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  1. I am so sorry about your loss Chris. May God be with her. Rod.
  2. If you are not that rivet counter modeller, you can build it OOB just changing the tail stab for the academy one. If you decide to leave the pilots doors closed nobody will notice the center console is wrong. Rod.
  3. Looks awesome Dave. Do the chaff/flare buckets comes with the kit? Ive noticed also that the kit comes with some raised detail on the fuselage to install the NV formation lights, some missile sensors and other modern bits, i understand the kit comes with different eras for the November, the old ones didnt have all this modern bits so we will have to remove all this and lose the surface detail thats ridiculous for me. Rod.
  4. Amazing, one of the best Venoms ive seen. Rod.
  5. Been a long time since i dont update this thread, so here it is, i finished it a couple of days ago. Turned out really good, this is my third KH Huey and i love it. Had to scratch build the armament pylons and lots of modifications to the rotors. Hope you all enjoy and thank you for your support. Rod.
  6. Sadly No! From what i see on Florys review, the kit comes with two new sprues, mainly fuselage and engine parts, the rest are from the D kit, just terrible. Looks like they didnt pay much attention to detail on this one. But again, its superior than the italeri one so ill buy a couple. Rod.
  7. Awesome start. Ill be following closely. But... are you sure its an L model? Look at the wheel sponsons, they are short A model types. Rod.
  8. Awesome video, can't want to see the second part. Please do more helicopter video builds. Congrats. Rod.
  9. Awesome, cant wait to have it. Oh BTW, is it me or the pilot seats are a bit strange? They look too simple and small. Rod.
  10. Damn, you nailed it again my friend. I know someone will be happy to see another 255 build, guess who?? Amazing work as always, keep it on. Whats next?? Rod.
  11. Hello guys, been sooo long since i didnt update this build, so heres how it goes so far. Almost done with the build to start the paint process. Hope you all enjoy. Any questions welcome. Rod.
  12. I use different metallic colors from Alclad and model master enamels. Rod.
  13. Lets hope this will be true. The new 1/35 Huey has always been my dream model. Rod.
  14. Oh man, just take my money. And please release the UH-1Y also. Rod.
  15. Damn, i want it so bad. Hope they fix the MR blades, they need to add the extra fin on the trailing edge, those blades on the 3D renders looks like standard H model blades. Rod.
  16. Chris, easy way to go is with the tamiya clear green or testors clear green acrylic. FYI, i paint my hueys with my workhorse Badger 150 double action airbrush, simply the best. Rod.
  17. Well heres some progress on the Huey. Just need to install all the seats and work on the roof and shes ready to be closed. Hope you all enjoy. Greetings. Rod.
  18. If you have some more information about the 1/35 Huey please let us now, i dont want to keep buying more 1/48 Kitty Hawk Hueys, i rather save some money for the 1/35 version. Rod.
  19. You rock! This is the type of Hueys i love. Modern era with all the extra survavility equipments. Cant wait to see that bird all finished up. Rod.
  20. Chris, I use two paints for my Huey greenhouses. First is the testors clear green acrylic, this is a very good paint and can be sprayed straight out of the bottle, the acrylic is good because if you screw it you just clean the part and spray it again. The second paint is the tamiya clear green, this needs to be diluted with the tamiya thinner but if you dont have it you can use sherwin williams opex dual lacquer acrylic 203 thinner. I use both and they work well. I used the tamiya green with my last Huey build. Rod.
  21. Wow this has to be a dream. I want it so bad, my modelling dream will come true with the 35th Huey. Do you know any ETA about it? I cant wait! Rod.
  22. Hello Guys, well this is a commision build im doing for a friend here in my country, its a UH-1H from El Salvador Air Force that was armed with 4 rocket pods, this configuration was used before we got the UH-1Ms in the mid 80s. Im using the Werner Wings anti strella set, Eduard Big Ed set, and some scratch build pieces. This is how im doing so far. Cockpit is amost done. Hope you all enjoy. Rod.
  23. Floyd, i will do for you the modern hoist to cast it. We need it so bad. Give me some time and ill make it for you. Rod.
  24. Thanks Walt. The Nam era Huey will be for next year, possibly will build it with a couple more like MFO, white top, etc, Only time will tell.... Rod.
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