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  1. I have to AGREE with Gabor, trade/ modelling shows are where they expect to get feedback from the grass root buyers of their products...
  2. not so, Master Casters did a set a few years ago...
  3. My supplier has quoted me in shop around Nov 19th
  4. I remember earlier this year, a short editorial in Air Forces mag mentioning it, along with the radar upgrades... Wish I'd kept the copy now..
  5. I reserve judgement until I build it, like the MiG 31, which I was well happy with...
  6. The initial GWH F-15 problems were corrected shortly after issue, relevant sprues were sent to all who bought them
  7. The IFR panel is no issue for me, .. glue , fill and rescribe… simples...
  8. I doubt it, by the look of it...
  9. rather like printers and inkjet cartridges…………..
  10. they probably have it in their WISH LIST...….
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