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  1. RF-101 Cuba

    I have the Valom kit about ready to hit paint, and I'm planning one of the Cuban missile crisis aircraft. The kit includes decals for an aircraft with the tail lumber 516. The instructions show the aircraft in overall 34102 with fairly narrow bands of 34079, mirrored top and bottom. The only picture I can find is of tail number 512, which clearly has light grey undersides (16473? 36622?) with a similar 34102/34079 disruptive topside.Does anyone have any more info on the aircraft that were camouflaged or the crisis? Specifically were any actually overall disruptive as Valom would have it, or did they all have grey undersides? Any help most appreciated!
  2. Academy F-15E Strike Eagle (Saudi F-15S)

    It's Mod-Eagle
  3. This is the new Academy F-15E Strike Eagle, finished as a Saudi F-15S with Two Bobs decals. It's a stellar model, I built it back to back with the GWH kit, and with the exception of the exhausts for the F100 engines which are shockingly bad it's better in every single way than the GWH kit. This is why I used the F110 exhausts for a Saudi re-engined aircraft MRP paints over Tamiya fine surface primer, Mr Color super clear III gloss, decals two bobs, washes and weathering with W&N oils, final varnish is Vallejo.
  4. GWH F-15E Strike Eagle 1/72nd

    Built more or less from the box. Superb model, although I do think it's perhaps a shade fat around the nose. Paint is Mr Color, weathering with oils, final finish Vallejo. Markings are from Eagle Strike for a 48th TFW machine during the Kosovo crisis. Great kit, but overshadowed (in my eyes anyway) by the almost simultaneously released Academy one which is just sharper overall, and has a better nose shape to my eye. Nonetheless, either will make a beautiful model.
  5. Image Hosting

    Oh don't misunderstand me - they're there, and viewable. But the apparatus for downloading them back to my own storage album-by-album isn't working right now. I have managed to download 10% of my images in the last 24 hours. I suspect there's a rush of downloading going on - it's like they invited their own DDoS attack!
  6. Image Hosting

    I have no problem paying for my hosting at all. I have been on a paid plan with Photobucket since I first set up an account. But the increase from £4 a month to £40 for the same level of service is simply. Indeed a good part of my sense of security was from the fact that I was PAYING them for my image hosting, not getting it free. Right now I'm checking around for a domain and web hosting option, and feel severely burned that I trusted photobucket with my images - the important stuff is backed up sure, but many of the model ones aren't, I just wanted somwhere to dump them not taking up my own space, and trusted them to do that. It certainly throws the risks of using cloud services into sharp relief doesn't it? I can see the ramifications running clean through the cloud industry. (In fact I'm so wary of "free" services I'm actively looking for a paid option. Although looking at how that has worked out for my PB account I'm asking myself why!)
  7. Image Hosting

    I used to have my own hosted site and domain, but I let it lapse, I was looking at renewing earlier, and Just Host want nearly $400US just to fire it all back up again!
  8. Image Hosting

    Just checking out Imgur and how easy it is to use. Seems to work okay, even quicker and easier than PB actually.
  9. Image Hosting

    Imgur test
  10. F-35 news roundup

    France? :)
  11. Kitty Hawk F6U Pirate

    Wasn't the Tiger 1/32nd though? I htink ditching that was a wise move, but it would be worth it in 1/48th.
  12. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    It isn't? Aww no, Jimmy will be *SO* disappointed! I'm starting to wish it was, it clearly drives him insane. Missed a trick there!
  13. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    The most amusing thing about the Tomcat is that it was painted and weathered with reference to real ones as they looked around the time of the revolution. And that is pretty much spotless. They were Iran's pride and joy, and remained so even after the revolution. So they weren't beaten and faded. It had a subtle wash some very subtle post shading, and quite a bit of light streaking and other work. The key is *subtle*. Just like the real thing using, you know, references! And apparently that's "boring" because I didn't make it look like it had been buried in peat, smothered in oil and set alight. Or, Ged forbid, black based! The one thing I remain unhappy with was not being able to replace the AIM-9Gs provided for AIM-9J/P. The reason being (and here's an irony!) that it was built FOR TAMIYA and their importer here in the UK, and currently resides at the importer's headquarters in a display case along with Spencer Pollard's VF-2 model and Jon Mock's VF-84 model. So in calling it box standard people are dead right, except I used references and stuff in the finishing. So, yeah. . . . boring as f**k.
  14. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    I'm still waiting for those screenshots. Probably of my three hour tenure on SMCG. Although, in fairness, I did manage to LEAVE rather get ejected, so there's that. . . .
  15. The Scale Model Critique Group and ARC.

    Tee hee. Nope, not mine. Never was. It's not a nice try Jimmy, it's a plain fact. I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be bothered if it WAS my page, I'd be quite proud of it, but if you think it's the writing style, then you're a monumentally poor writing analyst. Honestly! When you say "we all know it's you" what you actually mean is "I know it's you", which alludes to two issues. . one, your poor ability to decipher writing styles and, two, your own malignant narcissism that makes you think an opinion of one is "all". Now, you're always the first to tell us how expert you are (in pretty much everything) so I'm surprised that expertise hasn't extended to finding out who's page it is, or maybe it has? And you're just too embarrassed to admit you know it's not mine. So, who is "we all"? Be specific, show your work.