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  1. What you witnessed was a practical joke dreamed up by an online forum that someone with Airfix at the time (but long since departed) bought into. It was a practical joke. Nothing more or less. Airfix have never, ever, ever had even the remotest notion of doing a 1/48th scale Vulcan. Ever. It was a joke.
  2. Lakenheath F-15C's can often be seen carrying Sniper here in the UK.
  3. Try and get the rapid thinner too. It flashes off so fast that the metal doesn't settle, resulting in a finer, smooth and bright finish than with ordinary or levelling thinner.
  4. I got a Frecce Tricolori patch with a Meng G-91 a few years ago. This confirms I'm a member of the team, we're just waiting for my slot to come free.
  5. That's not exactly being sensitive to customer issues, is it? "Eff you, not our problem".
  6. No, that's what he was talking about, but it may explain why the whole nose area looks too beefy to me.
  7. I built the Academy and GWH 1/72nd Strike Eagles head-to-head last year. I did think the entire GWH nose looked too beefy from the windscreen forward, only a fraction, but quite obvious compared to the Academy, which looked dead on to me. So to hear Haneto talk about it being too wide on the 1/48th sort of fits with my observations. Oh yeah, and the GWH drop tanks are terrible too!
  8. Was, she was replacedin 2014 by Alissa White-Gluz, who is singing on that video.
  9. Airfix asked for ordering commitments from retailers to judge demand for some models. They have never, ever asked for pre-orders involving payment up front for anything. How retailers dealt with it was not in Airfix' control. Numerous Chinese companies use commitments from retailers before committing to tooling on various projects - but you never really hear about it, and nobody is asked for payment up front to fund the tooling.
  10. AIM-120/AIM-132. The Meteor has just started entering service on Typhoon, so I suspect it will filter through in due course, but given the nature of the threat down there, I would be surprised if there's any great rush, especially as the RAF is still taking delivery of AIM-120 (D model most recently was ordered) as well. Don't think I've seen an AIM-9 on an RAF subject for quite some years now, the AIM-132 is ubiquitous on Tornado and Typhoon fleets as far as I can see.
  11. I built an aircraft from that sheet back in 1998-99. So I don't know the precise year, but it was in the early days of F15's at the Heath.
  12. 34087 is olive drab. Did you mean 34079? (34159,24201,34079 - no idea why the tan colour was listed as as a satin)
  13. I've always though that ghost grey Eagles form the 70's and early 80's were far less contrasty than later ghost grey ones, up to and including Desert Storm, where to my eye the difference between the 36375 and 36320 was much more pronounced. May be the increasing resolution of photography in the intervening years though.
  14. Oh yeah, as long as you check fit and trim any really minor flash you find, it goes together beautifully. I've used some Mr Filler liquid putty on a couple of areas (the nosecone joint) and some Mr Surfacer in other areas - the intakes needed some work, but I can see how I largely caused that, as minor as it is, and should a BM or PD turn up in due course (or, dreamily, a PU!) the I won't have that problem next time. Sand one or two areas tonight, then it's time to prime!
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