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  1. Hello guys, This is my current project, the Academy MRC UH-1C converted to a Salvadorean UH-1M with the toilet bowl as seen in action during the 1980s-90s war in El Salvador. First of all i want to thank Ray(Rotorwash), he provided me the kit for free,(thank you my friend) I am using a lot of aftermarket sets such as the Eduard Big Ed, Fireball Modelworks M158 rocket pods, brass GAU-2 minigun barrells, and a couple of scratch pieces. Heres some in progress pics of the cockpit, and some already painted bits. Hope you all enjoy! Rod.
  2. One of the best ive seen, you put a lot of effort to an almost perfect model kit. Congrats my good friend. Rod.
  3. Ok, im in with a couple of this, but hey, wheres the 1/35 UH-1D/H???? Rod.
  4. Hi Bo, well, i put two styrene pieces in the inner center part of the stab bar and this were glued to the center of the hub upper housing. Then the jesus nut was added using photoetch surplus parts. Rod.
  5. Chris, i cut the mast with an x acto to make it shorter, and i didnt introduce the mast to the hole that is in the center of the hub, thats it, i cut it like 2-3mm dont remember well. Rod.
  6. Hmmm thats strange, maybe it was only my parts. Ill buy a set for my next one just to confirm. Thanks Ray! Rod.
  7. Ray, i forgot to tell you, all parts are good, except for the APR-39 mounts, they are flat in the surface section when glued to the nose, they must be curved as the nose is, thats why they dont sit well. Maybe Floyd can fix this issue. I ended up using the old Fireball ones. Rod.
  8. Thanks Tim. I appreciate it. Rod.
  9. Thank you all for your kind words. I love how it turned out. The 3D parts are amazing Ray, Floyd did a great job with it, and your support as always is awesome. Chris, the dampers were lowered a couple of mm because i cut the mast to make it smaller. Rod.
  10. Ok guys, calling this one done, the model was built 90% OOB except for the excellent Werner Wings Huey upgrades, and some antennas, wire strike blades, handles, were made from scratch. Painting was done using Model Master acrylics. Main color is U.S. Army Helo Drab. Decals came from Fireball Modelworks. Hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions please ask me. Thanks. Rod.
  11. 1/32 & 1/35 Bell 412 conversions

    So youre telling me they will release the nose section fully corrected? Not that would be so cool. Hope they could release the commercial interior configuration including the seats and roof section. I will have to save a couple of months some money to buy this, although is very expensive. Rod.
  12. Completed - 1/48 UH-1D

    Looks amazing, i love the finished look. Great build. Rod.
  13. Academy MH 60 S Helicopter 1/35 scale/

    This should be donated to the National Air and Space Museum, a pure work of art! I love it Oliver, keep it on! Rod.
  14. Looks awesome Charlie, hope to see it finished soon. Keep the Hueys coming! Heck yeah! Rod.
  15. Heres another update guys. I made a lot of details from scratch, the upper console was detailed a bit although it will not be seen so much with the doors closed, some other scratch items include the wire strike blades, antennas, belly details, etc. Its almost ready for painting. Hope you all enjoy. Calling her done in a couple of weeks. Rod.