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  1. That looks like a late A model hawk with the FLIR and upgraded engines. Note there is no ALQ-144, must be around 2012 or so. Rod.
  2. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Awesome, i love it. But.... you forgot to install the main rotor pitch links. Great build. Rod.
  3. Hello guys, been some days since i finished my Mike mode in 1/35, so im back with the Huey madness. Ill be building two hueys at the same time. First will be a UH-1H from El Salvador Air Force tail 206 (66-16395) with all the Aircraft Survavility Equipment gear in the early 90s. The second one will be UH-1H 68-15297 from the 92nd AHC in vietnam ca.1971. Ill be using some Werner Wings resin, Fireball resin, PE and decals, and some Eduard PE. Hope to start this week so please be tuned. Thanks to all. Rod.
  4. salvador001

    New 160th SOAR Pics

    There will be one day when my display cabinet will include an MH-60 and AH-6 from the 160th SOAR both in 1/35. Rod.
  5. What a beauty. Rod.
  6. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk's newest 1/35th scale helicopters- AH-6J and MH-6J

    Guys, Anyone knows if Eduard will release some photoetch for this model? Im waiting for that so bad. A nice Big Ed would look great. Rod.
  7. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1H WIP (Update 6/29)

    Cant wait to see this one finished. That interior is awesome. Rod.
  8. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Sweeeeetttttt!! Oh my God, the paint and weather is just out of this world. Hope mine turns out as good as yours. Keep it on Jorge. Rod.
  9. salvador001

    Academy MRC UH-1C kit

    Walt, you should wait a little bit because Revell of Germany bought the moulds of the MRC huey and will rebox it this year. They already list it on their product line so lets wait. Check this link: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1121447-revell-04960-bell-uh-1c Rod.
  10. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Damn Jorge, that is looking awesome. Cant wait to see it finished. Those rivets are fantastic, will try to get those if they release the 1/35 Huey, i bet the huey will come with negative riveting. I see you cut the skids to make it shorter, that is a nice touch, the kit ones comes a little bit higher. Keep that great work. Rod.
  11. salvador001

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    The correct shade is mix 50-50 aircraft interior black with helo drab. Rod.
  12. Nope, they are only for the photo. Rod.
  13. Thank you all! Well, i knew there was something missing, so here it is, the Reedoak SPH-4 post vietnam pilot helmets. I modify them and scrathbuild the AN AVS-9 NVGs. This were used by Salvadorean pilots during the early 90s. Hope you all enjoy. Rod.
  14. That rotor looks like the real deal. Rod.
  15. Thank you guys im glad you all like it. Rod.