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  1. G'day, I have lost the canopy off my Academy 1:48 F-14 Sundowner (no idea how), can I get a replacement from anywhere without having to buy a whole kit? Thanks Muppet
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look. Thanks again!!
  3. G'day, Does anyone know who supplies Verlinden (or compatible brand) 1:48 scribing templates in Australia? It's proving very hard to find a set without having to go overseas. Cheers Muppet
  4. G'day, I've just inherited a 1:48 Academy F-14A 'Sundownner' and would like to attempt my first resin cockpit, flaps, undercarriage and nozzles. Will any 1:48 scale kits be compatible, or do certain kits only work with certain brands (i.e. Hasegawa, Dragon etc) Cheers Muppet
  5. Thanks guys, some good tips I'll put into action.....except the free-hand one not quite good enough for that!! Cheers
  6. Hi all, In the middle of a 1/48 Ju-88, and are at the stage of painting the wheels. What is the best method of painting them to give you crisp, accurate edges where the rubber meets the rim? I've heard numerous ways (paint pens, masking tape, blue tac etc) but I never seem to be able to achieve the 'perfect circle'
  7. Hi all, I am at the end of my Me-262 and have just placed on the last decal of the sheet, and according to all my reference photos, they all have swastikas on the tails but none are provided. I understand the moral weight of such a item, but like authenticity on my models, and was wondering if there are decal sheets out there available to help finish my models. This also will help as I am trying to slowly building my way through the 1:48 scale WWII Luftwaffe 'family' (yes..a big task but you gotta have goals in life!!) Cheers
  8. I have done something I will ever do again...Try to slowly bend clear plastic parts to fit better!!! Now I have a crack in the front canopy of my Me 262. Two questions. 1. Cam it be fixed and how? ....and... 2. How easy is it to order a new one and will it cost heaps? Pleeaaassee Help!! :o
  9. G'day again lads, I was going through some of the gallery shots and was looking at this very detailed cockpit of a Ju-88C-6 by Bill Lachance. I am wondering, how does one get such dramatic results in cockpit detailing (particularly the dials, levers and seatbelts). I know I may be asking a very stupid question, and skill is obviously a big factor..but are there any tips please!!! Cheers :)
  10. Thanks fellas, I know I may sound like I'm 'penny-pinching' but it's always good to look out for good cheap alternatives. I mean, who thought that a domestic grade floor wax would end up being a major component to seal and finish models...and fishing line and toothbrush fillaments for static discharges, etc etc. Having said that, if all that there is that works best is the 'company product' then I'm all for using that too. Cheers lads, Muppet
  11. You guys are great. Thanks for all your input. As Kev said, the availability of some products you all mention are somewhat hard to get here in Oz, but the advice is priceless. I'll go do the rounds at an artist supplier around the corner from me and I'll check the hardware stores again...and hope I hit gold. Thanks heaps fellas, Muppet
  12. Guys, Thanks so much for the replies. I'll look into them. I really appreciate all your advice from both home and abroard. We do have Windex here, but it does come in many other forms. Happy modelling guys... Cheers, Muppet :D
  13. G'day, I was wandering if there is anyone in Australia/Brisbane who knows if there is a generic thinner available in hardware stores for airbrushing acrylics? I currently use the Tamiya X-20A stuff but it's way expensive for such a small amount, and I wanted to know if there's a suitable cheaper 'bulk-buy' replacement you can get in a supermarket or hardware store. I have already looked in Bunnings, but with the thinners they have I am too scared to run through my airbrush and use with acrylic paints as I don't know what exact type of suitable replacement is available. Please help as I'm sur
  14. G'day again, This time I have a question about doing wheel wells. I am doing a Me 262 at the moment and the forward wheel well is quite deep and narrow. Can anyone give me a quick guide as how to prepare, paint, and weather wheel wells (on any aircraft) to give them that dirty look. This has always been my nemesis in model making, Ta
  15. Thanks again for the further replies gents. I'm in Brisi George...hence the subsequent question I posted about humidity (which you also answered!). As I said, I have just revisited this hobby since being a young boy. But I have just caught a bug to get back into it, but my skills are quite low and I'm keen to learn the tricks of the trade. I'd love to put out great quality work that I see so much here on this website. Thanks again, Muppet
  16. Thank-you heaps guys. I value your opinions and help. This forum site is very helpful and it's good to know there are others out there that are happy to impart thier modelling wisdom on the new comers to the hobby. Cheers, Muppet
  17. G'day again, I have just started using my Aztec airbrush for the first time, and I'm just in the stages of getting a feel for it, but I live in a humid climate. Does this have a great impact on painting? And is it better to use enamels or acrylics (I use acrylics). Also a side question, how do I drybrush with acrylics as the paint tends to 'clog up' as soon as I apply it. Cheers, Muppet
  18. Thanks mate. I'll give it a go, Cheers
  19. G'day, I am quite new to modelling and have heard so much about 'Future'. I am keen to use this technique, but what is te equivelant of this product in Australia..and if it's a different product/name, are the techniques for Future applicable? Cheers, Muppet
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