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  1. Yowzers ! This one is even better than the first ! Unbelievably good, really....Just need a mirror cut into the base so folk can easily see all the work you put into the underside. Cheers !
  2. Wow....that is just awesome ! I can't believe how much she looks like a real Arrow. Great job. I do have to admit to being a little jealous, tho..... And your Sparrow arrangement looks great as well. The lettering and numbers really add to them.
  3. Toad


    Hi Tony, I raised the question a few weeks ago to one of the WI admins. Nothing worse than a guy who comes back to a site with a new name and pretends he's newbie. And to top it off, people are falling for it again. In the big scheme, I guess you just gotta feel sorry for the guy......
  4. I was directed from here.....at the What-If site. Be sure to sign up ! http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,17875.75.html What Chapters are you talking about ? The closest one to me is in London, so I'll have to make an excuse to try and get up that way ! Cheers !
  5. Wow......glad I was directed to this thread. Awesome work ! I love the way you've thickened the fuslegae to give her that coke bottle look....great idea ! The weapons bay is really coming along nicely as well. BTW-how long ago did you grab those books ? I've always wanted them but wasn't willing to shell out the $100 price tag.
  6. Beauty ! I love that modern Starfighter with the AMRAAM.
  7. Now tell us the truth, Damian.....you glued it to your hand, didn't you ! Nice work. Beauty paint and the weathering is superb.
  8. Bo-105 from Stephenville, NFLD.
  9. Toad


    We broke, no, snuck.....I mean, we were invited inside one to look around ! Judging by the door cut-outs, you could have two smaller KB-29/50 types or one larger.... Here's the rear of the hangar where a long nose would stick
  10. Toad


    QRA sheds Can't help but think that this little cut out was for the nose of a 102...... Thses are the ones I really like. Check the different door cutouts for the -97, the KBs and that one big one ( C-123 ? ) And a little closer.....
  11. Toad


    Was just in Stephenville, Newfoundland. Home to the former Harmon AFB. HQ...gotta love the globe ! One of the old barracks. Plaque and models at the airport for one of the crashes....
  12. Awesome stuff ! Oh, to be there and have three Backfires blast over your head ! It always amazes me everytime I see the mighty -27 air-air with the Fulcrum....what a beast !
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