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  1. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    Mean I second what tosouthern66 said. Sharpies are a lot easier to use, but I also use insignia red paint and a fine tip brush, just depending on what mood I am in.
  2. How to Paint Gear Door Edge

    +2. its a lot easier as well.
  3. Maintenance Control: What are your build plans

    Welcome to the GB.
  4. It's 2017 and the Army still can't decide on uniforms

    I really like the the WWII style uniform. The Australian Army have recently reverted back to the Khaki Green dress uniform from the olive green that I had when I served in the 90's. ( Photo from Australian Defence Force Image Library)
  5. VFA-192 Super Bug

    Great going so far I know I haven’t fished one build yet that I have started within a GB. But this will change. Just got to get going.. anyway have a safe trip and see ya on the flip side
  6. F-35 news roundup

    I know for a fact that our Aussie bugs are kept well maintained, I work on them... quite funny the relationship that we have with the Canucks, For a while here Boeing’s reputation was quite sour with the Aus Government. We were 5yrs behind on Delivering the E-7 Wedgetail and had a few other projects behind schedule as well. Boeing has the classic bug DM program contract, which we subcontract some of the work to BAe systems to keep their work force employed during the time the the Hawk LIF weren’t in for maintenance. The tender went out, BAe didn’t want all the aircraft but got it for the next 3yrs, snd subcontracted back to Boeing. Boeing found out that BAe we’re getting their data from L3 in Canada, pretty much stops all the data transfer to L3. Aus Governent takes BA to court for being a bully, BA cites it’s their IP and win the case, Contract gets put back out for tender Boeing gets contract and all IP data gets turned back on. All happy days Unfortuntly while I do work for Boeing, Newly fabricated classic parts are now starting to get hard to get hold off, we are lucky that we have AMO to which we can manufacture parts in course of maintainence, but I have a couple of items that I have had in order through ST Louis that have had over 365 days LT. so the issue will be that you will unfortunately still have to go to Boeing to get any new parts.
  7. 1/72 F-4 B Phantom II- VMFA-115

    Update time.. doing this on my phone as I’m having issues with the computer. The last 3 weeks have been pretty hectic with work for me, so it was time for a short break just to recharge the batteries & also spend some quality time with the family and headed off to the country for the week. Just before I left, I had joined the the FWD & AFT fuselage sections together being mindful of Tony’s advise about the alignment issues with the kit... when I thought everything was good, I attached the intake trunks then Murphy’s law of modelling took hold. Murphy 1v me 0, and a lot of cursed words flying around. Left hand side of the trunking shown after copious amounts of thickened primer surfacer brushed on. Right hand side was pretty much the same. Then all join lines for the same treatment Here is where it is now after all the filling and sanding sessions have been completed
  8. Just testing to see if this works.. Trying to post in my thread build and keep getting a internal server error.
  9. VFA-192 Super Bug

    Don't worry, you're not on your own there. I have issues with my build as well. Keep hanging in there, the reward will be worth the effort that you have created so far. Sorry I have been busy the last couple of weeks. 1st week was work issues, second week needed a break from said work issues and family holiday time while my kids have school holidays.
  10. F-35 news roundup

    Don, Ideally its not the best solution for the Canadians, at the moment. but it maybe only one of many. and i am one of those bad BA personnel. Just on the Aussie side Brendon
  11. 1/72 F-4 B Phantom II- VMFA-115

    Thanks Tony, I figured out how to fix the alignment issue, glued the upper fuselage together first then work around the tail hook and afterburner cans and left the lower section unglued until I had the upper wings in potion.Then glued the wing sections together and now the rear fuselage sits in nicely against the wingroot
  12. F-35 news roundup

    Hi Don, I heard that our Classics are still going to be operational unitl 20/21 time frame. That being said, 3 SQN are going to be the first to transition to the F-35, that will release their Hornets to the pool to rotate between 77, 75 & 2 OCU, Then 2 OCU, will transfer to the lighting , then its either 75 or 77 SQN 's or vise versa. So I gather that they will keep the ones that are the better of the fleet flying then as soon as one goes U/S they will park it up. then offer the fleet up for sale. Its's interesting that the Kuwaiti's won't release theirs, from another source that I have been told there got the lowest hrs of all the hornets as they haven't got enough spares and they are in relative good condition.
  13. Tamiya Release Rumors?

    How about release something different other than a 109 or F-14 for a change? I get it that its what sells, but for crying out loud how many more kits of one particular aircraft do we really need. Brendon
  14. Whilst I am awaiting the paint to dry on my Corsair, I would start on my 2nd build for the GB. With the transition to the F-4 Phantom II in 1964/1965, VMF-115, was re designated to VMFA-115, were deployed to Da Nang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam on October 14, 1965. During the Vietnam War. VMFA-115 flew more than 34,000 combat sorties, providing close air support for Marines during such battles as the Tet Offensive, Battle of Hue, Battle of Khe Sahn, and Task Force Delta. The squadron was awarded the Hanson Trophy in 1971 by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. In March 1971 VMFA-115 was relocated to Iwakuni, Japan. In April 1972, the squadron moved its operations to Royal Thai Air Base Nam Phong, Thailand. Here they continued to fly air to ground sorties in addition to playing a key fighter role in Operation Linebacker missions over North Vietnam. Its towards the later years that my build to represent F-4 B Phantom 152217, around early to mid 70's whist in service with VMFA- 115. This air frame was later converted to F-4N standard and ended its days as a bomb range target. Box Art This is the 2011 release, I had previously made this back when it was released in 1990 as an Australian Airforce Cadet, unfortunately I no longer have the model, when I left home my folks turned my room into a sewing room for my Mum, so all the models that I had built over those years got " put away " and were damaged beyond repair. So i'm greatful to be able to build this one again cockpit been done just using the kit decals for the IP & WSO office Front IP already attached into position. WSO office and the cockpit completed After I had completed that I decided to tackle the stabilizers. I had chiseled off the arrow head stiffener that is molded onto the stabs as they weren't present on the aircraft at the time, then re-scribed the the panel lines where that plates were and also added the panel line where the aluminium panel is ob the outboard side of the stab. Tamyia AS-12 was used then masked out and Gunze Steel was used on the center panel. have a touchups to do but that will be late done on. Cheers Brendon
  15. F-35 news roundup

    TT. Most of our major defence procurement spending in the last 15 yrs, has come when the Australian Liberal Party has been in Government. We realized with our troop contribution in the sandbox and Afghanistan, we relied heavily onothers for our strategic airlift capability, just for example but your right we do have some neat equipment coming online, but i digress from the topic at hand That being said, there is a lot of people here thinking that the JSF is not the right choice for us, The Howard government at the time made that choice for us with out opening it up for tender, Like they did when the F-111 was purchased off the design board without even a blink of the eye ( alot of that was due what threat Communism posed at the time) which SAAB, Dassault were sorely pi**ed off about, and IIRC, tried to take it to court to evoke a fly off competition, but it was dismissed and the SF is here to stay I am one of the few that like it.