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  1. All Mike's stuff is top notch, never had a bad bit of resin from him, even in his " Mikes days...
  2. That looks more like the production map as per McDonnel Douglas, not the planned ZM production map
  3. Jeez, wind it in..... the guy was only curious....chill out...
  4. How could he be CAG? Didn't he have his flight status revoked due to an eye condition?
  5. I doubt anyone else was involved, that's just Peri's typical Greek verbal mannerisms...
  6. I saw a lot of her work a few years ago, I think she has an FB or Insta ID of flygirl painter, just like her website..
  7. no idea, but by the look, it appears to be more substantial..
  8. looks like die cast... could be a boon!😎
  9. and there is footage on YouTube...
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