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  1. I'm currently looking for the 1/32 F-14D right now. Seems like everyone is either sold out or they haven't received the kits yet. Anyone have a site that have the kit available? I'm interested in the F-18, but I think I will wait for the F-18F. Thanks for any leads.
  2. E-hobbyland has the F-14D and F-18E for $162.99. I have purchased kits from this dealer.
  3. I thought the model was suppose to be release, but the store I usually buy from still says that it is pre-order only? If it hasn't been released, do we have a date? Thanks.
  4. I don't know of any store that actually sells at full MSRP. Personally, I buy from online retailers because they is no decent LHS where I live now. So, these kits should be had for ~$150. I agree if they are of low quality needing a lot of resin, sales will be slow.
  5. You pointed out the reason(s) why I haven't tackled the Tamiya F-14. My hat is off to all those that have done the work to re-scribe the cat and do all of the resin. I love your work and respect the effort to do it. But the cost is definitely going to run in the same ballpark that Trumpy is asking MSRP. I'm hoping that Trumpy's new models are pretty accurate in proportions... If so, $150 for a kit isn't out of the question... Personally with the amount of time I spend on a kit, the cost translates to pretty low per month entertainment... One kit will last me at least 4 months (probably more
  6. I received an e-mail from e-hobbyland.com with an early order for Dec 2009. However, I haven't heard anything additional whether these models are going to be released in Dec. Are there any new shots of the spruces? I'm curious about the accuracies / inaccuracies. Personally, I'm not a rivet counter but some of the riveting Trumpy does is beyond rediculous... of course I would rather putty over some of the rivets than rescribe an entire model... that's the reason I haven't or will not be building the Tamiya 1/32 F-14. Is the 1/32 F-18 and E or an F model? Thanks.
  7. I have mixed putty with alcohol (90%) which makes it thick but runny. Then using a paint brush tapped the putty on. What I like about this technique is it is not uniform in appearance and I can easily sand down areas where the putty is too think or didn't turn out the way I want it. Great question and great to see the different ways of doing this! Dave
  8. Is it possible to order the F-16I conversion set at the reduced price online? I will not be at Nationals... But I would love to pick up the conversion set at that price. David
  9. Would this be difficult to scale to the 1/32 Tamiya kit? What I'm really looking to do is build an 1/32 F-16I. David
  10. *YAWN* Wow another F-4 and P-51. How original!?! I'm sorry, but there are tons of subjects out there that have either never been touched or the kits that exist aren't worth the time and money. Truth is I'm only working on 1/32 scales now; but I just don't see a demand for these 2 subjects, that is new kits. I would rather see a good quality Su, MiG, Tu, EF2K, etc, than another Mustang or Phantom. That's just my opinion. I'm hoping that Tamiya will make a 1/32 F-16B/D that can converted to an F-16I; but I'm not holding my breath. just my 0.02
  11. @adamitir - GREAT REPLY!!!! I'm an adult and have cable so language and suggestive seens don't really offend me; but I have to admit these things I got tired of and / or didn't like: 1) Hearing the word frackin' countless times on every episode. We get it... you want to be on HBO so you don't have to pull a Meet the Parents Fauker 2) Crazy Kara - season 4 with Kara character sucked - I thought. 3) Lee Adama as a politician. I just thought he was better as an officer. 4) The whole opera house and chasing Hera... just didn't think it was needed at all. I do realize it was used as "divine."
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought they were dead... I guess I wasn't watching close enough to see that the asteroid caused her to fire the nucs. You are right, ultimately it's TV that's a morality story. To dig into the details is pretty pointless. Great point about Moses too. He was allowed to see the promise land but not enter it. David
  13. I wanted to chime in. First, I loved the series. There were some story lines that were great and some that were boring and uninteresting. I wish it was still going forward, even in the terms of starting a life in a new world. Having said this, I thought the final episode was really a mixed bag. I thought the flash backs were absolutely pointless, they had really nothing to do with the plot. It just seemed to be filler to take up time when it could be used else where. What is the point of Adama taking a lie detector test, the "boy-toy", etc? It didn't matter. I didn't have a problem with the sp
  14. Is this a re-package of an older kit? I'm wanting to build an F-4G... not sure if I want to invest the $110+ for the Tamiya F-4E kit right now.... Could the F-4F be converted pretty easy to a G? Any ideas on what it would take to get F-4G out of an F-4F? Does this model have raised panel lines? And how is the part fits? Thanks, David
  15. I don't plan on making it float. I was meaning from the water line up. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it. David
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