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  1. H-60 soundproofing color?

    The grey is the standard Dark Gull Gray, you can simulate the cargo straps with the tamiya tape. Rod.
  2. H-60 soundproofing color?

    I painted my Hawk┬┤s soundproofing in dark green color, there are some birds with green fabric. Rod.
  3. FAS - "GUARDIAN" 215 UH-1H Italeri 1/48

    Damn, that looks amazing, did you add light to the IP? Looks like it has some LED lightning. Rod.
  4. Bell UH-1V GA-ARNG 71-20255 ( Kitty Hawk 1/48)

    Ok guys, ive finally finished detailing the rotor transmission, hope you all like it. Next update will be the cockpit. Rod.
  5. Bell UH-1H GA-NG 70-16452

    Charlie, i will send them to you today. Rod.
  6. Bell UH-1V GA-ARNG 71-20255 ( Kitty Hawk 1/48)

    Yes, i am creating the angled downward swash plate just like the Huey in Charlies photo.
  7. Helo pics from El Paso

    Cubs, That modification is called the BLR Fast Fin, it helps the tail rotor to be more efficient and create much control to the aircraft, it also helps eliminate the LTR effectiveness. Rod.
  8. Bell UH-1V GA-ARNG 71-20255 ( Kitty Hawk 1/48)

    Another update. Now working on the main rotor gearbox and correcting some minor issues that Kitty Hawk totally forgot. Hope you all enjoy. Rod.
  9. FAS - "GUARDIAN" 215 UH-1H Italeri 1/48

    Charlie, what are you waiting for??? Please, you may start your build LOL!!!! Come on buddy we want to see this beauty. Rod.
  10. Bell UH-1V GA-ARNG 71-20255 ( Kitty Hawk 1/48)

    Ok guys, heres the first progress of the build. I have encountered various issues with the kit, the first one being this nasty moulding line that runs through the whole main lower fuselage section, i just had to eliminate it and redo the inspection panels that were lost during the sanding process. Hope you all enjoy. Rod.
  11. Bell UH-1V GA-ARNG 71-20255 ( Kitty Hawk 1/48)

    Thanks Tom and Charlie! Rod.
  12. Hi everyone, this is my next project, a Bell UH-1V from the Georgia Army National Guard. I will represent UH-1V 71-20255 from the 148th Medical Company AA GA-ARNG ca.2003-4. For the model i will use the Kitty Hawk UH-1D 1/48 kit, Werner Wings sets, Eduard photoetch, and Fireball Modelworks decals, and the rest will be scratch including the medevac interior. The model will be a tribute to all the Pilots and Crew Chiefs of the GA-ARNG that worked with the mighty Huey. This is the bird i will build: Hope you all enjoy and lets start this beauty! Rod.
  13. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 12/11)

    Ohh now i see, well i would recommend you to remove the stynylrex completely before adding the mr surfacer. Please show us more updates, looks awesome. Rod.
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 12/11)

    Thats pretty weird, i have used the mr surfacer 1500 for a long time and the thing sticks like a rock. Have you cleaned up the surface first? It could have some oil that does not let the surfacer stick in. The black surfacer would look great as a primer to create shadow and color blending before you apply the Dark Gull Gray. Rod.
  15. CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1/35

    Looks like the real thing. Awesome work!! Rod.