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  1. Whatever the case, i'm in for a couple of those eagles! Pretty good year for eagle fans.. First Academy's releases of the new F-15K, F-15E and upcoming F-15I? Now this.. Awesome!
  2. Wow that's new to me! Anyone has a photo of it to share? :)
  3. I may not be right, but i think the Hasegawa 1/72 weapon set 3 includes these dual launchers.
  4. Some nice stuff there.. Doc u looking for the Weapons Set D?
  5. Might be a long shot here, but i'm looking for a pair of F-16 CFTs in 1/48 scale. Hopefully someone didnt use the CFTs frm their F-16 Hellenic AF Kit and would be willing to sell them to me?
  6. I'd never seen any strikes carry the thousand pound JDAM before :) Only seen them with the 2000 pound GBU-31 and the 500 pound GBU-38 though.
  7. O/T but the loadout on the F-15K on the box art is very interesting.. Harpoon on a Strike? No Sidewinders or AMRAAMs.. And the JDAMs! 3x GBU-38 on the top and a GBU-31 on the bottom? Won't the GBU-31 impede the drop of the GBU-38? Ok its probably just a 'for show' loadout..
  8. I'm urgently in need of the raised IFF antenna piece in the 1/72 Academy F-16CJ/KF-16 kit.. The IFF antenna is a seperate piece and is the one usually seen on ADF Vipers or foreign vipers. I'm building an RSAF F-16C for my friend's birthday and i lost the piece from my Academy kit!!! I'm in Singapore, and would really appreciate it if someone from Singapore could help me out. There's not much time left!! Overseas would be great too and i could send some cash your way to cover shipping! Or if there are certain parts you might need i could try to help. Thanks!
  9. Wasnt it supposed to be for the korean market only?
  10. Omg that looks AWESOME!!! :blink: B) :D
  11. I'm building the Kinetic F-16DG/DJ kit, but i cant decide on the loadout!! What would be a realistic load for a USAF twin-tub viper? Especially if i wanna hang a HTS and a Litening pod? I was thinking a loadout like this: AIM-120C AIM-9X HARM Fuel Tank HTS Centreline Fuel Tank LITENING Pod Fuel Tank 2x GBU-12 ACMI Pod AIM-120B Would this work?
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