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  1. F-4D 65-0608

    Very nice work so far.
  2. Welcome to the GB... Great to see so many varieties. Brendon
  3. North American F-86F "Mig Mad Marine"

    I ended up mixing stainless steel with the aluminium to get the tonal variation that you see, while buffing up the flight controls slightly.
  4. North American F-86F "Mig Mad Marine"

    Latest update.. Few shots after I had applied MR COLOR UV cut gloss thinned with levelling thinner at a Ratio 1: 1..... Wonderful stuff dried in 10 Min's and hard as a rock. The weather turned very quickly yesterday afternoon.... Heavy rain & turned cool wasn't really what i had hoped for... But it meant that I could sit down and start the decaling. Forty of the buggers done still another 40 odd to go.....
  5. F-4D 65-0608

    Wow.. Stunning cockpit..
  6. Lovely work as usual mate. I'm surprised you haven't finished these yet
  7. Vietnam F-4J Mig-Killer

    Nice start . looking forward to your progress shots.
  8. Killer Proposal

    G'day Paulo. Yes, you're more than welcome to do this.. Please post a before picture first though. Brendon
  9. Killer Proposal

    Hey Milo, The Story article sounds convincing enough.. after some due consideration.. I will allow it.
  10. North American F-86F "Mig Mad Marine"

    Hi Ron. I think if i tried sanding it down, it would that the pigment off the model and i would be back at square one again. I had done a trial run and if you handle it too much the pigment gets all over you.
  11. Spray Booth for Airbrushing?

    All my modeling is done in a single car garage. After a few years just spraying in the open. I finally brought myself a portable spray booth. Once, I have finished, pull out the LED lights, and fold everything away, it is no wider than a toolbox so it is easy to store away. Brendon
  12. North American F-86F "Mig Mad Marine"

    Well for this build I thought i would try giving Mr Metal colors a go to see how it looks. What can I say, sprays well straight from the bottle. I had set the pressure for my airbrush around 10-15 psi Lightly spraying the first coat kept the colour variation, but it didn't cover well so i allowed a 15-20 min gap and gave it another light coating . Here is the result after 2 coats, hardly any to no tonal variation left. Now to let it dry before buffing up various panels, then seal it so I can paint the exhaust and the gun fairing panels.
  13. Killer Proposal

    Hi Paulo. Absolutely. Some F-4G's had carried over their Mig kills while they were F-4E's. As long as the aircraft you are modeling is a MiG killer.. You are good to go.