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  1. I think it was, i can be too sure i really wasnt old enough then..... lol But I think the defence Chiefs have always wanted a JTF when it came to amphib ops, but like i said if they where to get the F-35B, the small amount of airframes and limited pool of flyers doesnt really make a good business case. Brendon
  2. I think they are looking into the F-35B STOVL, but rumors going around that they dont really want them as it means having two airfames in service with a limited pool of pilots and maintenance guys, but who knows....... i could be wrong Brendon
  3. Sorry i dont know about that one, in reference to Boeing, I meant Boeing Australia. Brendon
  4. Thats why half of them will crewed by the ARMY..... Brendon
  5. I couldn't make sence of it either. Brendon
  6. Gregg Have you seen what Australia has made? there was only the CAC Boomerang,CAC CA-15 ( WW2); CAC Winjeel (1983) GAF Nomad (1977- 1993), everything else has been made under licence...... Including our Hornets which were majority built and we just put them together its not cost effective to build full planes over here anymore the best you have is manufacturing components for Boeing and Airbus and maintainence facilities ( here in Melbourne and Sydney), and Australian Aerospace which is a EADS subsidery which manufacture the Tiger and MRH-90 Helicopters
  7. Hey Chris, The only problem with having a carrier in our navy is that there wouldn't be enough manpower to operate it, as it is i think were going to struggle when the 2 amphib boats come in. There is to much hating on the super.I think its an excellent choice for us, i have to agree with shadowy_one, one this one not only from some members of the defence force , govmnt and the media. It represents a closer 5th gen aircraft and with a fewer other pecies of equipment, it will a great aircraft in our inventory. Brendon
  8. hey Cliff While based in Japan, no CVW-5 aircraft carry live ordnance ,not even chaff or flares, due to the location of the airbase. Also FYI they're not even allowed to do FCLP's. Sorry to rain on your parade. Brendon
  9. i agree Cagie , The problem with the Wedgetail Programe is radar intergration with the systems onboard the aircraft Brendon
  10. Andrew, I work for Boeing and there are rumors going around that they are still being looked at, but how many i cant say, so i would just watch this space for the moment. Brendon
  11. Ultimately, I would love to see the Raptor in Aussie service, but as everyone knows it aint going to happen a the US congress isnt going to allow it for FMS. As for the F-35 i still have doubts about it and i think it will have the same problems as the F-111 did when it was first brought and we leased the F-4 E's in the early 1970's. So IMHO, We should scrap the F-35 and buy more Super's so that we can allow the legacy's to retire in 2015. Brendon
  12. thanks for the great photo, is there any chance of any other pics or drawings of the SHARP Pod??? as im thinking about doing one for my Aussie Rhino that im building. Cheers Brendon aka Aussie_superbug
  13. i Know the issue you are talking about, on the cover it showed the B-52 in flight, but as said, the wing would droop that much the engines would be draggin on the ground, I think one reason it didnt go ahead is that they were going to cost to much to re-engine them anyway for how much airframe hrs that they have left on the old girls. :) Brendon
  14. The reason Why we didn't get the F-15's, is that Boeing, didnt want to push a sale for 2 different airframes from one manufacture. Also a legacy hornet pilot should be able to fly a super hornet after 6 flights. And the Eagle is 1970's technology
  15. G'Day All Thanks for all your comments, its the first time in a while that i have been able to get back on, Due to work and a quick Trip back to Western Australia. Im looking forward to seeing some of the models on the home page when they are all completed, as for mine i have no idea ( 12 months and Still counting ) Thanks heaps Aussie_superbug
  16. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on the colour scheme for the Aussie F/A-18 F's ? would it be the same as the legacy hornets, or what the USN SH have that includes any whatifs as well. Brendon
  17. I got sucked in as well. I payed AUD$ 90, for a F-111C, as it was the only one i could find at the time, now look how many are being sold Aussie_sb
  18. Hi All, just wondering if someone has a set of instructions handy. As i am converting it to a Aussie F-4E, I put mine somewhere in a safe place, but cant figure out where i put them BANGHEAD2.jpg Thanks Aussie_superbug currently building 1/72 F-4 E phantom 1/72 F/A-18 A hornet 1/72 F/A-18 F Superhornet 1/72 F-111 C PIG
  19. i would have to agree bugs and Super bugs all the way!!!!!!! :P Aussie_superbug
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