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  1. Luftwaffe F-4Fs were actually using AIM-9F, basically an improved version of the AIM-9B. http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-9.html
  2. What do you mean ? I dont get it... :unsure:
  3. And the Foxbat itself was designed to counter the XB-70 Valkyrie... :D The Soviets really freaked out when they learned the existence of the Valkyrie.
  4. So if we cant trust what the manufacturer said, who can we trust then ? AFAIK, it is to enhance the Typhoon capabilities even further and to boost the chances of the aircraft on the export market. Some customers may have a requirement for an AESA radar even though there is nothing obsolete about the current Captor. Thats why the other Typhoons operators didnt jump on the bandwagon (yet). Believe me, i have nothing against Americans in general. In fact, i am a rather pro-American guy. But i dont like the attitude of some Americans on aviation forums who have that tendency to underestimate and look down on non-American aircraft and are like "America f*ck yeah ! The Typhoon is just Euro garbage haha !". <_< Its annoying and quite frankly, immature. Indeed, i didnt know ChesshireCat's nationality. I just assumed he was American. :P http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ButtHurt ;)
  5. Somehow, i doubt that you would contest the claim if the F-15s had been on the winning side... They know the capabilities of the Captor more than anyone else. They made the damn thing after all. Just because you didnt like what you read doesnt mean they are lying.
  6. I dont know all the details about the engagement for the simple reason they werent unveiled. All i know is that this engagement happened. The news about it was in fact first posted on the Eurofighter official blog so it looks pretty legit to me... http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/the-dewline/2010/01/eurofighter-boasts-usaf-f-15-k.html Well, acording to Selex, the maker of the Typhoon's radar, the current mechanically scanned Captor radar is actually superior to first generation AESA radars. It is the most advanced mechanically scanned radar in the world and can hold its own against the F-15' new AESA radar. This is not fanboy BS, just what Selex said : http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ila-2008-aesa-radar-solution-now-for-typhoons-224274/ I agree that an AESA-equipped F-15C is a whole different animal though. My guess is that the Eagles during the 2 vs 8 engagement were still equipped with the older mechanically scanned APG-63(v)1 radars. I doubt that two Typhoons could have dominated an engagement against 8 AESA-equipped F-15Cs. On a 2 vs 2 engagement, maybe, but against 8 ? That seems very unlikely. So, according to you, the only aircraft out there that can kill a F-15, is the Raptor ? Thanks for proving my point about butthurt Americans btw.
  7. Wow, calm down. Why are you being so defensive ? It seems that many Americans cant stand the idea that a non-American aircraft may sometimes performs better than an American one. I have noticed that behavior on several forums. They see it as somekind of "affront" and immediately bash and deride the "foreign" plane or try to downplay the event. Typical. Btw, i am not a Typhoon "fanboy" and i dont think the F-15 is a POS. Far from it. It is still a very capable fighter but lets face it, it is not the best anymore since the mid-2000s when the F-22, Typhoon and Rafale entered service. The Typhoon is a generation above the Eagle and is widely regarded as a superb air superiority fighter so frankly it shouldnt be so surprising that they performed very well against F-15s...
  8. Pretty much a non-event. The Typhoon has scored plenty of "kills" against F-15s, F-16s and other fighters during exercices. The 2009 engagement between two Spanish Typhoons and 8 USAF F-15Cs (from RAF Lakenheath) where 7 of the Eagles were "killed" with no losses was more impressive though.
  9. First air-to-air kill. A French Rafale shoot down a Libyan G-2 Galeb over the NFZ : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12850975 UPDATE : Apparently, the plane had just landed and was destroyed on the ground by a PGM...
  10. AASM precision guided munitions. Basically the French equivalent to the JDAM.
  11. ST21


  12. ST21

    F-105 (Thud)

    Nuclear strike was definitely one of the missions of German, Dutch, Belgian and Italian F-104Gs. For that role, they used US-supplied B61 tactical nukes. However, the weapons remained under US control. PS : damn, Murph was faster.
  13. An interesting video (in Russian unfortunately) about the Soviet evaluation of a captured F-5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGmBdqxrwbw
  14. Thanks GreyGhost. It makes sense now. :)
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