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  1. Greetings Jim, You might want to check that part # again. I don't believe that 48496 is for a P-47. I do have a True Details #48498 for a P-47C-5 Thru P-47D-10 Razorback Cockpit. Recommended for Tamyia kits. If this is what you are looking for PM me and we'll see if we can strike a deal. Take care, Tim
  2. PM sent on AeroMaster Sabres Over Korea sets Pt.1 through Pt.5 and added stencil sets. Tim
  3. g Greetings Zach, PM sent on FT 48028 : VF 211 Tim
  4. Tried to send you an email but it bounced do to a "permanent error" what ever the heck that is. Tim
  5. Thanks Brian. Glad things worked out. Take care, Tim
  6. Thank you gentlemen. Sometimes you just get to be in the right place at the right time. Tim
  7. Thanks Brian. Glad we could find a deal. Tim
  8. Would you be interested in an AeroMaster Set 48-558? Tim
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