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  1. Does anybody out there have any experience of building the Montex 1/32 Hawker Fury kit that they'd be willing to share? Top tips on where to get the requesite second mortgage also welcomed.
  2. jagmate


    Anyone heard anything about a 1/32 Mosquito by Trumpeter? Tell me I haven't just been dreaming this one!
  3. Beautiful work on a beautiful aeroplane. The red you refer to on the leading edges was the dope applied to canvas patches over the muzzles, placed there to keep out dirt on the ground and prevent the entrance of cold moist air once airborne (frozen guns being of less use than a French marriage vow ). AFAIK the yellow stripes were intended to be a warning to ground personnel that they were approaching a potentially lived armed aircraft. Kepp up the good work.
  4. Lighter colours on the lower wings of RAF and RN biplanes is correct, although in this case I don't know exactly what colours they would be. However I suspect that your assumptions are right. Good luck with the rigging
  5. Hi. Does anybody have an email address for the Eagle Strike guys, perhaps from the packaging or instruction sheet? Their website doesn't seem to show one and the email confirmation of order message (for the sheet which hasn't arrived yet!) has no return address. Thanks.
  6. Which outfit are you with Mikester? If you venture to Hong Kong I can point you in the direction of some SERIOUSLY cheap Tamiya 1/32 stuff (A6M2b about $42!)
  7. Hi F16 gurus! As a modeler of prop (we all know that prop is short for proper ) aircraft, I know very little about modern jets. Could someone please tell me which is the most accurate F16 (of any model/block) in 1/48th? I need one to fill a slot in what will eventually be 50 models to show thw development of the fighter from the Fokker EI to the F22. All help gratefully received!
  8. Hi Neil. Off topic for one; ordered Marseille decs just in time to see Marseille version of Hasegawa 109F advertised.............
  9. No; oval with a greater dimension top to bottom than from side to side.
  10. Looking good! So good in fact that I've just picked up a copy at the LHS to fiddle with whilst I'm in Hong Kong for a few months. Won't get much done beyond some preparation, but the first looksee has raised a couple of questions; perhaps you can answer them? I'm going to build MK392 as flown by Johnson. Do you know which elevators are more likely and which of the canons/overwing bulges? I'm planning to leave open at least one of the engine cowling parts which will definitely be a first for me....... I'll keep watching your thread with interest, good luck with the rest of it.
  11. There is a good set of plans in a book called 'On Silver Wings'. They are to 1/72 scale but can easily be scaled up. I have a copy at home but unfortunately I'm working abroad at the moment so I can't get at it. I think the author is F. Mason. Be wary of utilising Nimrod plans; there was some commonality between the two types but a LOT of differences. FWIW the Airfix kit's nose seems a little long and pointed and not as accurate as the Inpact/Lindberg/Pyro kit. Also, as far as I remember, the undercarriage legs are set in the 'in flight' position, ie with extended oleos. Good luck with b
  12. Any time between now and Monday
  13. The books are on the shelf in the study. There's a set of pilots notes for the FBVI, the 'bible', a reprint of the RAF tech manual, 'Mossie at War' and the datafile..........get crackin'!!!!!! I'll tell Mrs Miggins that you'll pop round for them at some point. Have you still got our home phone number? :)
  14. Thanks Neil, how's tricks?
  15. Thanks David and Tony; you are both correct. The question of "to fillet or not to fillet" reared its ugly head as I was doing the masking or, more correctly, as I was undoing it! Neil also suggested that when I got back from the current 4 months away I dust on a couple of light coats of sandgelb and overlay some exhaust staining in pastel or Tamiya smoke. Good to see you talented blokes are singing from the same song sheet! This reply was supposed to have some photos attached but I've done something odd in photobucket (least it's in a bucket eh :blink: )so they'll have to wait. Neil, if you
  16. .......and now some camouflage. Does anybody else have 'three steps forward and two steps back' days? I seem to have them very often. Next the decals. Small problem; I've lost them! Oh well time for more money into the Eagle Strike coffers. Maybe I'll use the kit crosses and swastikas whilst waiting for the postman.
  17. Hi ARCers; this is my first post on the in progress section. It's a long term project simply because it takes me ages to get things done.............nothing to do with the skill level, as you will see! Fortunately for me I'm putting it together under the helpful watch of Neil (Paragon) Burkill, so anyway here goes.......
  18. The colour illustration on the cover of the 'Fokker DVII in action' by squadron/signal publications is of Lothar von Richthofen's machine. There is also a poor(ish) B+w photo inside on page 24, which at least seems to confirm (as much as one can) the artwork onn the cover. Good luck.......let me know if you want a scan. marfanpd@netvigator.com
  19. Any known source of the sugar scoops or are they a make and cast item?
  20. It was actually quite easy to pick up the Buccs, but only when they climbed to deconflict with the low level Jags
  21. Not too long ago Aires released a cockpit set for the British F4 in 48th scale. It's advertised everywhere as for the FGR mk1 which is a non-existant mark as far as I remember. The FG Mk1 was bought for the Royal Navy but subsequently used by the RAF after the demise of our last carrier and the FGR Mk 2 was bought for the RAF. There's more to this than mere pedantry as there were several major differences, particularly with regard to the rear cockpit. Please don't get the idea from this that I'm in any way an F4 expert; I spent a lot of my last few years successfully avoiding F4s and their c
  22. I have the Inpact Fury (most beautiful aircraft ever, after maybe the Mossie and the Jaguar!), the Bulldog and the Flycatcher and they are all excellent. Only snag is I can't start them yet as my dormant modelling skills would probably destroy them! Working on that though with a bit of help from a mate.........watch this space. The kits are highly recommended and should be snapped up. :blink:
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