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  1. Excellent! Will there also be a 1/48 sheet?
  2. This would be nice....this is the first to arrive, the 20th and final arrived this week.
  3. It would be great to see a sheet for the first Air Guard unit to receive the F-35A, The Green Mountain Boys of the Vermont Air National Guard.
  4. It's Green for sure...colors of the State of Vermont are actually Green and Gold...but Yellow works as well. BTW, I commend your project to do all VTANG A/C in 1/72...I myself am doing the same in 1/48. If only someone(cough cough Caracal) would do a sheet in 1/48 and 1/72 of Vermont A/C, especially for the new F-35s that recently arrived as the first Air Guard unit to have the honor to get that jet.
  5. Woohoo! Dream come true! Order placed! Thank you! VTANG FTW!
  6. Actually, CF of the wheels should be a breeze...you just need a hair dryer\heatgun and plenty of decal softener. I think it's a safe bet the diffuser is CF as well....THAT will be a job...I recommend Scale Motorsport HI Tech CF.
  7. Yeah MinuteMan is closed...but the website is STILL ACTIVE. I found out the hard way that it was closed...even though I assumed(my bad) that because the website was active, it was open... When Minuteman Hobby\Hobbies is Googled...the first link is to the active website.... People in South East Mass and Rhode Island can also go to Apponaug Color Shop http://hobbyri.com/ and AA Hobbies http://www.aahobbies.com ...both in RI near Green Airport. Both, in my opinion, are worth a visit, but if you're a car modeler AA no longer carries kits...just diecast automotive subjects. Apponaug is a must if
  8. Another request for Vermont's Green Mountain Boys!
  9. My imagination?!? It's FACT...your "hero", not even alone, attacked an unarmed opponent.....if anything the American flight crew was careless.
  10. The point being at least they had someone shooting back at them....
  11. It would have been a very different outcome if the American pilots had been armed, which they were not, and you are right about one thing, there would have been 2 splashed Migs if the situation were reversed. ;)
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