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  1. Hi everyone. Update but i can't insert images
  2. Hi everyone I have problems showing the photos on A.R.C. and I can't understand why. This is the server's response when I try to upload photos: "The link could not be embedded because only https URLs are allowed." Until the problem is resolved, I invite you to follow the updates here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085943-124-airfix-hellcat-f6f-5/ or here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/87954-f6f-5-hellcat-124-airfix/ I hope the problem will be resolved soon
  3. Hello everyone, since sometimes they come back, here I am to present my "PROJECT". As the title suggests, I am working on one of the latest Airfix products, which for my part was much awaited. It is my wife's gift for Christmas 2019 for which I have been holding the kit for a year. I must admit that I was rather disappointed especially with regard to the level of detail which, given the scale and the price, I find unacceptable, I do not want to get into the usual modeling talk regarding this topic so I will limit myself to exposing the various improvements. First of all her
  4. HI to all. This time only photos without comments since the photos are self-explanatory, national insignia,unit and walkaway are painted, I reproduced the decals on vinyl. Only incident the right wing tip broke and I had to redo it with a piece of plasticard, nothing difficult but quite annoying. For the rest all textbook, the model is now waiting for the complete drying of the transparent for the installation of the service decals (few to tell the truth) then I will touch up some smears before giving the second coat of clear to seal the decals and assembly of the most fragile parts.
  5. CHAPTER 2 We left ourselves at step number 2 of gluing the wings, so in the following pictures we resume with step number 3 and the various phases of gluing the various parts of the engine hood and air intake of the water radiator, also here carried out in steps: first one side and then the other, verifying the fitting and thinning the walls in contact with the fuselage as they form a step that would then need to be smoothed from the outside, losing details that would then be difficult to reproduce .
  6. Hello everyone, here I am back to you with a new project, this time a slightly more hard kit than usual: the Me bf 109 A / B by Dora wings. The kit is a multimedia short run style kit with P.E. parts, resin and film for the dashboard as well as plastic obviously. It is a rebox of the early me 109 series already presented by AMG in 2017, while the Dora wins only have the pieces necessary for the A / B version, the AMGs have the possibility of reproducing versions up to D, externally it changes only a little propellers for the B / C / D which are in metal with variable pitch while they are
  7. Hi everyone . The kit is not for beginners in fact it is a Gavia rebox so it has all trouble typical of shortrun like no pin and some not entirely precise couplings. In itself, the kit has 2 plates of P.E., 1 color dedicated to the dashboard and instrumentation of the cockpit, the other to the structural parts of both the cockpit and the rest of the plane, as regards the upgrade set, much is concentrated on the cockpitt and some external details. The assembly then crosses over 2assembly guide which often overlap at the sequence level. But let's get to the photos that I know are the one
  8. Hi everyone, get me back. I filed the mustang no I didn't finish it but I put it to rest for fear of finishing it existentially as the disasters followed one after the other so to avoid a kitticide I preferred to abandon it for a while. The hard life of the model maker. The desire, however, is not lacking and not even the kits for which a new monkey has now taken me: the legendary 109 I have 8 boxes from E to T of different brands the classic Hasegawa, the Zvenda, Accademy and Eduard, I do not have the Tamiya but not it is said that he does not take it, another that intrigues me a lot is
  9. Hi everyone . I am back to you after the winter hibernation that has kept me away from the workbench but not from the PC sceen where I modeled 3D for a project that will start shortly. This is a virtual preview that has already borne fruit in the "real world" (yes I know so much "Matrix" but give it to me), but this will be the topic of a new post. But let's get back to the topic. Eduard model in 1: 48, I saw a build on Youtube and I decided to buy the model directly from Eduard as I decided to use after market decals that h
  10. tnx for comment @barkin mad I've used as reference the Eduard's painting guide fro the kit and 2 picture posted in birthmodeller forum fro Troy Smith but no evidence of wing edge. now it's too late tnx anyway. @Falconxlvi tnx
  11. Yes the goal is approaching, the Spit is almost finished, some things remain to do but the big job has been done. I wanted to give the model a really worn and somewhat unkempt look due to hyperactivity and the desert climate that certainly does not help the good maintenance of the vehicle. Obviously there is no opaque coat as I have to adjust the pigments a bit, and some accessories such as the various lights, the antenna, the door and then finally glue the canopy and propeller. Pictures
  12. Hello to all . Small step washes and beginning of wheaterhing. For the first one I used a brown of cassel diluted in whit spirit, I only used this color without the black because being little covering so I could decide the quantity of color for each panel. It is true that it is almost all uniform, but it is me served for the lower surfaces where I wanted to be a bit more light, I also decided to profile only the main panels, the rivets I wanted them only visible but not accentuated given the degree of wear of the paint would have been out of place. weathering is carried out with flat cle
  13. Hi everyone, here's a little step forward Finished camouflage. I must say that I am very satisfied with the real color AK, very fine finish, they spread very well and the resistance to masking is very good. I also used the tape for the coachbuilder and the paint has suffered in very few points considering that I've not primerized the kit. Here are the photos that I know are what you are interested in, they are self-explanatory so no extra comments The mistake of propeller was fixed now can be chipped in brass
  14. Hi everyone. Let's go, since at the end of a model I can't wait to finish it and inevitably parts like main carriages, propellers and so on are neglected a bit because my mind is already tuned towards a new project, I decided to finish before these then move on to the entire plane's painting job, so quickly put the photos of the main carriage and propeller already finished, to main carriage I have only added a 0.3mm lead wire to simulate the brake line, the legs are in aluminum ModelMaster with the piston in polished aluminum sheet to simulate the chrome, the whole washed with cassel earth t
  15. For now it's all and as usual CCC (criticisms, comments and compliments) always welcome Until next time
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