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  1. Thanks Ray. The only issue is I destroyed the left hand side of wing step decal .. but I can live with that.
  2. Well Happy New Years Guys.. its the 1st for us on the positive side of the IDL.. I haven't got notification yet to say the GB sub forum is ready to be setup yet, this could take a couple of days, So please feel free to start and document your builds and once the GB is setup we can start posting. Cheers Brendon
  3. I'd like to play as well.. the RAAF had a few aerobatic teams over the years The RAAF had a 20th anniversary scheme done up on one of our F/A-18's in 2015 that acted as demo plane. Could this be included?
  4. Ethiopian Su-27s reportedly shot down two Eritrean MiG-29s and damaged another one in February 1999 and destroyed another two in May 2000 i like it
  5. Hi Antoine. Sorry for the reply back until now, I was celebrating New Years with friends and have only seen this now. Yes you can join. More the merrier I say. The GB will be over a 6 month period for any aircraft that has shot down any MiG, Su or Mi. From the start of the Cold War up to current time frame. The aircraft can either be built as either in the Sqn markings that it made the kill or can be represented after it had been transferred to another Sqn.
  6. Hi Dean. I believe that the GB would refer back to the US/Canadian 1st of Jan... So on a technicality I get a 24hr jump on the rest of the GB, but that being said I would have to finish 24hrs before the rest of the participants, so it balances it self out. It most probably sounds like a long winded response, It will also take a couple of days for me to organise the GB sub forum headings as well.
  7. Hey Guys... Just a quick reminder that this starts on the 1st January..... Its my hope that those who have voted for it will participate in it. Tally Ho....Fights on. Brendon
  8. Hi Guys, Yes I am still here.... Just Well, to be honest with you all, while I have been busy with work, I did loose interest in this Build... I ended up stripping this back to plastic and redoing it as I wasn't happy with the end finish of it. Anyway after working on it for the last couple of days here is where I am with it at the present time, spent about 5 hrs on it today to get it to this stage. All the smaller decals to be put on tomorrow. cheers Brendon
  9. I have no issue with supply of either of these down under
  10. Just released here in Australia Sale of Australian Classic Hornets to Canada 13 December 2017 Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, today announced the Government has agreed to the sale of 18 Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 A/B Classic Hornets to the Government of Canada. The offer follows an expression of interest from the Canadian Government received in September. The sale of the aircraft and associated spares remains subject t
  11. Nice works so far Jeff. Have you got any more updates? Brendon
  12. Defiantly clean work there Tony Can't even tell where the fuselage join was
  13. Thanks for the kind words guys. I most probably would love to build 1/48..... the only thing is I dont have the room for it
  14. Hiya All. Long time between visits. Just have a heap of work on at the moment and regulatory audits going on.. and sort of lost the mojo for building as well. I am trying to get that war grimy look happy with the result of the white .....But not really happy with the grey base coat plus have a few touch ups to complete as well.
  15. Mean I second what tosouthern66 said. Sharpies are a lot easier to use, but I also use insignia red paint and a fine tip brush, just depending on what mood I am in.
  16. I really like the the WWII style uniform. The Australian Army have recently reverted back to the Khaki Green dress uniform from the olive green that I had when I served in the 90's. ( Photo from Australian Defence Force Image Library)
  17. Great going so far I know I haven’t fished one build yet that I have started within a GB. But this will change. Just got to get going.. anyway have a safe trip and see ya on the flip side
  18. I know for a fact that our Aussie bugs are kept well maintained, I work on them... quite funny the relationship that we have with the Canucks, For a while here Boeing’s reputation was quite sour with the Aus Government. We were 5yrs behind on Delivering the E-7 Wedgetail and had a few other projects behind schedule as well. Boeing has the classic bug DM program contract, which we subcontract some of the work to BAe systems to keep their work force employed during the time the the Hawk LIF weren’t in for maintenance. The tender went out, BAe didn’t want all the aircraft but got it for the
  19. Update time.. doing this on my phone as I’m having issues with the computer. The last 3 weeks have been pretty hectic with work for me, so it was time for a short break just to recharge the batteries & also spend some quality time with the family and headed off to the country for the week. Just before I left, I had joined the the FWD & AFT fuselage sections together being mindful of Tony’s advise about the alignment issues with the kit... when I thought everything was good, I attached the intake trunks then Murphy’s law of modelling took hold. Murphy 1v me 0, an
  20. Just testing to see if this works.. Trying to post in my thread build and keep getting a internal server error.
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