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  1. Amazing work, can't wait to see you pull it all together.
  2. That is fantastic, and the lighting is spot-on. The paint job, perfect. Very nice!
  3. This is awesome - I think the Red Arrow was also my first model kit, a long time ago! Have fun!
  4. The trainer colour looks great. How did you do the wash?
  5. Lots of great links there Steven - exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
  6. I use Windex (blue window-cleaner) for Tamiya acrylics. It doesn't dry as flat as mixing them with alcohol, but your mileage may vary.
  7. Number 2 is the only way to capture the detail, since number 1 certainly won't, and will almost 100% guaranteed damage the original. With number 2, depending on the size, fibreglass may even be an option. But as you say, it's going to get expensive quickly, and if you can find the original, it's probably a much more cost effective idea.
  8. I usually apply a dab of Future over the top of the first decal after it's dry, and the second decal merges nicely.
  9. Such a long time since I've done any WWI stuff but… I'd be in on a group build!
  10. Thanks Motty, I wish I was there. Must have been a visual treat!
  11. You show-off chuck - but that natural metal finish is absolutely stunning.
  12. Not sure where you heard this (probably here) but in many cases it's simply not true. Low manufacturing runs make models expensive. Typically the research is the smallest part of startup costs!
  13. Let me echo that - amazing rigging work!
  14. I have three little girls. Between them they have destroyed many of my 'masterpieces'. The latest was a 1/8 Honda racing bike which I had been labouring over. A couple of pieces snapped off. I'll never get them how they should be, but hopefully no one will notice but me...
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