sheet to my shopping cart :) --Will
  9. I am looking for the 1/48 F-16D markings from the Afterburner Arctic Aggressors or the Twobobs Arctic Bandits sheets. Before I order one, I wanted to see if anyone had a partial sheet leftover from a build (or is willing to part with just the D markings). Please PM me if you have one and we can discuss terms. Thanks! --Will
  10. Hey Mike, Are you still looking for one of these? I might have one in the stash. --Will
  11. I was just snooping around and stumbled upon this picture from the cruise. It is pretty interesting as it: 1) Shows how dirty that jet was. 2) Has a Sparrow under its' left shoulder pylon. Most of the pictures I've seen show a single AIM-9. The thought of having the Sparrow there is tempting as that would mean one less missile to trim off. The Revell pylons have the Sparrows molded on. Photo Courtesy of U.S. Air Force --Will
  12. So what's on tap? I am almost done painting the cockpit, and once that is done I can get the fuselage halves assembled. The main issue still outstanding is the wings. I finished the flaps a few weeks ago, but the slats are proving problematic. They are a little difficult in their own right, but what complicates matters worse is this: On the Revell kit the slats slip inside the fuselage halves when the wings are fully extended. It isn't a huge problem out of the box, but it's a show stopper if you want to extend them. The leading edge of a real Tomcat looks like this: By the way, t
  13. One of the challenges for building a -D in Hasegawa or Revell is getting your antennas straight. The Tomcats 101 writeup done by VFA-103guy (Brian Marbrey) and other posts and photos by Nick Kessel really help to take the confusion out of it all. I swear, if they accepted PayPal to reimburse them on all of the times I ask for their "guru-ness" I'd be out a couple of pretty pennies. Out of the box, the Revell turtleback looks like this: To closer match the antenna arrangement on Felix 100 I removed the first two antennas (looking front to back) and replaced them with my own TACAN antenna
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