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  1. Yep I definitely hear you on that.. but the storms were nice. But Its Melbourne for you 4 seasons in one day
  2. Presenting Airfix's 1/72 F-86F of Maj John Glenn's Mig Mad Marine with kit supplied decals.
  3. This was taken last night just after I had finished appling 40 small decals on my 1/72 Airfix F-86F, for the MiG|Mil& Su Killer GB. still got a few things to do to its finished.
  4. Thanks Ron, Well I'm close to the finish line with this one.. 88 decals on a 1/72 scale model, nearly drives you nuts!!! We have had some really unusual weather here in Melbourne the last few days so I haven't done much modelling, But now that I am on 2 weeks leave that might give me a chance to finish off 2 other builds that are nearly complete before I start the second build. Well here is where I am at as of tonight. a few touch ups, some weathering & a few items to add on and I will have this one over the finish line.
  5. I ended up mixing stainless steel with the aluminium to get the tonal variation that you see, while buffing up the flight controls slightly.
  6. Latest update.. Few shots after I had applied MR COLOR UV cut gloss thinned with levelling thinner at a Ratio 1: 1..... Wonderful stuff dried in 10 Min's and hard as a rock. The weather turned very quickly yesterday afternoon.... Heavy rain & turned cool wasn't really what i had hoped for... But it meant that I could sit down and start the decaling. Forty of the buggers done still another 40 odd to go.....
  7. Lovely work as usual mate. I'm surprised you haven't finished these yet
  8. Nice start . looking forward to your progress shots.
  9. G'day Paulo. Yes, you're more than welcome to do this.. Please post a before picture first though. Brendon
  10. Hey Milo, The Story article sounds convincing enough.. after some due consideration.. I will allow it.
  11. Hi Ron. I think if i tried sanding it down, it would that the pigment off the model and i would be back at square one again. I had done a trial run and if you handle it too much the pigment gets all over you.
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