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  1. Hi to all. A nice build, but unfortunately the history is a little wrong! There were a lot of Kiwi pilots in the Fleet Air Arm, but no RNZAF Avengers. The Royal New Zealand Air Force had two squadrons (No.30 and 31) that operated the TBF-1C in the Pacific, but not in co-operation with the FAA. They were used in the operations to neutralise Rabaul at the top of New Britain in the South Pacific area, and co-operated with the US Navy and Army efforts to affect this. They operated as dive bombers, and latterly were used to spray diesel fuel over the Japanese vegetable gardens around the area of
  2. I'm coming over again for this year's show. Flights and hotel all booked! B) Pete M. Auckland, New Zealand.
  3. Hi to all. Managed to get an invite last evening to view BL628 before she is dismantled, and sent off to the USA. I have taken plenty of photos which I will sort out, and upload to Photobucket in the coming weekend. Meanwhile, here's a pic to make you all envious! Taken by Kerry Carlyle. Cheers from a still grinning Pete M.
  4. Hi to all. Attached are some photos taken over the past few weeks of the Vickers/Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc BL628 c/n CBAF1660, being re-built at Ardmore near Auckland in New Zealand. The first couple are of the engine runs undertaken earlier in the week, and the later ones are of her being prepped for her first flight this past Saturday morning. She was flown by Keith Skilling, one of our most skilled warbird pilots, on the Saturday afternoon. The aircraft is registered to Provenance Fighters Inc. of Las Vegas, USA and the test flights were undertaken from Ardmore before being boxed up and
  5. trx850

    Wellington Engines

    Hi Doug. Here are two quick scans from the 4+ Wellington book. I highly recommend it as a 'One Stop' Wellington reference book. Cheers, Pete M.
  6. trx850

    Fairey Battle

    Hi David. Sorry, but David Harvey is correct. There's 'sod' all on the TT's in the book! Even most of the cockpit pictures of the 'Bomber' Battle are of the prototype, not the production versions, so not much help there either. Cheers, Pete M. P.s. I know there was a book released in the UK recently covering Target towing aircraft - can't for the life of me remember the title, but may be worth a search. I'm still trying to find a picture of the winch used in the RNZAF's TBF Avengers, and they were used up until the mid 60's! :D
  7. trx850

    Fairey Battle

    Hi David. Xmas morning here, overcast and not too warm! So much for so called Global Warming! I'm off to our family gettogether, and I'll scan up the Battle stuff when I get home this afternoon (after a wee nap). Cheers. Pete M.
  8. trx850

    Fairey Battle

    Hi David. Off to bed now (11.55pm Christmas Eve here in New Zealand) so I'll scan up what I can find tomorrow. Cheers, Pete M.
  9. trx850

    Fairey Battle

    Hi David. Probably the best 'One Stop' reference is the Ian Huntly book from SAM Publications. Fairy Battle ISBN 0-9533465-9-5. Should be available from Hannant's, or try www.sampublications.com It contains most of the info you should need to build the kit. Cheers, Pete M.
  10. Hi to all. Went in to get just a tin of Matt White paint, and walked out with the Trumpeter 1:48 Wellington Mk.III under my arm! Couldn't resist as I already have the Mk.IC in my stash. A nice rendition of the Bristol Hercules engines, with a full exhaust manifold as well, so don't have to add anything other than the Mastercasters wheel set! Cheers, Pete M.
  11. trx850

    Fixing the Do-17

    Hi to all. Have found what I wanted from my files, and added to them in Photoshop. Hope they help. Cheers, Pete M.
  12. trx850

    Fixing the Do-17

    Hi to all. This solution may apply to the early models, but not to the Do17Z kit! The problem area on the 17Z is that the nose angles up too high, both on the upper and lower sections! On the two kits I have, both have straight rear fuselages from the front of the wing shoulder back, but the nose is at the wrong angle going by all the different plans around, and comparing to photos of the real thing. Doing Swanny's fix to the rear section will not correct this completely. The Falcon/Squadron canopy set goes some way to remedy this, but it still requires further surgery to make the forward
  13. Hi Rich. No TBM's had the second seat unless built as 'Tarpons' for the FAA, as the TBM's were all built by Eastern Aircraft (GM) based on the TBF-1C onwards. The TBF & TBM Detail and Scale (Vol.53) has some great pictures of the early TBF-1 rear cockpit area. Cheers, Pete M.
  14. Hi Rafael. Look for an ALPS ( EBAY etc.), they are the only way to go. Ink cartridges are still available from many online sources in the USA. The MD1000 is all you need, and so far, I've never had a problem with mine. Cheers, Pete M.
  15. I too use Micro Liquid Decal Film, but just brush it on neat from the bottle using a wide soft brush. I use an ALPS printer, so don't have to wait for the ink to dry! Micro Liquid Decal Film is also great for old decals, or those that are cracked - it holds them together. Cheers, Pete M.
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